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The CR Discord is dead; long live the Ace Attorney Discord!Topic%20Title
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Important news: the CR Discord is shuttering and merging with a new one!

Now that I've got your attention, a little more context. When we opened our Discord we wanted to have a place for both CR members and folks who didn't usually frequent the forums to chat about AA in a laid-back but still friendly environment. But as it turns out - and as most of you are painfully aware - we had neither the staff nor the expertise to moderate an active chatroom, and things went downhill pretty quickly.

After talking it over, we decided that rather than try and reboot this server, it made more sense for us to work together with an existing AA Discord that has the mod staff to keep things running smoothly. So as of Wednesday (DGS2's release date), the CR Discord will switch to a read-only mode, and the Ace Attorney Discord will be partnering with CR as our go-to Discord; their team will own the server, but there'll be a channel for CR-related questions and submissions, and our staff will be present there as well.

One very important thing - we wound up letting our server get a bit too lawless, and that's on us. But the new server has its own set of rules and standards, and you all should be sure to read and abide by them.

While this server never really worked out the way we hoped, there were still at least some good times along the way. We appreciate everyone who took the time to hang out here, and we again apologize that we dropped the ball on running it. We hope that you all have a good time on the new Discord!

tl;dr you should head over to the AA Discord as soon as possible - and here's an invite to help you find your way!

PS: The Discord team is collecting feedback and wants people to know there's a form available for appealing bans, so:
Server feedback:
Ban appeals:
Hi! I've largely stepped back from C-R due to life stuff. Please contact one of the other staff members for help!

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