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Sample videos for the AA4 LE vocal tracks releasedTopic%20Title
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Ever want to hear KENN try and fit lyrics into Apollo's vocal theme? Ever wonder what Klavier's biggest hit was supposed to sound like as an actual song and not just MIDI guitars?

Capcom's got you covered with a pair of videos sampling the upcoming AA4 LE OST, featuring Apollo and Klavier's VAs singing their characters' signature songs:

KENN as Apollo Justice: A New Chapter of Trials!
Kusuda Toshiyuki as Klavier Gavin: Love Love Guilty

The full versions will be available in the AA4 3DS Limited Edition, which is exclusive to Japan. But say, keep an eye out around here! You might have the chance to get your hands on one in the not-to-distant future...
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Re: Sample videos for the AA4 LE vocal tracks releasedTopic%20Title
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Say, Bolt, wasn't there another version of Love Love Guilty featured with the 2008 Autumn Commemorative orchestral event, or whichever one it was again? I remember finding something like it shared online.

Solid singing in any case, but Apollo could use some pointers from Klavier. As usual.
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Re: Sample videos for the AA4 LE vocal tracks releasedTopic%20Title
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There was already a Guilty Love with lyrics, but this is still pretty cool to see.
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