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Author:  DoMaya [ Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:42 am ]
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The papers are signed, and a handshake makes final.
I turn slowly back to what was taken from me.
A friend and my comfort, the arms where I shivered.
When cold winds came out from the sea.

A lad at the time, when my father had sold her,
Just to drink for a time and forget of his shame.
He drank to his death, till his crimes were forgiven.
Lost too much to escape the blame.

For a time growing up, I thought of returning.
And to pry from the years what I had left behind,
But life pulled me far, for the times knew no kindness.
And I worried for what I might find.

Dulling with the times, while my memories faded.
The connection we had was too frayed now to save.
What once was my world, is now just a shadow.
If only I'd become more brave.

A dream in the night, I drove hundreds of miles.
I remembered again what it meant to be young.
Embrace all the hardships, and learn from time's passing.
To not ignore what once we clung.

Arrived in the morning, a day late to see her.
What's left to be seen were but her secrets lain bare.
With nails and a purpose, they built her from nothing
What I loved was no longer there.

I turn once again, and return to my anger.
Ignored it for years, now is my unending scorn.
They took her away, and rebuilt it for others.
Tis a loss that only I mourn.

Spoiler: Author's Notes
A poem that has 2 meanings.
Most people who read it think it's about slavery, and that's what I wanted the initial belief to be.
But my message is about a boy who loses his childhood home

Inspired by an apartment complex I used to live in that was demolished.
A childhood lost in an instant.

Author:  Pierre [ Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:23 pm ]
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Hey I appreciate the authors insights, makes me kick myself when I see how obvious your meaning was.

Author:  DoMaya [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:37 am ]
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Heart of a Star

There's a girl in the street, That no one stops to greet.
And she chases me through the snow
All the world to her back, And her eyes kind and black
But like two stars how they did glow.
Her voice made no sound, she left no prints on the ground
But I knew the warmth of her hold.
As she walks at my side, with a feeling of pride.
We pressed onward through the night's cold.
Yes we walked feeling sure, that the snow made us pure.
And dawn a promise of healing.
Yet I walked feeling numb, there's no warmth in what comes.
Still I walked forward unfeeling.
voices muffled by snow, but how could I know,
That the voice was you calling me?
Was a star back in those days, before my light greyed
Not too dim that you couldn't see
What once was kind is cold, what once was bright now old.
For the storm takes all our light away.
The woman walks in the snow, for only she knows.
Inside the man is bright as day.
And as I lie down in the snow,
Ever warmer is your hold.
Not like the tales that we were told,
When pages begin to mold,
For stories never end in death.
When I took my final breath
I knew my star would shimmer on.
Even when my echos gone.
And as I walked into the light
Heart of a Star burning bright.
Knew this pain was no longer mine.
To be a star yet fail to shine.

Spoiler: Author's Notes
I wrote this poem back in 2011, I wrote this poem as my magnum opus, one last poem before I killed myself. Back then I wanted my poetry to be epic, long and telling a story.
In re-writing this, I cut a little out, and even changed the stanza structure. (so if some of the wording looks weird blame past DoMaya)
I couldn't bear to change the conclusion however, I read this poem in an open mic night and cried then reading that part.
It impacted me so much to share myself in public.
Do I still consider it my best?
No, but it's still one of my favorites.

Author:  Pierre [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:51 pm ]
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Woooft super ambivalent feelings in this one. Really pulling me from heartwarming to something quite profound and sombre.

Not checked out the authors notes yet, want to reflect on it a bit more.

Author:  DoMaya [ Tue May 09, 2017 2:17 pm ]
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So for life it is said that there's not much more,
But to live and to feed and to eat what's left.
If that's true maybe then there's a lesson for;
Those like me who just want to be left alone.

Not quite here but still there when you speak to me
Of a place that you'd claim was your one true home.
Not for you vengeful one will peace come to thee,
Not welcome are your kind nor are those you teach.

Rending wings from the birds will not help us fly,
Neither will making flight a thing to be shamed.
Celebrate those who lift you to meet the sky
Demonize only those who would seek your fall.

So with life it is just a slight afterthought,
To honor what old pains have made possible.
But instead we speak only of battles fought,
Seen from eyes that were not of those from their age.

So to those who would seek to feed off their pain;
Outstretched arms should not point to those unwelcome.
Even now those who eat seek to start their reign,
On a throne of conceit towards self righteous hate.

With your spite and your "truths" all others must cease
Seek no words yours are bound to what you are now;
Justified champion of our hatred's peace
Justified suicide of the human race.

Spoiler: Author's Notes
I had severe writers block up until writing this poem.
I was so frustrated with it and all the stupid stuff I talk with family/friends/workers about.
So many people justifying their hatred of other people.
Identity politics is a societal cancer, no one can be objective.

Each stanza represents something different, which is why it may seem a bit disjointed.

The first one is about the speaker not wanting to be a part of the "Feeder/Eater" society, so many people telling you what to feel or what to think.

The second is of the person explaining their "Ideal world" to someone, and that person saying "Oh, that's the world I'm going to make." Not realizing their spite is just keeping us all down.

The third one is about people who point at the rich/successful, the "privileged". They would rather hurt another person over helping those who need it.

The fourth stanza is about people who keep pointing at history "Oh look at what happened to my ANCESTORS!" The line "Seen from eyes that were not of those from their age." is referring to people who don't understand that all the sides can't be seen until enough time has passed, and they judge the actions of the past by today's knowledge/standards.

The fifth is about the Feeders, the people who spread their hate for the Eaters to swallow. Someone trying to help people should not be the same person accusing people.

The Sixth is about how no one will listen to anyone else except those that agree with them, not realizing their brainwashed mentality is leading ruin.
The greatest atrocities in history were justified by their leaders, for nationalism, or to appease their deities.
What kind of world do we live in where we justify hatred in the name of love?

This poem is the only one I have ever written out of anger and frustration, and it hope it's the last I ever will.

Author:  Pierre [ Tue May 09, 2017 3:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

Getting a real theme of hatred and prejudice from this one.

I like how every last line of a verse ends so jarringly by breaking rhyme. Really let's it sink in and have impact.

Author:  DoMaya [ Mon May 15, 2017 4:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

Just pointing out that I added author's notes to the new poem.

Author:  DoMaya [ Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:04 am ]
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Now I have found my midnight town
Where I can spend my sleepless hours.
It's found so near, and held so dear
I'm glad to call it ours.

Now I'm found in this midnight town
Where hours pass in midnight showers
It's gone so long where sleepless thronged
We've took it all, it's ours.

From pallid sheen of moonlight's dial
Where giants hide from Dreamer's power
I hunt and thrive, I am alive
In what we claim is ours

These crooked minds breed midnight's shame
For the dreamer's locked in his tower.
This Lucid fear, a tainted Seer
And to my shame, it's ours.

With all we've built and all we've made
To you alone I leave this dower.
Petty and small, given you all;
All that was once, ours.

Spoiler: Author's Notes
This poem's structure is salvaged from one of my earliest poems, the original was about how pursuing your own goals sometimes meant leaving other people behind, or even stopping other people from succeeding, "Dreams are only like a tower, built so high that giants cower, all those broken and betrodden will be silenced or forgotten"
This poem however is about letting someone into your life who changes what you find important. Everything your held onto was changed by someone close, is that abuse? Or maybe they saved you from a toxic lifestyle?

Inspired by a desire to improve.

Author:  DeMatador [ Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:47 am ]
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This is beautiful, Saile. I'm gonna keep an eye on this thread.

Author:  DoMaya [ Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:17 am ]
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I was a gentle wind,
When wronged the kind never rescind.
But for a moment it passed,
Felt my kindness would never last.

Flashed and the feeling fled
Like how our blue skies turn to red.
It's only natural to feel,
To be kind is not to be steel.

Life can bring out it's worst
If I fell I'd not be the first
Succumb to the life I'm in
But that's a curse of lesser men.

I wrote for kings and queens,
I drafted words that all have seen.
In their eyes I was made grand,
Taught to all who would understand.

When asked of all my peers
T'was I who had calmed all their fears.
They're waiting for me to speak.
To give might to those who were meek.

Kindness was all I shared
Maybe I was all who dared
To understand what's within
But that's the curse of lesser men

I preached all that I knew
Every day it was something new
To be one among my flock
Is to be diamonds among rocks

Go now and spread my word,
Yes make my thoughts all to be heard.
Flood these truths to fragile minds.
To be as me is to be kind.

Quell those who would oppose
For what is best only I know
Their words cast only a din
They are the curse of lesser men

Seeking out the vile few;
Those who dare oppose The Kind's view.
Our world cannot be whole.
While it's plagued by unkind souls.

Within years we will build
A world that is justly filled;
By all you as me are kind,
While we are one in the same mind.

To those who brought me here
I have become what I most feared
Became what I knew was Sin
But that's a curse to lesser men.

Spoiler: Author's Notes
This poem was a long time coming, I hadn't made such a long poem for a while.
A unique one in structure, and topic.

The original structure was a slightly different, and the original theme was a bit darker.

The original poem was about a good person seeking revenge on someone who wronged them

"Bound no more by my valor
Find revenge in my last hour
All my hate I hid from view,
You'll find it raining down on you
Became what I knew was sin
But that's a curse to lesser men."

THIS poem however is about someone who wants to be a good person, and others see that in them.
Their message of kindness becomes bastardized the more the person realizes that people will listen, AND obey.
They ultimately become like a cult, ensuring that only "The Kind" is heard.
Notice that each time "Curse" is used it's in a different context.

"But that's a curse of lesser men."
Meaning that only lesser, inferior people have this problem, not "The Kind"

"But that's the curse of lesser men"
Only "The Kind" is good, knowing that you aren't "The Kind" means you are lesser, The implication being that EVERYONE is lesser, unless they are "Kind"

"They are the curse of lesser men"
THEY are our curse, we need to fix them, remove them."

"But that's a curse to lesser men"
Being a good person meant that "The Kind" was always inferior, it wasn't until they embraced what they KNEW was wrong that they were greater than everyone else.

Also, every rhyme made with "Men" is a half rhyme.

Inspired by a discussion I had with my younger brother, I pondered on how much better the world would be if everyone tried as hard as me to be a good person.

Author:  DoMaya [ Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

I thought I left you somewhere far,
A place where you could never mar;
All of what I've gathered now
But still I find you here somehow.

I caught you during sleep's onset.
Of all the things I can't forget;
Why are you what pains me so?
What need I do to make you go?

Has time itself sought to bring change
In one with peace I thought estrange;
From mem'ry and all my thoughts
Still on the edge your face is caught

Faded from misuse and age,
Your name still holds my cherished page;
On the tale long sought to seal,
But maybe that's how people heal.

Spoiler: Author's Notes
Another poem built from scraps of unfinished works, this one took from the most complete of my unfinished poems
The original was:
I thought of you briefly, as I lied here in bed.
The life I had traded for the path I now tread.
I pondered in darkness, what has time changed in you?
Still the one I recall or perhaps someone new?

Whats faded from misuse, now wells in my mind.
A lake of my echoes that were long left behind.
It's flooding and pooling, both my thoughts and my eyes.
I'm still foolishly bound by unbreakable ties.

It was going to be another Echo Poem, only, this one wasn't going to be about the same person my original 4 were.
I was having a hard time sleeping, and started thinking about random things.
For some reason or another, I started thinking about my biological Father.
I haven't seen my father in almost 10 years, even in typing this I still don't know where he is.
He could be dead for all I know, and no one would tell me.
I am his only child, (as far as I know) does he think of me at all?

Sleep eluded me that entire night.

The NEW poem however, is about getting over obsession.
The first three stanzas are supposed to seem antagonistic, the person is actively fighting remembering the object of their obsession.
On ending however, it reveals that the person does indeed still love the other, and accepting that is part of getting over them.

The original was inspired by time seasoned guilt.
The revised poem was inspired by a desire to improve.

Author:  DoMaya [ Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

He spoke to me in passing, Of how little he now felt.
He told me he was hurting, As the passing hours melt.
I told him of a story, 'bout a time I felt as him.
It took nary but vapors, from his glass now to the brim

She confided her secrets, to a man that she'd just met.
To give completely to me, Any other she'd regret.
She too spoke of her hardships, as so many others done.
Given a heart that's broken, and she's not the only one.

I read to him of legends, of a healer that would come.
His eyes and mem'ry taken. To all others he was numb.
I left him when I traveled, He hugged me and wished me luck.
Years later learned his passing, Another the cold had struck.

She clung onto my shoulder, when we met inside that cold.
Wanted someone to save her, or maybe someone to hold.
I gave what little I had, but my heart was still my own.
Soured that she could not have, I'd just rather be alone.

Early life spent in hiding, heard his heart was not to be.
Felt if his kin had shunned him, Sadly one of them was me.
He told us all his feelings, his heart's for another man.
But still I loved him dearly, Like only a brother can.

Spoiler: Author's Notes
This poem is another one about myself, specifically about the people in my life.

This one is pretty personal, and it's about 5 different people.

Inspired by my failures to help people, and hurting people who didn't deserve it.

Author:  DoMaya [ Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

Milky Dream

If I could make everyday, become a yesterday.
Tomorrow would still be, where I'd want to go.
If I could see anything, and then learn everything.
The time I'd waste chasing, what I'd want to know.
So with time and knowledge gone, still I would seek beyond.
Boundless and forgotten, and still without name.
If the sky's oceans were fair, I'd name each star out there.
All seen as different, instead are all same.

If I could soon reach those skies, and pull up all who tries,
We'd spend all our lifetimes, on that milky way.
I'd share with all those who dreamed, that soft shimmering cream.
A sip of that brightness, we chased yesterday.
So each shooting star above, is us sending our love
To forlorn and dreamers, who need but a drip.
We're hailing from every stream, The S.S. Milky Dream
And in each child's heart, we anchor our ship

I'll pinch and pull out those seams, unbinding truth and dream.
To bring those tomorrows, whom needs it today.
I'll dock us all on unknown, and claim it as our home.
An eternal sunset, on that milky way.
It's between that dusk and dawn, where our tomorrow's gone.
I'll keep you a place here, a home on our star.
Tomorrow is almost here, and we are docked so near.
Tomorrow we can sail, tomorrows not far.

Spoiler: Author's Notes
Milky Dream is currently my favorite poem, I recognize that it's not my best, some of the wording is messy, but I can't bring myself to change it.
The poem's inspiration is the best place to start. It was partially inspired by the Disney movie Treasure Planet and my own dreams of doing good for the world.
This poem is entirely personal, my own fantasy on how I would try to help those who need it most. I'm sorry if you clicked here looking for a deeper meaning, but I can't explain any more than the poem (hopefully) makes obvious.

Author:  DoMaya [ Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

Please put twenty on the six,
So I can drive away.
Where I'm sure to stay,
I've not much left to my name,
But this here broken car
Still it could take me far

I'd tell you where I would go
But it's unknown to me
It's where I'll soon be
There's not much left for me here
There's but a cooling bed
And it's where I dread

It's too late for me to ask
If I could turn around
Nothing to be found
Please just let me go out there
Let me go away soon
Where they know my tune

Spoiler: Author's Notes
A poem about wanting to connect with people, written during a moment of weakness. It's about wanting to abandon one's old life, and escape from those who can't understand them.

Inspired by a desire to both improve and escape

Author:  DoMaya [ Tue Feb 27, 2018 8:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

Echo V: Echoes of Echoes

There have been rumors about me,
That I've left you all behind.
Worry not, I'll be here waiting.
In a place that you can find.

I had been a man of patience,
Though my dreams were always far.
In echoes of silent waters
That is where the dreamers are.

Though our ties may seem unraveled,
Still echos will carry true;
Memories of those that made us,
My echoes, echo in you.

I am just a little further
On a bridge we built before.
So many have come to know me
And today we have one more.

In brightened eyes of my watchers.
That echo will carry on.
I've no fear of time eternal
I remain though I am gone.

And to those I held within me,
Those echoes are now in mine.
Still preserved in all it's passion,
A million souls in each line.

I've left these words for the living,
To know just as I had knew.
Endless souls we carry with us,
Those echoes, echo in you.

Spoiler: Author's Notes
If this was the last poem I ever wrote (which at the time was almost a possibility) I would have been content.
It's meant to be read as words of parting, a final goodbye to those important to me.
Some people would be ashamed of their moments of pain, of all the things in my life that haunt me, these moments aren't any of them. I choose to share my feelings in the written form, to hopefully bring comfort to those in similar situations.

This poem is the Fifth, and final poem in the Echo series.
It makes reference to each of the other poems in some way.
By you reading this poem, no matter what happens to me, I will have changed the world.

Author:  DoMaya [ Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

Echo II: Our Echo

When I was with you,
There was something new.
It was the first time,
The laughter was mine,
That laughter echoes too.

My thoughts were insane,
To love would bring pain.
But against my will,
Yes you loved me still,
Your laughter echoes too.

Time has just rolled on,
What matters is gone.
Do I still exist,
Fading into mist,
My laughter echoes too.

I lived without cause,
A life spent in pause.
You reached out to me,
My reason to be,
Your laughter echoes too.

As I walked to you,
The one thing I knew,
Your loving embrace,
Laughter stole hate's place,
That laughter echoes too.

Many years after,
there was new laughter.
And he was our joy,
Was laughing, my boy.
Our laughter echoes too.

Spoiler: Author's Notes
I wanted to have the full series of Echo poetry posted for anyone who may come along.
I wouldn't want it to be lost.
I wasn't fond of the original version of this poem at all after making Echo III, the version you see here is altered to fit my current... Tastes.
This poem was about a man who didn't believe anyone could love him, and in sharing laughter with someone he found his purpose.

Inspired by teenage naïveté, I wasn't an angsty teen, I was a sad one. Hell I turned into a sad man, maybe I just never grew up.

Author:  DoMaya [ Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

Child of Teeth

Hello there new one,
Born with your only treasure.
A beautiful gift,
Priceless beyond measure.

A world of thieves,
They seek to take it from you.
And all that you are,
To shape you as they knew.

A child of teeth,
Of bone, wisdom, and sinew.
They brought you this far,
To take what's within you.

Do not be of them,
Find where your treasure's needed.
Seek others as you,
Who's teeth shan't be heeded.

Do not think as them,
Too their words seek your treasure.
Their kindness a guise,
Loss guides them to pleasure.

Do not judge of them,
Too their treasures were taken.
These children of teeth,
They too were forsaken.

By children of Hate,
Of fear, mistrust, and power.
They too were once young,
And too were devoured.

Do not fall as them,
Don't let them blacken your soul.
Lest children of teeth,
Come to swallow you whole.

Spoiler: Author's Notes
This poem is meant to be both a warning, a comfort, and an appeal to empathy.
Child of Teeth was written after a particularly rough patch in my life. I wrote it in a coffee shop at around 5 in the morning to escape the cold.
The original was much longer, and it originally had a sister poem. (see partial below)
My reasoning for changing it was to preserve the intended message, it being that innocence is the only thing separating a child from an adult.
When a child is taught that they need to be strong, that the world is out to get them, it makes them a Child of Teeth.
The sister poem was never finished, it was intended to be a defense of people I unintentionally demonized in this poem's original draft.
The adding of the stanza;

Do not judge of them,
Too their treasures were taken.
These children of teeth,
They too were forsaken.

Made the entire sister poem obsolete.

Inspired by my fears of being a father, and my appreciation of my own patents.

Hello there new one
Born as my only treasure;
A beautiful gift,
Priceless beyond measure.

A world of pain
Where the meek are left behind
That's not what you are.
You've a future to find

My child of might
Of heart, courage, and passion
This world is yours
Be it Eden or ashen.

Do not trust of them,
They seek only your downfall.
To tread upon you,
That they are above all.

Author:  DoMaya [ Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

The bugle sounds
To gavel pounds,
I'm sentenced to the ground.
A friend I found
Who's hands go round,
That's digging up my mound.

The cannon shells
Have sent to hell,
All those who's morale fell
I sure could tell,
That it worked well,
Both sides rang out their knell

The end of me,
And all I'll ever be.
Minds entropy,
A cursed one is thee.

Spoiler: Author's Notes
I wrote this poem to force myself out of a writer's block.
Inspired by metal music and a desire to NOT HAVE WRITERS BLOCK

Author:  DoMaya [ Wed Feb 27, 2019 11:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

I don't believe in happiness.
Or what it's meant to be,
I don't believe that happiness,
was ever meant for me.

I see all these people living,
Their struggles and their woes.
Their petty wrathful acts in life,
Most clearly to me shows;

What happiness can bring one to,
And all the hurt it leaves.
With so desperate a creature made,
Saught moments of reprieve;

From anguish brought by happiness.
And all that it entails
No comfort in that selfish act,
When happiness can fail.

Author:  DoMaya [ Sat Apr 13, 2019 10:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe


If I was the sand, you'd be like the snow.
On beaches and mountains, like dull light we glow.
Falling and shifting, a slave to our roles.
But still we are perfect, still both of us whole.

If I met great heat, while you felt great cold
No longer a stranger, did Glass, Ice behold.
life is as fragile, as ice and glass true.
But we give it meaning, I'll give mine to you.

If I could fly up, and follow you down.
From vapor to snowdrop, in joy I would drown.
But here by the sea, caressing each wave
I'm awaiting your snowfall; a promise you gave.

If winds sought to change, and blew you away.
If you couldn't find me, I would not dismay.
Though strangers in form, we're kindred in soul
No power or purpose, could take that we're whole.

If never again, we met on this beach
Please love another, who your magic can reach
I would forgive you, if you did stay gone
And you could forget me, and I would move on.

Author:  Pierre [ Sat Apr 13, 2019 12:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

Makes me sad.

Author:  Sjibbey [ Wed May 15, 2019 9:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

DoMaya wrote:
Spoiler: saving space by putting it in the spoiler
Child of Teeth

Hello there new one,
Born with your only treasure.
A beautiful gift,
Priceless beyond measure.

A world of thieves,
They seek to take it from you.
And all that you are,
To shape you as they knew.

A child of teeth,
Of bone, wisdom, and sinew.
They brought you this far,
To take what's within you.

Do not be of them,
Find where your treasure's needed.
Seek others as you,
Who's teeth shan't be heeded.

Do not think as them,
Too their words seek your treasure.
Their kindness a guise,
Loss guides them to pleasure.

Do not judge of them,
Too their treasures were taken.
These children of teeth,
They too were forsaken.

By children of Hate,
Of fear, mistrust, and power.
They too were once young,
And too were devoured.

Do not fall as them,
Don't let them blacken your soul.
Lest children of teeth,
Come to swallow you whole.

This one really connected with me. Over a year ago I became the godfather of my brothers firstborn son and I dread the future society he will live in if things continue the way they are going.

I've been thinking about the parts of my life where my expectations were crushed by cold reality. Which values truly make you succeed in life and how you can find out what makes your own life fullfilling, to name a few.

It's all knowhow after the fact for me and I feel like I had to leave a bit of myself behind to gain this knowlegde (or even to be able to percieve this information). I wonder how I can convey my knowledge and experience in a way that is useful for a child, heck, if he's even willing to hear it. At the very least I think he should know that blind obedience results in great dependencies and not questioning authority can make you blind to everything around that authority.

Really liked this poem, I hope I properly explained why .

Author:  DoMaya [ Thu Feb 27, 2020 9:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

A storm I called is brewing, the cold winds told me so.
You hear it in the branches, in every tree that grows.
A cold snap here on Monday, and Tuesday naught but hail.
With Wednesday fast approaching, by Thursday we'll be pale.
A winter fast descending, to judge us for our sins.
Don't try to shame the failures, when no one ever wins.
Now chill is not it's fury, but silence is its art.
Of all the things of nature, it is the greatest part.
So if the winter calls you, you will be led astray.
The sinful it will punish, the just will surely stay.
A child's taught to fear it, adults will fight its touch.
By elder's voice we hear it, but never tells that much.
The precipice of knowledge, where wisdom never dares.
Had sought to overcome it, what nature freely shares.
The hubris of a mortal, the dogma of a king.
They all are just but children, to this unfeeling thing.
But I have given comfort, and venerated so.
To what which calls the winter, and that which lets life grow.
So as the winter calls me, I'll never see that gray.
I've so much more to do here, so it will let me -

Spoiler: Author's Notes

Author:  Anthony [ Fri Feb 28, 2020 3:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

How I enjoy reading this. Lol

Author:  Sjibbey [ Fri Feb 28, 2020 11:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

I guess you also still check in from time to time.

I'm not a big fan of winter personally. I really dislike the cold and slippery roads are the bane of my existance since I slowly crashed my car into the backside of a big truck.

Regardless, if you post your poems here Domaya, I'll keep reading them.

Author:  Pierre [ Sat Feb 29, 2020 8:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

Sounds great DoMaya. Like something out of Skyrim or a similar fantasy. You ever thought about getting your stuff published?

Author:  DoMaya [ Wed Jun 10, 2020 10:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

We are, We are everything.
The people of value, the seers of truth.
You are, you've hurt everything.
The person to hate, the slayer of truth.
So biled and hurtful, so evil to hear.
So repugnant and vile, so wrathful so near.
Evil evil, you small evil thing.
How bitter, how petty, now made nothing.
See now? See now? How evil you were?
A simpering demon, neither he nor a her.
Bitter demon, your evil's been felled.
By my perfect, tolerant, truth I had held.
What say now evil? have you no words?
A demon's a demon, yes a demon you were.
Sit there now evil, all we've done is reclaim.
What should have been ours, now take in your pain.
Burn now, burn now, your kind is unkind
Made remind, of our kind, inclined in our find;
Now rewind to behind, now supined on decline;
of a cliff line by neck bind, we are so kind.

Author:  DoMaya [ Fri Jul 10, 2020 2:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

Upon a cliff, I have made.
A place to rest
Until we meet.

And on that cliff, on a glade.
Beyond the crest
I made a seat.

I was okay, till cold came.
Kindled a spark
So you could see.

And for a time, by that flame.
From out the dark
Strangers found me.

And so they too, waited here.
For kin and friend
To find their way.

For each of them, lent my ear.
And each heart mend
To those who stay.

Made a home, For those alone.
Caught in a storm
That consumes time.

And those alone, in this home.
A kinship forms
As eons climb.

They each meet theirs, who'se hearts each share.
Alone am I
But still patient.

They each are paired, all those who dared.
To wait and sigh
Their lifetime spent.

It's like a book, our chapter flew.
Torn from the end
Of a love tale.

I made our home, an inn for who.
Deserved their friends
and hearts to sail.

"The End of Time" An Inn at sea
Of time and age
That floods the end

I'm waiting here, Will you find me?
On this torn page
That God won't mend?

Author:  DoMaya [ Fri Feb 26, 2021 10:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

The lake was still, the waters clean.
Upon the surface starlight gleams.
Though far above, both sea and shore.
A peaceful place for those made pure.
We claimed a place for us to sow,
The seeds that grow by starlight's glow.
Now far beyond both home and land,
We strangers here on stardust stand,
Alone in all creation's eye;
All those who would dream for the sky.

We peered beyond, the mortal veil.
And pierced beyond on starlight sail.
To reach the light, that Milky Way.
And share it's warmth with those who stray,
From home and nation now made strife,
We promise you a better life.
A star beyond, we've left our home.
To lead you here where peace is known.
On our return we'll lead you there.
By glow of night and starlight flare.

Not plagued by sin's own providence,
Reborn in light and cognizance.
By sip of star and land unclaimed.
We seek to see all that remains;
Beyond the seas of endless streams;
Of starlight, passion, joy, and dreams.
We've built a home for kin and kind;
Forsaken souls time left behind.
Their courage now is one with ours
In the pursuit of shining stars.

Should wind buffet, don't build a lee
Let all your worries carry thee.
Where nights are long but light is found
On shining streams of stardust ground.
These tiny cinders; ember souls.
Of life beyond in warmest cold.
We find these souls and bring them here.
Where poisoned time is stricken clear.
This beauty now, offered to thee.
To those who choose to sail with me.

The time is now, the sails are set.
We've many more to bring there yet.
Your home beyond is close at hand.
If you can leave these poison sands.
The pain and purpose placed on you,
Just cast them out, to oceans blue.
Our ship takes flight only if we.
Can leave behind what poisons thee.
They're waiting there on stars we claimed.
They shine for us, while still unnamed.

Author:  DoMaya [ Tue Apr 13, 2021 12:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

This be the Query

I heard your words, and felt the same.
Helped me to hear them, one lone day.
But you left here before I came.
And I pondered just, what I'd say.

True you were my senior writer.
Touched far more than I ever will.
Our words act as soul igniters,
So I've a question for you still;

"If man hands misery to man,
And our pains and sins are to stay,
Could hands not reach to close that span,
And help pull us all from that gray?"

Spoiler: Author's Notes
Written as a response to a famous poem by Philip Larkin, written in 40 minutes because I thought of it while laying down and wanted to write it before forgetting it.

This be the Verse

Author:  DoMaya [ Thu May 20, 2021 8:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

Hello dear person, coming or going?
Going to where you ought to have been?
Finding your purpose, Where the wind's blowing.
Blowing you here, to where we begin?

Blowing in circles, ebbing and flowing.
Flowing in halls we lit as a shrine.
Have you a question? secrets worth showing?
Showing a life, that ought to be mine.

Only a moment, Lifetime soon starting.
Starting at last and always too late.
Candle for guidance, Finding our passion.
Passion in part, of shrines we create.

If I was better, deserved the answers.
Answers for what, I could have become.
When I can restart, try my life over.
Over again, but that never comes.

Lifetime in stasis, memories fading
Fading to grey, and running away.
Nostalgic writing, my inner child
Child that I, will become some day.

Author:  DoMaya [ Wed Mar 02, 2022 12:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

I thought I could hold on to you forever,
But I lost a piece of you along the way.
I peered behind to trace the path we walked on.
And found you'd fallen down the endless grey.

I can't recall just what I did to get here,
A stumbling that's led us both astray.
You trusted me to lead us through the unknown.
Alas we never could escape the grey.

A broken man was dusting off the footprints,
In the place we were and could no longer stay.
He pointed out to show me where you wandered.
He pointed to the shadow of the gray.

Along the shadow of the endless nothing,
On the hour of the final mortal day.
You found yourself and found the world waning
You found yourself inside that endless grey.

Please find me before the world takes me
Before I lose myself and rather stay.
Save me from the person I'm becoming
Before I'm lost forever to the gray.

Author:  DoMaya [ Mon Aug 08, 2022 9:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

I am just a grain of sand, alone here by the sea.
In observance of their lives, and my own entropy.
A lone stone polished by waves, but still a stone it stays
It sees the world in it's beauty, a sorrow that betrays.

I have gleaned the endless mirrors, of the halls of time.
All these shining portraits are but, fractions of their lives.
Winding halls of incandescence, shining from within.
It's so profound and complicated, while mired in it's sin.

If I could just shift their burden, give them just one sign
Let them know their life has purpose, in this grand design
Still they deny life it's value, It's all so unfair,
With all it's life a sullen victim, a slave to it's despair

Somewhere in that distant darkness, where their hearts reside
I will find and show compassion, that they were denied.
If one soul would find it's purpose, see my point of view.
A grain of sand would change the world, and have it's purpose too

Author:  Sjibbey [ Mon Aug 08, 2022 2:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The DoMaDoMe

DoMaya wrote:
I am just a grain of sand, alone here by the sea.
In observance of their lives, and my own entropy.
A lone stone polished by waves, but still a stone it stays
It sees the world in it's beauty, a sorrow that betrays.

I have gleaned the endless mirrors, of the halls of time.
All these shining portraits are but, fractions of their lives.
Winding halls of incandescence, shining from within.
It's so profound and complicated, while mired in it's sin.

If I could just shift their burden, give them just one sign
Let them know their life has purpose, in this grand design
Still they deny life it's value, It's all so unfair,
With all it's life a sullen victim, a slave to it's despair

Somewhere in that distant darkness, where their hearts reside
I will find and show compassion, that they were denied.
If one soul would find it's purpose, see my point of view.
A grain of sand would change the world, and have it's purpose too

I really like this new entry. Glad to see you're still making them.

Spoiler: response
Nothin' last forever but the earth and sky
All we are is dust in the wind
And all your money won't another minute buy

We burden ourselves persuing purpose. We crumble when we got nothing to look for and crumble if we can't find it.
However, a life without persuing purpose doesn't seem like a life worth living to me. I've stared into that abyss and didn't like what I found.

Our lives will fade when the time comes. Though purpose is necessary it should not the heaviest burden.

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