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Hi, I am new to the forums but I visit the site regularly as I am an AA fan. I was reading through character profiles, particularly the name Origins.

I just noticed some of the Name Origin are still unknown. So I wanted to contact the admin and see if I can add to it but I don't know who to contact. Anyway I will just post it here, and please move it to the correct topic if needed. Sorry if I am too lazy to search.

English Name origins:

Candice Arme (AA5) - Seem to mean "Can disarm" since the case is about Bombs.
Spark Brushel (AA4) - Spark means sparkles or sparkling after you Brush your teeth.
Constance Courte (AA5) - Constance means a Firm of Purpose and Courte maybe just refer to Court.
Robin Newman (AA5) - Robin could be just a uni-sexual name and Newman could be refer that she is actually/formerly a girl.
Aura Blackquill - Aura could be a reference to Aura Spacecraft.
Yuri Cosmos (AA5) - Yuri a reference to Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. Cosmos means 'Universe'.

Feel free to lock this topic if these have already been discovered. Thanks.
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From what I can tell, the character profiles don't seem to have been updated for a long time. I'm not really sure why myself. Regardless, all of these name origins are listed on the AA wiki.
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