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Scandinavian Sami Shamanism as a concept in AATopic%20Title
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First off, this is my first post here, and I looked at the rules as much as I could, and this seems to be the proper area for this, my applogies if I am mistaken, let me know if this goes somewhere else and I will see about how I can move it there! Anyway, I had a Fanfic concept for a plot element in the Ace Attorney universe. So in Scandinavia, mostly northern Norway, there exist a group of tribes called the Sami. The Sami believe in all things having a spirit, and most interestingly, communing with ancestors, as they believe in a link that all living beings have with their ancestors and deceased relatives, allowing the Sami to communicate with their own deceased kin, or, alternatively, that of those brought before them.

The concept would be that they're a similar concept to Kurain spiritual arts, albeit with an entirely different origin, and focused on talismans which serve as focal points for their powers, allowing them to perform similar supernatural feats. The key differences however, is both genders can be shamans of the Sami, and the source of power is literally all in the talisman, which in this concept, does not need to be "recharged", only losing power when their creator passes, as it essentially gets its power from the bit of the creator's soul that has come to inhabit it, allowing them to use it both intentionally and unintentionally.

The origin of how the art came to be is also entirely different from Kurain, drawing its origin from animal spirits in the Sami folklore supposedly gifting the knowledge of the art to the Sami tribesmen. The downside to the channeling aspect of the art however, comes from the fact a living blood relative must be present for the channeling to occur, and instead of inhabiting the body of the channeller, appear as an apparition that is only visible to the channeler, the blood relative, and any present who may have similar powers.

The lore and mechanics established, this would be used for a Norwegian prosecutor who left his tribe's homeland after forging his own talisman from the fangs of a viper and coming to the regional setting of Ace Attorney, having chased the killer of his father, his twin, to the country. Becoming certified as a lawyer under a program designed for foreigners to gain certification, instituted by the district/nation's Chief Prosecutor. The plot would essentially play out like the Miles Edgeworth manga, but in a connected series of story arcs. What do you think?
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