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Turnabout New BeginningsTopic%20Title
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Title: Turnabout New Beginnings
Author: RollZero
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Status: Incomplete
Pairing: Phoenix X Iris
Summary: Taken place one year after Apollo Justice. Phoenix Wright is working on getting his badge back when he gets a surprise visit from his friend Miles Edgeworth with news that will shock him and bring some life changing decisions.

This was posted on under a different username of RugenZorak, it's still me, just I didn't use the same username: ... Beginnings

Here we have my very first Ace Attorney Fanfic. Be warned it contains major spoilers for both Trials and Tribulations & Apollo Justice, as well as Gyakuten Kenji 2. This is my first shot at writing a fic for this series and I had a very strong urge to write this after playing the games as I really like the idea of the pairing of Pheonix and Iris, and I wanted to explore what happened to all the other characters that were not explained what happened to them in Apollo Justice.

Chapter One: Surprise Call

It had been one year since Apollo Justice started working for the Wright Anything Agency. The office was finally getting back to what it used to look like, and Phoenix Wright himself was studying to retake the bar exam now that things were resolved. Trucy Wright still practiced her magic acts while her father and half brother practiced law.

“Daddy are you really sure you want to be a lawyer again?” Trucy sighed with her hands on her hips. The girl of 16 shook her head. “I mean when you lost your badge it took a big toll on you at first…”

Phoenix chuckled. “Yes but it’s been acknowledged that it wasn’t really my fault with that incident, and honestly as it’s been pointed out I seem to belong in the courtroom.”

“Is that why you finally cleaned yourself up?” Apollo remarked. “That medium woman remarked you looked like your old self last month when she visited.”

Apollo was correct on this, Wright for a while had sorta let himself go, looking almost living on the street style and barely even shaving. He finally had cleaned that up, and his spiky signature hair was back to normal. He even had pulled back out his old blue suit and was wearing it once again.

“Hey address Aunt Maya by her name!” Trucy snapped.

Phoenix chuckled again, 8 years ago just before his disbarment, Maya Fey had become Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique. She barely saw Wright now due to her duty, but at least every year she’d come to visit him along with her cousin Pearl. Maya was like a sister to Wright, so Trucy always called her Aunt Maya.

Just then, Phoenix’s phone was ringing. “Hello?” he asked as he pressed the button to answer.

“Wright, it’s been a long time.” A familiar voice spoke on the other line.

“Edgeworth…” Phoenix seemed surprised that his prosecutor friend called him out of the blue like this. “It’s been what 2 years? You sure like to stay gone a long while with some cases.”

“My apologies.” Edgeworth spoke. “Franziska and I were working with Interpol so it was all hush-hush if you know what I mean. Couldn’t even use our phones, but we finally finished and we’re coming back to the states.”

“That’s great, we’ve got loads to catch up on.” Phoenix chuckled.

Apollo then leaned over to Trucy. “Is he talking to THE Miles Edgeworth? The genius prosecutor that was his rival?”

Trucy giggled. “Mhm they’re great friends! Wait until you meet him!”

“I’ve heard you’re possibly getting your badge back.” Edgeworth added. “Looks like you didn’t need my help after all, even though you avoided telling me for over a year when it happened.”

“I didn’t want it to be your concern.” Phoenix shrugged. “You know that.”

“Wright, I owe you my life and you know it.” Edgeworth pressed. “Though I tried everything in my power to get you restored and everything was against me. You know even Franziska helped?”

That stunned Phoenix. “Why would she help?”

“She can’t stand you Wright, but even she felt you were wronged.” Edgeworth explained, then suddenly the crack of a whip cut him off.


“I take it she’s giving you your meal of whip leather.” Phoenix laughed.

“…. You’ll get your share when we arrive.” Edgeworth grumbled.

“So when does your flight land? I’d love to meet up with you.” Phoenix said. “Trucy’s grown a lot you’d hardly recognize her. That and you must meet Polly.”

“In about 2 hours…. Polly?” Edgeworth’s voice contained confusion. “You take in another kid?”

“Wright how many times do I have to tell you my name is Apollo…” Apollo grumbled.

“No he’s an attorney and Trucy’s half brother actually.” Phoenix explained.

“Oooohhh you mean that kid Apollo Justice? I’ve heard of him.” Edgeworth said. “Isn’t he the kid who helped prove your case?”

“Yep and helped me with a few other things.” Phoenix said. “You and Franziska going to be busy otherwise we could go visit Maya she’d love to see you both.”

“Ah Maya, yes I’d like to see her again.” Edgeworth said, but then his voice turned serious. “But really Wright, you should meet up with us at the Detention Center.”

Phoenix blinked. “Huh? Are you working a case or something?”

“No actually I’m coming for a parole hearing.” Edgeworth said. “Wright, it’s been almost 9 years since Misty Fey died…”

Phoenix’s eyes widened. Edgeworth knew just how to explain this without coming right out and saying it. 8 and a half years ago Diego Armando aka Godot killed Misty Fey when she nearly killed her daughter Maya while channeling Dahlia Hawthorne. Iris Hawthorne had helped move the body and fabricate the evidence and had gone to jail for this crime along with Godot. Godot due to his health did not last long, after a year he passed away in his sleep. But Iris Hawthorne was serving a 10 year sentence for her crime…

“B-but she was supposed to be for 10 years…” Phoenix choked on his words, he didn’t know if he should be happy or scared. He had visited Iris many times over the years, but he lost the one thing that had any influence that could have helped with getting her out of there any sooner. That was the major thing that depressed him so when he lost his badge – he had made a promise to Iris to try to help her in anyway possible, yet he failed her. She never blamed him, in fact she did her best to cheer him up during this time, but he still worried about how she would feel when they would meet again.

But how did he feel? When he dated Iris he thought she was her twin sister Dahila, but he loved in reality Iris and never knew it. When the truth was revealed to him in that courtroom he learned that he wasn’t wrong when he felt the wrong woman was sent to jail the day Dahila was caught. Somehow he knew the woman he loved was still out there. And just when she was within reach the law took her away before he could figure this out.

“I know Wright but it appears the appeal you and I placed finally is seeing light.” Edgeworth explained. “That and she might be getting some time off for good behavior. Considering Godot already died in jail maybe they’re feeling she’s paid for her crime. So you didn’t fail her after all Wright. But I want you to come, I know very well from the last time I spoke with her she clearly still loves you, and I know you’re still hurting too from that incident, you both never got the time to work this out after you discovered the truth.”

“Daddy why are you crying?” Trucy looked at her father concerned when she saw the tears streaming from her father’s eyes.

Phoenix rubbed his eyes and shook his head. “I… I’m fine Trucy. I just… I got some really good news about… Iris.” He then placed the phone back at his ear. “Edgeworth… I’m not sure if I’m ready to face her but I’ll come. I owe her this. Though I’m not sure about how things can work out. It’s been a long time, and a lot has happened.”

“Wright…” Edgeworth sighed. “Just see her first and see how this goes. Both of you never got over what happened, now’s your chance to make amends or move on. Think of it as the first step to putting your life back together.”

“Well that’s a foolish mess with a thousand foolish steps.” Franziska’s remark was heard over the phone. “It’s foolhardy that we’ve had no time for…”

“Silence I can’t hear Wright, Franziska!” Edgeworth hissed.

“Miles is that anyway to talk to me you foolish fool?!?” she barked back, and by the cracking sounds and groans of pain it sounded like Edgeworth was getting a full course of whipping.

“I’ll talk to you in a few hours Wright…” Edgeworth groaned and hung up.

Phoenix sweatdropped, feeling a little for his childhood friend and former rival. Miles Edgeworth was the only person really that would often put his adoptive sister Franziska von Karma in her place, yet she’d never hesitate to use her whip on him like she did with everyone else. Though one thing pondered his mind, since when did Franziska stop calling people by their full names? She often did that all the time it was utterly annoying along with her constant saying of the word ‘fool’ at every chance.

“Iris is finally coming home?!?” Trucy suddenly was jumping for joy.

Phoenix nodded, trying not to tear up again. “… Yes, finally. You can at least meet her past the glass of the Detention Center Trucy.”

“So what’s going on here?” Apollo asked.

“Can you fill Apollo in Trucy? I have to go meet Edgeworth right away.” Phoenix checked his watch.

“Sure thing Daddy take care!” Trucy cried.

Phoenix rushed out the door with his brown jacket on and bright blue hat with the words in pink Daddy on it.

“Ok… Most of the time he’s either happy go lucky or just shows no emotion at all.” Apollo rubbed his head. “Who is this Iris girl?”

“My future Mommy hopefully!” Trucy giggled.

“HUH??” Apollo’s eyes widened.

“Well Iris he dated in College and was really Daddy’s first true love and he’s never fallen for another woman since.” Trucy explained. “I mean really, he’s been waiting for almost 9 years for her to be released and never looked at another woman. We visit her a few times a year and the way they talk it really brings a side out of Daddy that no one else can. I’ve viewed her as my mother just like Daddy to tell the truth because it’s so obvious they still love each other.” She then grabbed a folder out of a filing cabinet. “Here’s the files on her case. Before he lost his badge Daddy was trying everything to get her out of there.”

Apollo opened the files, and decided to read them over. He never realized just how much he didn’t know about Phoenix Wright’s past, and just how much the man held inside…


On a note, this whole fanfic is going to be a result of a new writing style I've been trying: Free Writing.

Yeah, this means I will not pre-plan anything in this fanfic, I will just write whatever comes to mind. Also these chapters will probably be short, as I'll just stop whenever I come to a stopping point due to the free writing style. ^^ Be sure to give criticism as it will be appreciated.

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Chapter Two: Psyche Locks?

When Phoenix arrived at the Detention Center he checked his watch. “Might be still a while until Edgeworth will arrive...” He sighed, trying to collect his thoughts.

Iris…” he stared up into the bright blue sky. “I wish I knew for sure what to do…” he felt conflicted. So much had happened in the past few years he felt he was no longer the same person. What if she didn’t like what he had become? What if she didn’t feel the same way after all this time? Not that he didn’t trust his friend, just how could Edgeworth be sure she still felt that way about him?

He leaned up against the building and took in a breath. He had been hoping for this day for a long time, yet now that he was here he was uneasy, scared. Another reason he worried was after all Iris was a shine maiden at Hazakura Temple. She may go back to Sister Bikini the head nun to continue her duties.

Phoenix held his head as he thought this over. They were lovers in college but she had hidden her true identity the whole time to him. After all it was she that he truly fell in love with not Dahlia. But Iris always seemed concerned over this fact, scared that Phoenix would never forgive her for hiding this, and hurting both of them for not revealing it even after her sister was caught. But in truth, he forgave her long ago, and often blamed himself for what happened to her and Godot. While Mia Fey tried her best to convince him he did the right thing, in the back of his mind there was always doubt.

They would often speak when Phoenix could visit her at this Detention Center, many times he brought Iris’s half sister Pearl and her cousin Maya who enjoyed talking with her, until it became far too known that he himself really never moved on and still carried deep feelings for Iris. Pearl often called his filthy for this and accused him of cheating on Maya during this time, so often he would sneak chances to go see Iris. After all, he never could see Maya as anything more than a sister, despite what Pearl thought. It wasn’t until Pearl got older when she finally came to understand this.

Phoenix paced a little around. Perhaps he got here a bit too early… Suddenly he stopped, seeing something glittering on the ground. A stone? He bent down and picked it up. It was a crimson jewel in the shape of the Magatama, much like the one he still kept with him. “… That’s odd. I wonder who could have lost this?” he muttered to himself.

“Well I see you wasted no time in getting here.” A voice snapped Phoenix’s attention to turn and look up, to this his former rival was holding the passenger door of his car open for Franziska von Karma to step out.

“It’s been a long time, Phoenix Wright.” Franziska smirked.

Edgeworth hadn’t really changed much over the years. His hair still black without any signs of color change, though slightly longer than he remembered. Edgeworth though wasn’t wearing his normal red suit, he was in an ultramarine violet suit, with a black vest and white shirt under that. His signature white ruffles though remained.

Franziska though seemed to look much different now, Phoenix tried to do the math in his head. She was about 27 or 28 now? He hadn’t seen her much after his disbarment, and she looked like a different woman to him.

Franziska’s hair now came down past her shoulders, the same light blue it was before. She had black gloves that now extended to her elbows. Her outfit though had a major change, her blue gem holding her white ruffles remained, but now she donned a black dress shirt with yellow buttons that extended down, and white sleeves that met up with her gloves. She now had black pants rested under a black belt, though her black high heels remained. Strapped to her belt was a jet black whip with a blue jewel at the end of the handle.

Phoenix’s mouth was gaping open at this sight. How much had he cut himself off from the world that he was so slightly shocked at their appearance change like as if they just appeared like this for the first time? Thinking back, he couldn’t even recall the way they looked when he last saw them, was he even looking? How long have they looked this way and he didn’t notice? Perhaps losing his badge had more affect on him than he thought…

WHACK! The crack of a whip smacked him off his train of thought. “OUCH!” he cried, rubbing his injured arm.

“That’s what a foolish fool like yourself gets for having such a foolish look on your face.” Franziska hissed.

“Now Franziska, he can’t help that.” Edgeworth chuckled. “He’s had that goofy look all his life.”

“Thanks a lot Edgeworth…” Phoenix grumbled.

“Now as for you fool, what foolhardy idiot dressed you?!?” Franziska smacked her whip at the former Defense Attorney’s chest. “You look like a street beggar!”

Gawk!” Phoenix winced in pain. “Well excuse me, it’s a tad cold outside.”

OBJECTION!” Franziska smacked him once again with her whip. “We are in California you foolish fool in August! What kind of no blood foolhardy idiot would dress up too warm in this weather??”

Phoenix winced again, but not because of the whip. The last thing he wanted to hear was her shout ‘Objection’ like they were in court…

Edgeworth must have noticed this, placing a hand on the whip happy prosecutor’s shoulder. “Franz, let’s give him a break ok? Today’s going to be enough.”

Franziska pouted for a moment, and then sighed. “Fine. But you owe me later.”

He chuckled. “I always pay my debts to the best I can.”

Phoenix blinked for a moment. He didn’t recall Edgeworth really ever calling her that before… Maybe their sibling relationship grew stronger while they were away working together? Would explain Franziska’s odd change in not overly saying Edgeworth’s whole name.

“So what’s been the big project you two were working on that you couldn’t answer me last year?” Phoenix dropped to change the subject.

Franziska strangely looked away, which was unlike her, but only for a second then she hit him with her whip again. “As Miles stated on the phone it was Interpol business, meaning it is none of yours Phoenix Wright you fool!”

Edgeworth just shrugged. “Nothing much we can speak of Wright, so don’t worry about it….” He then pointed his finger at his former rival. “And I don’t want to see that normal curiosity radar of yours going off, it’s a case long solved and has nothing to do with anything you have to know.”

Phoenix pursed his lips together. From his years as a lawyer it was clear they were hiding something, but what helped him finish that suspicion was the Magatama in his pocket. He suddenly saw 3 Psyche Locks on each of his prosecutor friends. Not something he usually saw these days but he was surprised after all these years the Magatama still worked very well. But he knew he didn’t have any evidence to present to them, so he’d have to bring this subject back up later.

“Something wrong foolish Phoenix Wright?” Franziska was playing with her whip, like she was ready to strike again.

Phoenix thought better not to mention it, after all Edgeworth knew of the Magatama, but might not know that it still works to this day. “Nothing. Let’s head inside shall we?”

“One thing Wright, what is with that ridiculous hat on your head?” Edgeworth asked with a sweatdrop on his head.

“Oh this? My daughter made it for me.” Phoenix chuckled.

“Oh that girl you adopted foolishly…” Franziska muttered. “I remember I met her the last time I saw you.”

“You must be a concerned father with her current age.” Edgeworth chuckled. “I mean sweet sixteen after all.”

Phoenix sweatdropped. “… Yeah, that’s why Apollo is with her every moment I can’t be. He knows I’ll kill him if something were to happen to her.”

“Oh by the way how is The Jurist System working out so far?” Edgeworth asked.

“So far so good, over the past few months they’ve only worked a few cases. It’s still on trial basis.” Phoenix explained.

“If you get your badge back, are you still going to run that or appoint someone else?” Edgeworth asked.

“I haven’t decided yet…” Phoenix rubbed his head. “Maybe if I could find someone suitable to take my place it would work, as I’d try to be the defense in most of the cases so I still wouldn’t pull away completely.”

“I’m curious myself how this works out in the courtroom.” Franziska admitted. “It’s been a while after all since Miles and I set forth in this country’s courtroom.”

Edgeworth chuckled and opened the door for them to enter. “Let’s get going shall we? I’d hate to be late, Wright has had a date with this girl for over 8 years now.”

Phoenix’s eyes widened at that statement, and he felt his heart flutter, racing with the thoughts he had. He was here, and in a matter of moments he’d finally see her face to face again. His fear had returned from before, beads of sweat streaming down, and he was almost shaking. Would this be Iris and his chance to start over? Or will she push him away and it will remain the way it was before he found out the truth? He was scared of the answer, but he pulled himself together and walked through the door… The door to a new beginning…

Author’s Notes: Eh sorry for the shortness of this chapter and lack of much going on outside of these 3 talking. But after all it’s been 2 years and I needed a small bit of interaction from them to start up the plot. What are the Psyche Locks for? What was with the item Nick found? As always things will be explained later like in most Ace Attorney games. I do promise Iris will finally appear in the next chapter!
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Chapter Three: Iris Parole?

“How much longer…?” Phoenix complained, drumming his fingers on his shoulder as they sat in the courtroom.

“The Judge is probably still wrapping up a case in the other room fool.” Franziska answered, smacking the former defense attorney with her whip. “So shut up and behave!”

“Phoenix I’ve been meaning to ask you, after all that’s happened if you get your badge back you really are going to go back to defending?” Edgeworth brought up.

Phoenix rubbed his head. “… I honestly haven’t given it much thought. When I was stripped of my badge it took a large toll on me, and I thought I’d never set foot back in a courtroom ever again. But with my recent events with Apollo it does make me want to return to the very thing I did that made a difference. Even if I’ve repaid my debts and fulfilled my original reason for becoming a defense lawyer.”

Edgeworth smirked. “Well then it’s something to look forward to then, because I can’t allow my greatest rival to never appear again in court.”

Franziska cracked her whip. “As I will be given the chance to get my revenge on you Phoenix Wright, should you return that is. I look forward to this.”

Phoenix sweatdropped. “Are you guys TRYING to convince me to stick to piano playing? I mean all my cases with you two I barely won by the skin of my teeth.”

Edgeworth chuckled and patted his shoulder. “But you still found the lies and contradictions even we missed, and together, we all worked to expose the truth. Wright, when the day comes that you return to defending, I hope to be there so we can discover the truth together like we used to.”

Phoenix smiled softly and nodded. “Because in the end what matters is discovering all the facts and exposing the lies.”

“Ah, well if it isn’t Herr Wright!” shouted a man with platinum blonde hair around 25, he had a magenta jacket over a black shirt and black pants that had a silver chain around them. “What brings you here?”

“Who the hell is this foolish blonde?” Franziska asked.

“Klavier Gavin, I could ask you the same question.” Phoenix responded calmly.

“Just was finishing up a trial, how is Fraulein and Herr Forehead?” Klavier asked.

“They’re fine, at the office currently.” Phoenix replied. “We’re here on business.”

Klavier gave another quick look to those around Phoenix Wright, then blinked several times. “Aren’t you the famous prosecutors Miles Edgeworth and the Fraulein here is that of the Von Karma Family? The daughter of Manfred von Karma, the family known for perfect victory ja?”

Franziska didn’t look very pleased, as she smacked the blonde man rapidly with her whip. “The Von Karmas of perfect victory are no more. That foolishness died with my father 10 years ago.”

“We are here in regards to a case.” Edgeworth merely said. “Not your concern.”

“Very well. Auf wiedersehen!” Klavier waved as he walked off.

“Foolish fool of a foolish idiot of foolishness…” Franziska was tangling her whip and growling. “Can remember my father’s name but not mine?!?”

Edgeworth sweatdropped. “… Unnn yeah. Anyway Wright was that just now….?”

Phoenix sighed and nodded. “Yeah that’s him. Though he and Apollo did what they could to help prove I was set up, so he tried to amend for what happened. I don’t hold it against the kid, no way he could have known what his brother was up to.”

“How are they in court, like us?” Edgeworth chuckled.

“In a way, yes.” Phoenix laughed.

“Sorry to keep you waiting!” cried a voice by the doorway belonging to a woman around 26, she had a pink shirt with a green vest, a red tie and brown pants, and a white overcoat along with a pair of pink glasses that rested on her brown hair. “Detective Ema Skye here for the hearing!”

“Ema it’s been a long time.” Edgeworth smiled. “Gumshoe couldn’t make it?”

“He wanted to but had to send me in his place.” Ema explained. “He told me to say hi to you both, I’m so glad to see you again!”

“Well this is quite the reunion isn’t it?” spoke a voice up at the stand. It was the Judge!

Phoenix looked up with wide eyes. ‘How the hell did he get in here and no one noticed?!?’

The Judge looked the same as ever, bald on his head and a large mostly white beard. “Going back over this it feels like it wasn’t that long ago we all stood here when this original verdict went out. I think I recall didn’t this girl admit to being the real lover instead of the ghost woman who poisoned you Mr. Wright?”

Phoenix sweatdropped. “… Errr, not quite correct but close enough your honor…”

“Anyway, Detective Skye would you bring in Iris Hawthorne?” the Judge asked.

For a moment, Phoenix’s heart was going mad. Here he was finally going to see Iris again, when suddenly he got the strangest, sinking feeling. One that made him slightly sick to his stomach. Maybe nerves? He wasn’t sure what was wrong, but he had a bad feeling, one he hadn’t felt for a long time now…

Ema walked out the door for a moment, then came back in, holding onto the arm of a lovely woman around 34. She had black hair and brown eyes, her outfit was a kimono that varied in shades of purple and pink, with a purple Magatama hanging around her neck. The woman’s eyes did not leave the floor, she walked slowly as Ema took her to the stand.

“Miss Iris Hawthorne, we are reviewing the terms for your parole hearing today. If we can come to a stable agreement, you will be released today.” The Judge explained. “However, if you violate any of the terms you will be brought back and severely punished.”

“… I… I understand, your honor.” Iris spoke in a wind chime voice. She looked up at Phoenix for a moment, but then her eyes went straight back down, adverting his gaze.

Phoenix on the other hand couldn’t stop looking at her. But at the same time he felt something wasn’t right. Though maybe Iris was distancing herself due to everything that happened. Maybe he could speak to her later alone about what went on, she didn’t seem this depressed last time he spoke to her.

“Now, I have here you wish to return to Hazakura Temple where you’ll be under the watch of Sister Bikini correct?” the Judge asked.

Iris nodded. “I’ve kept in contact with her and she said she’d be glad to have me back.”

“Well also for the first month of your parole Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth here has vouched that he’d stay at your side to help with your readjustment process, and also report how you are doing.” The Judge added. “He’ll be taking the place of Phoenix Wright’s appeal for this position, due to him no longer being an attorney.”

Phoenix’s eyes widened. So that’s what Edgeworth meant by his appeal wasn’t lost after all! Edgeworth took it over. He was glad of that, this way Iris would be safe anyway. Though he was sure she’d be fine anyway, as Morgan Fey passed away around the same time Godot did in prison so there wouldn’t be any more of those plots in the Fey Family filled with more bloodshed.

“I… Am grateful to Mr. Edgeworth and Mr. Wright.” Iris spoke quietly. She looked up and her eyes were near watering.

“Oh my dear don’t cry I know it’s been hard…” The Judge was melting for Iris it seemed. “But you’ve paid for your crime and I see no other issues with this. As you’ll be under the care of members of the court and the head nun so I’m sure you’ll be fine. Case dismissed.” He then pounded his gavel down.

“Are you ok? Maybe you need to eat?” Ema asked while trying to walk Iris down.

“… I’ll be fine.” She just replied coldly.

“Iris…” Phoenix rushed over and removed his hat. “I…”

“Oh Phoenix… I’m sorry I’ve gotten in your way overtime.” Iris looked up at him with a smile. “My sister caused us such problems and caused Mystic Misty to lose her life, then you went through hell and back defending me. That’s probably why Maya didn’t come today right? Don’t worry Mr. Wright this way you don’t have to feel the need to protect me.”

Phoenix just stood there dumbfounded. “… Iris, what are you talking about?”

“I’m going back to Hazakura Temple, I won’t bother you again.” Iris shrugged and worked herself away from Ema. “I mean you lost your badge after all so there’s nothing you can do? I thank you for your help though, goodbye.” And she started walking out. “I shall meet you outside Mr. Edgeworth.”

“Well that was a foolish waste of time, fool didn’t even seem that grateful.” Franziska said.

“….” Phoenix just blinked rapidly. “… Who… The… Hell…. Was…. That?!?

“Phoenix maybe she just needs some time…” Edgeworth pointed out.

“Edgeworth, that wasn’t Iris.” Phoenix said.

“What? What kind of foolhardy nonsense are you spouting?” Franziska smacked him with her whip.

“Edgeworth, remember what I told you happened that day when we closed the case?” Phoenix asked.

Edgeworth rubbed his left temple, trying to recall. “You said she confessed to helping Godot and… That it was her, not Dahlia you were dating all along in college.”

“Exactly, and to prove that she called me Feenie, the nickname she came up with!” Phoenix cried. “Edgeworth, I’ve seen her in the Detention Center several times every year, she NEVER calls me Mr. Wright! She actually most of the time calls me Feenie, and she wouldn’t call Maya just Maya, she refers to her as Mystic Maya due to her being the Master now! She knew Maya left to take over for her mother so that other comment… And about my badge, she also knew about that and didn’t act like this!”

Franziska cracked her whip and smacked him again. “Quit with the foolish ramble and get to the point! You’re almost trying to tell us someone took her place somehow!”

“Franziska, that’s exactly what I’m saying!” Phoenix cried. “Whoever that woman was just now… Was NOT Iris Hawthorne!”

Author’s Notes: Yeah I know I said Iris would appear in this chapter, but I didn’t say it had to be THE Iris ^^ … Or maybe it really is? Or maybe Phoenix is having one hell of a nightmare and is gonna wake up any moment? Lol Sadly, I had 4 ways for this chapter to come out and this was the one I picked with the way it was going during the free write. My attempt to throw some plot into this, though those of you that have played all the Phoenix Wright games already are onto what’s going on. ^^;
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i was looking at some some fanfics newbys made (since i was wondering how other fan fics were so i could check out mine. reason is 'cause i'm a newby) but i'm amazed at this. I made one to and its knowhere near as good as this one

good job 5 stars

make somemore or i'll spam this forum
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Wow thanks ^^ currently I'm just posting what I already have up on but I'm still working on this story and my other one Turnabout Investigative Revelations

Author’s Notes: Hopefully I can sort out a few things in this chapter as I just finished Apollo Justice. I’m also building this case little by little so be sure to pay attention to the details! You never know what I may go back and use later since this is a free write: Meaning 85% of this plot is being made as I write it. Only a few key events I have planned, which will come to light soon…
Chapter Four: The Mysterious Jewel

“Wright look are you sure you’re just…” Edgeworth spoke as he was still trying to calm his friend down.

“I can prove it Edgeworth.” Phoenix said with a glare. “Do you have Iris’s file and her activities during her sentence?”

Edgeworth blinked. “Of course I do, I haven’t read them all over yet but…”

“Can I borrow them?” the ex-attorney then asked.

“I suppose I don’t need them so here.” Edgeworth handed over the folder.

“By the way I’m coming with you.” Phoenix spoke up, while looking the file over.

“What foolish nonsense is all this?” Franziska hissed.

“I’m going to confront her and figure out what’s going on.” Phoenix said, pulling out two pages from the file and handing it back to Edgeworth. “And this is all the evidence I’ll need. She had a Psyche-lock, I only saw it for a moment.”

Franziska blinked rapidly. “A what?

Her adoptive brother’s eyes however, widened. “… Not those psycho locks again. Wright I still don’t get it with how you work with that…”

“As soon as I figure out what it is, I need to contact Maya.” Phoenix then sighed. “But I’m coming with you, and I’ll find the truth.”

“Now that’s something I haven’t seen for 8 years…” Edgeworth mused.

Phoenix blinked. “Huh? What?

“The look of my former rival, the best defense attorney I ever faced off with.” The prosecutor smirked. “It figures it takes you longer to discover things than myself.”

Phoenix glared. “What do you mean by that?”

“Remember when I left my profession to find what it truly meant to be a prosecutor?” Edgeworth asked. “It took me a long time, but I discovered something in myself, and you’ve gone down that path these past 8 years. You just were forced into it.”

“Well at least I didn’t leave a note that implied SUICIDE…” Phoenix glared.

Franziska then smacked him with her whip. “You practically did Phoenix Wright.”

“You cut yourself off from your friends, even those in the position that could have helped you appeal to get you badge back.” Edgeworth pointed out. “The first time I heard from you again was when you needed a reference to help with the paperwork of adopting Trucy, then again when you appealed for the Judicial System. I vouched for you.”

“I didn’t want anyone to get involved with my mistake.” Phoenix sighed. “I should have known it was a trap, normally I would have been more cautious than that…”

“Sadly Wright, you’ve always been too trusting, like when you were put in the position to defend a guilty client.” Edgeworth pointed out. “But your trust is also what makes you a great defense, because you also try everything to uncover the truth.”

“You’ve been one for the truth yourself Miles…” Franziska remarked.

“I’ll go ahead with Miss Iris.” Edgeworth changed the subject. “Follow me by train, you’ll probably get there before us.”

Phoenix nodded. “I’ll meet you at Hazakura Temple then.”

Edgeworth turned to Franziska. “I’ll look into that other matter while I’m there, could you file our report in the meantime?”

His sister nodded. “Of course I can Miles, what fool do you take me for?” she crossed her arms.

“Knew I could count on you.” He chuckled as he leaned over and pat her shoulder.

Phoenix watched closely to see Edgeworth was whispering something to Franziska, but it was impossible to figure out what it was. Edgeworth then took his leave.

“Since I’m going to miss this reveal mind telling me what this proof is you have Phoenix Wright?” Franziska asked.

“It’s something between Iris and myself… A… Promise we made.” Phoenix smirked. “I have to keep it secret for now so I can be sure that only the real Iris would know this.”

“But how are you so sure she’s a fake?” Franziska looked puzzled. “I thought only those Fey girls could channel spirits so that’s out, and Iris has been in prison this whole time…?”

Phoenix’s face turned serious. “… That’s what baffles me…. But I have a hunch. And going to the temple might help reveal this. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a train to catch.” He walked out of the room, and out of the courthouse.

The man sighed and adjusted the blue beanie cap on his head. He pulled out his cell phone and made a quick call, the name ‘Lamiroir’ was on the address book. “Thalassa?” he spoke when he heard the receiver pick up.

“… Mr. Wright? This is a surprise…” spoke the voice on the other end of the phone.

Of course she knew it was him, nobody referred to the famous singer Lamiroir by her real name, Thalassa Gramarye, except for Wright. Lamiroir had been forced to reveal herself to her children a few months ago when she was suspected of murdering Valant Gramarye, her true identity came out in the process. Not exactly the way she wanted to tell her children but it was unavoidable. The shock hit Apollo pretty hard, Trucy didn’t take it so bad, deep down she felt Apollo was like her brother…. Here she was right. It turned out Valant crossed the man he made the deal for his big show debut when Trucy appeared with her transfer of rights from her father that stopped Valant from being able to do his show with Magnifi Gramarye’s tricks. When this bomb dropped on Valant’s new partner, the man plotted to kill him, and tried to pin the murder on Lamiroir. Her son Apollo Justice defended her, and while the shock of discovering it was his own mother on trial, he proved her innocence, and caught the guilty man in the process. Since then Lamiroir was keeping close in contact with her children, she had been away this week for a performance.

“Thalassa I was wondering if I could ask of you to drop by my office?” Phoenix asked.

“Why you don’t need to ask Mr. Wright, I was heading that way anyway first thing tomorrow.” Lamiroir spoke. “But what’s the sudden rush? I should be the one rushing to spend time with my children.”

“Something… Came up.” Phoenix stressed his words. “I’ll be away possibly for a little while, and while I trust Apollo I don’t know how busy he’ll be and Trucy can be a handful sometimes. Besides I’m sure they’re dying to spend time with you after that incident…”

“Are you ok?” Lamiroir asked.

“I won’t know just yet…” Phoenix replied. “If Trucy asks just tell her Iris is in trouble, but I’m going to handle it.”

“Alright then I’ll get the first flight to California as soon as possible and explain.” Lamiroir said. “Becareful Mr. Wright.”

“Thanks.” Phoenix said as he hung up the phone. He then hailed a cab and took that to the train station. After he bought his ticket he sat and waited on a bench. While waiting he noticed a man, tall with jet black hair in a dark blue hoodie. He was carrying a navy blue case. His face was almost covered as he sat down next to the ex-attorney.

“Traveling?” the man asked.

“No off to see a friend.” Phoenix answered. He didn’t like the vibe he got off this guy.

“A lady friend I might ask?” the man asked.

“You might say.” Phoenix narrowed his eyes. “What makes you ask?”

“Well lady friends tend to like gifts. And I sell such.” The man said, opening his case. Several jewels, earrings and other jewelry were inside.

‘Oh, one of those kind. God knows where this stuff was ripped off of.’ Phoenix rolled his eyes. “Errr sorry, but I’ve already got a gift…”

But then something caught Phoenix’s eye. There was a crimson jewel in the case the exact same color as the Magatama he found outside the Detention Center. Phoenix pulled the jewel out of his pocket. “This wouldn’t happen to be yours would it? It looks like the same kind of jewel.”

The man then suddenly leap up. “W-where did you find that?”

Phoenix blinked. “Ummm, somewhere on the ground. I was going to turn it into the lost and found…”

“Ummm…” the man looked around and was shaking. “N-no I’ve never seen it before ever.” Just then 2 Psyche-locks appeared on the man.

‘What the?!?’ Phoenix’s eyes widened. ‘Ok what in the world could this little jewel have anything to do with something? And why would this guy be around the Detention Center?’

“Hey buddy… How about I give you one of these bobbles if you forget where you found that?” the man asked.

Phoenix narrowed his eyes. He didn’t have any other evidence to prove this man was at the location he found it, but maybe playing dumb and getting something might prove useful. “Ummm sure, even though like I told you I forgot where.”

The man dug through the items in his case. “H-here you can take this… And get rid of it for me…” he handed Phoenix a strange purple orb. Then suddenly the man ran off.

Phoenix looked the orb over and rubbed his head. “… This looks familiar. Now where the hell have I seen one of these before?” he placed it in his pocket next to the crimson Magatama. He then noticed his train was boarding so he hurried along.

Once on the train Phoenix was lost in thought. Iris had been herself this whole time up until today when she was released. Why the sudden change? There were no other visitors recently outside of himself and Sister Bikini, Iris’s adoptive mother and head nun at Hazakura Temple, he confirmed that while reading the file Edgeworth had. He rubbed his chin, trying to think this all out. Iris’s strange behavior, this sickening feeling he’s had since today began, the sudden need to go to Hazakura Temple, and the contradicting evidence he held in the folder in his hands that he would not reveal until the time was right…

“It can’t be…” he muttered. “But it’s the only thing that makes sense…” He then pulled out his phone and scrolled through the menu to a phone number, someone else he was going to consult. He pressed the button, and after 3 rings someone picked up.


“Hello Maya, it’s Nick. I think I need your help, there’s something I need to ask that’s in your areas of expertise….”

Author’s Notes: Now what in the world could Nick need to ask Maya of all people? Well you’ll have to find out! I know, I know I’m evil for the cliffhanger, but it kills the surprise if you haven’t guessed by now. Better to show all the evidence at once to the suspect’s face!
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Author’s Notes: Ok I’ll warn ahead of time this chapter is going to be a flashback, I’m going to be including several of these in the fanfic to help explain some of the events that happened with the 7 year gap between Trails and Tribulations & Apollo Justice. Most will be daydreams or actual dreams Phoenix will be having, but I may decide later to do it with other characters. Keep in mind the fanfic itself takes place a year after the second case of Apollo Justice. Timelines aren’t going to be perfect, but I’m trying to get close.

Chapter Five: Turnabout Iris Confession

8 years ago (Two months after Phoenix Wright’s last case) – Detention Center

‘How am I going to face her..? She’s going to be so disappointed…’ Phoenix’s thoughts were a mess as he waited for the guard to get Iris Hawthorne. ‘She was counting on me… And I failed her.’ He thought maybe he should have visited her cell but in a way he was a coward. What if she got mad at him? What if she started crying… Behind glass was safe, yet aggregating. Half of his mind wanted long to pick up things the way they left it off 5 years ago, the other half was scared of getting hurt again, and afraid that both of them had changed far too much.

Phoenix?” a high chime voice suddenly spoke.

Phoenix looked up, and there was Iris. Her black hair in braids on the top of her head, the rest of her hair flowing around her acolyte dress of the Fey Clan still on. “Are you ok? You haven’t been here in a while. I’ve been worried.”

Phoenix sighed. “Sorry Iris… I’ve had… A lot on my mind. There’s…. Some bad news I have to tell you.”

“It’s about your disbarment isn’t it?” Iris asked, looking down.

Phoenix’s eyes widened. “H-how did you…?”

“While we don’t hear much Phoenix there have been rumors.” Iris held her head. “I heard about the Gramarye Trial, the forged evidence, all because they’ve been questioning everyone involved in all your cases in the past 3 years. It angered Mr. Godot when he heard about this, you would have been surprised how he defended you…”

“Oh god Iris…” Phoenix shivered. “I probably just made things worse for you!”

No F-… Phoenix I already got myself into this mess.” Iris sniffed, trying to hold back her tears. “Just please tell me in your own words what happened. I don’t believe a word of the rumors, I want to know from yourself what happened. The truth.”

Phoenix looked down and sighed. “… I was stupid Iris. And gullible. I fell right into someone’s trap. I used evidence I didn’t check the credibility of and presented it without thinking.” He went on to explain the events that transpired that day. “I was used, and I can’t believe I fell for it!”

Iris listened and nodded. “… I felt the same way when I discovered my sister’s true nature. I believed in her, she was my sister after all… But I felt used and betrayed just like you do now. And I know there are many things I did wrong, like assisting in stealing father’s diamond, deceiving you…”

“Iris… Those months were the happiest of my life.” Phoenix said softly, looking warmly into her eyes. “Even if you were just staying around me just to get that necklace back… I’d do it all over again to spend the time with you.”

Feenie…” Iris blushed softly, then placed her hand over her mouth. “Oh I’m sorry I…”

“Iris… It’s fine.” Phoenix smiled. “I know now it was you that came up with that nickname and it was you I was with all that time. I’d actually like it if you call me ‘Feenie’ from now on, as whenever you do get out of here I’d like to spend some time with you, at the very least as my friend.”

“Oh Feenie…” Iris was almost crying. “You have no idea how happy I am to find that out. I thought you hated me for deceiving you.”

Phoenix shook his head. “No, I forgave you for that. That’s why ever since you were sentenced I was trying everything to shorten your time but the most was down to 10 years before my badge was taken away from me… If only I still had it and hadn’t lost it like the fool I was!” he banged the counter. “I failed you Iris I’m so sorry…”

“Feenie… Please…” Iris whimpered. “If you can’t prove you were tricked there isn’t much you can do. And… It’s ok. I’ll serve my sentence and get out of your way if you wish… I’ll go back to the temple…”

OBJECTION!” Phoenix suddenly raised his voice. “… Errr, sorry. Guess even after 2 months I’m not out of the habit… But anyway, Iris please… I don’t want you to go away. I just told you that. And I promise I won’t continue to feel guilty if you do as well.”

Huh?” Iris shivered still from his shout.

“I’m talking about how you still feel guilty for being my ‘Dolly’ only to get that necklace back.” Phoenix pointed out.

Iris cracked a smile. “So if I finally forgive myself you’ll forgive yourself?”

Phoenix nodded. “It’s a fair trade.”

“Feenie, I do have one more thing to confess.” Iris blushed softly.

Phoenix blinked. “Ok what?”

“Remember how I told you I couldn’t get that necklace back so I stayed with you all that time during those 8 months?” Iris asked.

“Well yeah, everytime you asked I thought you just were worried I hated it.” Phoenix rubbed his chin.

“… I purposely prolonged it.” Iris looked away slightly embarrassed. “My sister caught on. I could have pressed you more, or just plain stole it a few times. But after just a few weeks with you… I didn’t want our time together to end. That’s why she took things into her own hands. She knew I had fallen in love with you, and if she revealed she was going to kill you I would have stopped her.”

Now Phoenix was blushing. “I-Iris…”

“Think about it Feenie, enough of those… Times in your dorm room where we…. You know…” she was turning bright red now. “I could have snuck out with the necklace, but I didn’t. I was so happy with you. I knew the moment I gave my sister the necklace she’d take my place and break up with you, and I’d be sent back to the temple.”

Phoenix rubbed his cheek. “I think I understand now… Though Iris I have to admit I’m… Conflicted you must understand. I thought you were gone. I thought you were Dahlia the woman who tried to murder me and was in prison at one point. I can’t just jump back 5 years ago…”

“I know Feenie… And I’m willing to give you the time, and the distance if you need it.” Iris smiled softly. “We can go at it slowly if you want, just know that in all these years I’ve never stopped loving you.” She pressed her hand against the glass.

He lifted his hand to match hers. “And a part of me has believed in you all this time too, somehow. It’s a promise then, I’ll try to visit more often… Oh though next time I come I have someone for you to meet.”

“Oh?” Iris blinked.

“Yeah I’ve sorta acquired a daughter.” Phoenix rubbed his head.

HUH?!?” Iris’s eyes widened.

“Trucy Enigmar, the defendant’s daughter. She was abandoned that day.” Phoenix explained. “I’ve contacted Edgeworth and we can’t find any living relatives so we’ve put in the paperwork for me to adopt her.”

“That’s so sweet of you Feenie.” Iris smiled.

“She’s 9, and she’s a handful.” Phoenix chuckled. “She’s already revamping the office and has a job as a magician like her father. She wants me to get some sorta thing together for a talent agency we’re changing it to. Though this bar thinks I’m a good Poker Player they need me to do something besides that.”

Iris giggled. “Well it’s good she’s trying to get your mind off not being a lawyer anymore.”

“Yeah but I’m hopeless as anything else, I wasn’t even that good of a lawyer.” Phoenix chuckled. “I was a lousy art student even in college.”

“Maybe you should try something in another area?” Iris asked. “I remember all those things I tried when I was posing as Dahlia in college just to explore things. Remember when I took those piano lessons?”

“Yeah I remember sitting by you as you played, you were always so beautiful and the melody you could play was amazing with so few of lessons.” Phoenix recalled. “That’s when I would say you looked like an angel.”

Iris blushed. “I wasn’t very good though.”

“Better than anything I could ever play.” Phoenix chuckled. “But I do remember that, you liked me calling you an angel and yet you always acted funny when I did call you ‘Dolly’ here now that makes sense. It must have been hard hearing your sister’s name like that all the time.”

“It was worth it though.” Iris said softly.

Phoenix rubbed his chin in thought. “I should come up with a new one just for the sake of it, put that old one behind us… Is Rissy too simple?” he chuckled nervously.

Iris smiled widely. “No! It’s perfect!” she cried.

But of course as always their time was cut off.

“Time is up.” The officer stated.

“Iris, I promise I’ll be back soon, I’ll bring Trucy next time so you can meet her.” Phoenix said while getting up. “And I’ll be there the day you’re released to pick you up I swear.”

Iris smiled softly. “Feenie… Thank you.” She once again placed her hand on the glass that kept them apart.

Phoenix met with her hand for a moment, before she had to leave. He then slowly headed out, his mind racing with the events that happened. As he walked back towards the office, he started thinking. Well, whenever he heard or saw a piano he often thought about Iris… “Hmmmm piano huh? wonder…


“Attention Passengers: We have arrived at Hazakura Temple. Thank you.”

Phoenix Wright startled awake from the intercom. “Huh? Wha? Oh… Guess I was dreaming…” he groaned, rubbing his head.

Author’s Notes: Yes, I’m actually trying to explain why he picked piano even though he sucks at it lol Oh and I'm sure everyone agrees it's about time Phoenix shouted his signature OBJECTION!
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Chapter Six: Hazakura Temple

Phoenix shivered as he walked towards Hazakura Temple, snow was all over the ground and it was very windy. “Man doesn’t this area ever warm up?” his teeth were chattering. He finally reached the Main Gate which he headed inside right away. “Hello?” he called out.

Mr. Niiiicck!” a cheery voice cried as a young woman came rushing from the building just ahead of him. She was about 17 years old, brown hair that quite long but tied up into ponytails, but part of her hair was still free that reached to her shoulders. Her acolyte outfit was bright pink on the shoulders with a more flesh tone in the center, tied together with a red sash. She had a necklace with an aqua-green Magatama on that was moving around as she ran.

“Pearls!” Phoenix smiled and welcomed the girl with a hug as she practically tackled him down.

Mystic Pearl Fey was Iris’s half sister and was the cousin of Phoenix Wright’s former assistant Maya Fey, while he had still kept in contact with them, it wasn’t like before. When he first lost his badge he almost tried to cut all ties to his friends, but in the end things worked out, and besides Maya and Pearl weren’t going to let him get away from them that easily.

“Mystic Maya called me and told me that you were coming!” Pearl cried.

“Pearls you’re still training here?” Phoenix blinked. “I thought you finished your acolyte training here last year?”

“I’ve been staying to help Sister Bikini out.” Pearl explained. “She’s still training a new assistant so I’ve been filling in here and there. It’s great practice for me anyway, and I really like it here!”

Phoenix chuckled. “You don’t watch out the next thing will be you’ll be the new shrine maiden.”

“Maybe I will!” Pearl giggled.

“Has Edgeworth arrived yet?” Phoenix asked.

Pearl shook her head. “No, and I can’t wait to see Sister Iris again. She must be so happy to finally be free.”

“Yeah you two have some catching up to do…. After Maya gets here.” Phoenix sighed.

The young girl then frowned. “… Is it true then what Mystic Maya said? Is my sister really…?”

“I think so, but I need to catch her off guard and stall until Maya can arrive.” Phoenix explained.

“By the way Nick, why are you still dressed like that?!?” Pearl hissed.

HUH?” his eyes widened in confusion. “What’s wrong with the way I look?”

“Your special someone is in trouble and you’re nearing your reunion and you dress like a street beggar!” Pearl scolded. “No wonder Mystic Maya never married you!”

Phoenix sweatdropped. “… Pearls, I thought you got over that… You know Maya and I have a more brother and sister relationship, like the same way I feel about you.”

Pearl huffed and placed her hands on her hips. “I still say it could have worked if you put some effort into it. I mean Mystic Maya still hasn’t had a boyfriend yet, she’s been focusing too much on her duties.”

‘Leave it to Pearls to still be obsessed with her cousin’s love life…’ Phoenix commented to himself, having a flashback to when Maya sat down and explained to her cousin there really was nothing going on between them. She cried for hours…

“But I can’t deny you act different with Sister Iris than with Mystic Maya.” Pearls then brought up with a smiled, then giggled. “And if you get married you’ll become my brother-in-law and cousin to Mystic Maya, so we’ll all be a big family then!!”

That made Phoenix blush. “Have you been talking with Trucy again? It’s like both of you are in a hurry to get me hitched!”

Pearls smirked. “Well Trucy does need a mother around right? We both agreed you’re not getting any younger!”

Phoenix smacked his forehead. “Look Iris and I need to talk about things before something like THAT happens…”

“Ho ho ho what’s all this talk about marriage in here?” boomed a loud voice.

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Phoenix jumped three feet into the air.

A short woman around maybe 60 in a magenta acolyte outfit with a white hood over her head was standing behind them. The hood was attached together with a purple orb. “It’s been a long time Mr. Wright. Ho ho ho!”

“Sister Bikini… Please don’t give me a heart attack like that…” Phoenix groaned.

“So where’s Iris? I was under the impression she’d come with you.” Bikini smirked.

“Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth is escorting her.” Phoenix explained. “I took the train, guess it got here faster than his car.”

“Oh that handsome young man that was your partner?” Bikini smiled. “I can’t wait to see him again!”

Phoenix sweatdropped. ‘He wasn’t exactly my partner… He was taking my place as Defense Attorney while I was in the hospital…’

“Sister Bikini, I have prepared the rooms for our guests like you asked.” A voice called out.

Phoenix spun around, there was a young woman coming out of the building in an orange acolyte outfit, she had teal eyes and a white hood around her head just like Bikini’s except it wasn’t attached together, there was no orb.

“Thank you Mystic Bell.” Bikini smiled. “Come here I’d like you to meet a friend. This is Phoenix Wright, Mr. Wright, this is Belladonna Nightshade.”

“Please to meet you Mr. Wright, you may just call me Bell.” The young woman bowed. She looked to be about 25 or so.

“Nice to meet you, you can just call me Phoenix or Nick everyone else does.” Phoenix chuckled.

“Bell here is a spirit medium too!” Pearl cried. “Her talent is amazing, and she came here to train.”

“Really? You mean you have powers like the Fey Clan?” Phoenix asked, quite surprised. He never had met any spirit mediums outside of members of the Fey Clan.

“Yes my family is known for channeling but in Borginian not here.” Bell explained. “We can speak to the spirits of the deceased, not the same channeling as the Feys here can do. Pearl and I showed our skills to each other to test how different they are.”

“Yeah but if I had your ability I could actually talk to people rather than them taking over my body.” Pearl frowned, crossing her arms.

“So you don’t channel them using your body as a host?” Phoenix asked.

Bell shook her head. “No instead using talismans I can create a channeling circle and the spirit or ‘ghost’ of the departed can appear before me for a conversation.” She smiled then at Pearl. “Though no one outside of my family can see these spirits, outside of apparently the Feys since when I was channeling once Pearl here saw the person.”

“Yeah I could hear and see them!” Pearl cried, all excited. “It was like seeing a real ghost! I even got to talk to Mia that way she thought it was amazing!”

“We also can exorcise spirits, that’s what I came here to train doing.” Bell continued. “In Borginian there are places that are… Haunted. My family is like what your country calls ‘Ghost Busters’ I think.”

“So in other words, you’ve mostly lived in Borginian?” Phoenix rubbed his chin. “Yet you don’t seem to have an accent like two other Borginians I know.”

Bell seemed slightly taken aback from that. “Well… I’ve studied your language very well, and I was sent to school here for a little while, I guess my accent dropped over the years.”

“Oh really how long ago did you move out here to attend school?” Phoenix asked.

“I studied at the Ivy University in Literature about 5 years ago, but I only attended 2 years as my family didn’t have the money for me to continue.” Bell answered. “In the past year’s time, I came across this temple and decided to stay here to train my abilities.”

‘There has got to be some reason for all these coincidences… I mean the Ivy University of all schools?’ Phoenix was mentally scowling. ‘And in the same subject as Iris and Dahlia…’

“May we interrupt?” a voice called from the Main Gate.

“Edgeworth!” Phoenix turned to see his Prosecutor friend and Iris had arrived.

“Iris my dear it’s so good to see you!” Bikini exclaimed.

“… Hello Sister Bikini.” Iris spoke softly, her eyes darted to Bell with a sharp look.

“I’ll… Go to the kitchen to prepare dinner for everyone.” Bell suddenly looked uneasy. She rushed inside without another word.

‘Now that was odd… Maybe because ‘Iris’ is glaring at her?’ Phoenix thought to himself.

“Sister Iris it’s been quite a while!” Pearl cried, rushing over.

“Oh hello Pearl.” Iris spoke, not really looking at her half sister.

Pearl blinked for a moment, then looked down, she took a look at Phoenix who only nodded.

“Let’s get inside dears after all it is cold. Iris come with me let’s get your things into a room.” Bikini said, leading Iris inside.

After Iris was out of earshot Edgeworth glared at Phoenix. “Alright, spill.” He tapped his shoulder with a clear look of frustration.

Phoenix shivered. “Errrr huh what are you talking about Edgeworth?”

OBJECTION!” Edgeworth narrowed his eyes. “Don’t even TRY to act stupid Wright! I let you get away at the courthouse because I knew you didn’t want to say what you figured out in front of everyone. Admitting it wasn’t Iris was a slip.”

HOLD IT!” Phoenix sweatdropped. “Hey wait a second what happened that made you believe me all of a sudden?”

Edgeworth turned his head and let out a growl. A single Psyche-lock appeared over him.

OH COME ON EDGEWORTH!” Phoenix suddenly shouted.

“A Psyche-lock?” Pearl guessed right away. “But Mr. Edgeworth why would you hide something?”

“… It’s… Not that right time to talk about this…” Edgeworth was grinding his teeth. “… And… I promised someone I wouldn’t tell just yet, so you’re going to have to be patient.”

“Does this have to do with whatever you were up to when you were away?” Phoenix asked.

… Yes.” Edgeworth nodded, looking back at him.

“Alright fine but at least give me some idea why you believe it’s not Iris…” Phoenix grumbled.

“Well there is one thing…” Edgeworth looked to the side, recalling the memory. “She didn’t talk much in the car, and she seemed to have totally forgotten myself and Franziska had visited her… And there was something else.” He then looked at Phoenix very serious. “When I brought up her confession in court about pretending to be her sister… She looked shocked.”

Phoenix held his head. “… I knew it… I didn’t want to believe it at first but I just knew it…” he was nearly sobbing. “How…? Iris doesn’t have channeling powers! How could SHE get control of her now?”

Pearl was shivering. “Mystic Maya said the spirit has to be extremely vengeful to be that strong… And from what I’ve heard she seemed to be the type.”

Edgeworth tapped his shoulder again and closed his eyes. “… As much as I refuse to normally believe in this stuff… Over the years I’ve learned there are some things that cannot be explained any other way. And the evidence is pointing in that direction.”

Phoenix looked up at him. “… Then you do know already… Iris is being possessed by her twin sister Dahlia Hawthorne…”


Author’s Notes: IRIS IS POSSESSED?!? Yep, that’s what I’ve been hinting at since the moment I brought her in. How? Why? Well that will be explained later on! Oh and our new character? Little hint like all Phoenix Wright Characters I too based her name on something, but I won’t reveal what it is until later as otherwise it will possibly spoil the story! I wanted to put at least one new character from Borginian after playing Apollo Justice of course, since if there were other spirit mediums why not from another country hence why their powers are different?
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Author’s Notes: Well I couldn’t decide which scene to show next for a bit here, I thought about going on with the next chapter with Phoenix & co. and leave a suspense bit and come back to this chapter, but I think the facts will line up better to switch point of views for a bit, not completely being with Phoenix the whole time. This takes place shortly after Phoenix got to the train station I would say, leading up towards the last chapter.


Chapter Seven: Franziska's Nightmare

‘Of all the foolishly fool hardy things… Why am I a chauffeur??’ Franziska grumbled as she pulled her car up to the Kurain Village and got out. ‘I filed the report like Miles asked then suddenly Phoenix Wright calls me to run this errand…’

“Franziska!” shouted a voice from a woman with black hair that was the same age as her. It was Maya Fey, the current Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique. Her hair still a small part was tied back into a bun, twin braids were tied with purple Magatamas now, her acolyte outfit consisted of a light purple robe that extended down past her knees, a darker purple jacket was over that, and a large magenta sash was holding it together. She had a necklace on with white pearls over it and her bright orange Magatama in the center. Over the years her body was more developed than before, a little closer to the way she’d look when channeling her older sister… Except her bust size was only about half the size of Mia.

“Maya Fey… It’s been a long time.” Franziska remarked, still standing by her car. “We don’t have much time so we can talk on the way. Get in.”

“Right!” Maya hurried to the passenger side and opened the door, getting inside the vehicle the same time as Franziska reentered. “Nick called me and said you’d be on your way to pick me up shortly.”

“Unfortunately the fool still does not own a car… Nor has a license for that matter.” Franziska pointed out while backing the car up, then heading off onto the road. “Or else he would have picked you up himself.”

“Is it true about Iris?” Maya shivered. “I mean… That Dahlia Hawthorne was an extremely vengeful spirit, she was so powerful that’s why she could stay in my body for so long during channeling… And why she was able to take over my mother that day…”

Franziska frowned, recalling the case that Dahlia Hawthorne possessed Misty Fey, nearly murdered Maya, and would have if Godot hadn’t killed Misty first. “But I thought your cousin couldn’t do this… Channeling?

“She told me before to her knowledge she didn’t have any powers.” Maya tapped her cheek. “Dahlia herself only seemed to gain powers after her death, since it took a shock to get her out of me. But for possession, you don’t really need to be born with powers.”

Franziska blinked. “You’re saying even a normal person could…?”

“If one knows what they are doing.” Maya finished. “But the Kurian Channeling Technique never covers that, as it’s considered one of the more… Like Dark Magic you could say. It’s like the Dark Side of spirit mediums.” She giggled, and then turned serious again. “Like those places people say are haunted, vengeful spirits can possess people sometimes…”

“But Iris has been in jail for over 8 years, how could someone get to her?” Franziska asked. “It’s highly doubtful she was haunting the jail all these years right?”

“Someone would have to help the spirit, like summon them into an item maybe and then have the victim touch it to be possessed.” Maya explained. “But the thing is… Pearly’s mother died a few years ago, and she was the only person in jail that could have done it there… Means Iris must have had a visitor.”

“Hrmph, no wonder he had Miles look into that.” Franziska mumbled. “I think he has the file on him. Phoenix can look at it then.”

“So you’ve changed a bit Ms. Von Karma.” Maya smiled. “I like your new outfit.”

Franziska’s eyes lowered for a moment. “Thanks I guess, your alteration on yours suits you. And just call me Franziska, Maya.”

Maya blinked rapidly. Usually Franziska always wanted people to refer to her as ‘Ms. Von Karma’ years ago. That and she took note into Franziska only calling her ‘Maya’ and not by her full name.

What?” Franziska spoke up after a bit of silence, her left hand gripping at the wheel. “Why are you suddenly so foolishly silent?”

“Franziska, is something wrong?” Maya asked softly. “I mean is it because you still hate Nick for taking your father away?”

Franziska sighed. “… I never hated Phoenix, at first I was merely angry. I had lost my father and my brother it seemed all at once and I blamed him for it. When Miles returned finally things became more clear.” She sadly brushed her fingers on her whip strapped to her belt. “I’ve cut most of the ties to my father now, put my past behind me. I looked up to him for so long, but in truth he was a murderer and truly a dark man… Miles and I have decided we are no longer just ‘Von Karmas’ now, we will make our own legacies, ones that will never walk the path that my father did.”

Maya blinked. “Wow… Though you seem agitated about this situation like you hate it…”

Franziska shivered for a moment. “… I just have another… Matter that needs to be settled.” She rubbed her left arm and steadied the wheel. “It’s on my mind but this is more important.”

“Maybe Nick and I can help after this!” Maya cried, clearly excited. “I mean I haven’t worked a case in so long this is going to be so exciting!”

Franziska though pursed her lips together. “… I suppose… But now’s not the time to talk about it.” She suddenly decided to change the subject. “So how’s Scruffy? It’s been a few years since I saw that foolish detective.”

“Mr. Gumshoe? He went up quite a bit actually.” Maya giggled. “To a Lieutenant in one of the departments that handles homicide.”

“Wow Scruffy’s paycheck actually went up? I’m amazed.” Franziska mused.

“Well, Nick says the Criminal Affairs Department decided to promote him when they found out he was going to become a father.” Maya laughed.

“Oh yes, I think I recall Miles mentioning he and Maggey had a child about 2 or 3 years or so ago.” Franziska pointed out. “I recall the wedding, best that foolish detective ever looked!” Though after that, she fell silent again.

Maya wasn’t sure what was with Franziska but something was clearly wrong. They spoke for a little while longer until they reached Hazakura Temple. Franziska spotted Edgeworth’s car and parked next to it.

The two women stepped out of the vehicle and looked around. The wind and snow made it a little hard to see, but the temple gate wasn’t a far walk from here. It also was starting to get dark, so the area around the car had quite a few spots covered in shadows.

“Miles and Phoenix should have arrived by now.” Franziska spoke then suddenly fell silent. ‘What is this strange feeling…?’ She searched around the area, pulling out her whip. ‘It’s like we’re being watched…’ She then turned to Maya and her eyes widened when a strange shadowy figure seemed to appear from behind.

“Something wrong Franzis… AAHHH!!” Maya cried as the mysterious person tried to grab her but Franziska smacked her whip at whoever it was.

“Run Maya!” Franziska yelled as she smacked her whip again at the dark figure that stood behind the medium.

Maya obeyed, taking off quickly and rushing behind her savior. “W-who…?”

“Identify yourself now!” Franziska hissed, cracking her whip several times in the air. “Or face my wrath!”

“My, my… Is that how you greet an old acquaintance, Ms. Von Karma?” spoke the person hiding in the shadows.

Franziska froze with her eyes wide open, as did Maya… “That voice…” they both muttered. It was a voice they both knew… And one that brought back a very traumatizing memory. “Shelly De Killer!

“I’m honored after all these years you both remember me.” The mysterious attacker stepped closer and finally they could see his face. It was De Killer, the assassin that had kidnapped Maya and shot Franziska 10 years ago during one of Phoenix Wright’s cases. Not much about him had changed over the years, his hair was all white now, even his moustache, he still had a monocle over his left eye. He was wearing a bright blue shirt with a red tie, black pants and a pink jacket that had his ‘shell symbol’ that was on his calling card on the back. The symbol itself was a pink spiky shell with a swirl design in the bottom right corner on a white background. “Though I must say, I was misinformed. Ms. Fey was supposed to be alone.”

“Maya, stay behind me. When you get a chance, run for help.” Franziska ordered, glaring down De Killer. “Informed by whom? Who is it that’s hired you this time??”

“I’m surprised at you Ms. Von Karma, you should know my rules.” De Killer chuckled. “I trust my client, and until that trust is betrayed I will not defile them. Sadly I’m afraid you had the unfortunate luck of being with her.” He then raised his right arm, revealing he was holding a gun. “It’s sad that our reunion has to be so short.”

HELP!!!!!” Maya screamed, which startled De Killer for a moment as he pulled the trigger.

Franziska though didn’t hesitate, the moment of the scream she smacked her whip at his hand, which threw his aim off as the gun fired before it fell out of his hand. The bullet grazed Franziska in the right shoulder, causing her to drop her whip.

But Franziska didn’t allow the pain to stop her, she dove for the gun and grabbed it, rolling across the snow and holding it up with her left hand while still on the ground straight at De Killer.

“That’s twice you’ve shot me… About time I’ve returned the favor foolish fool.” Franziska hissed.

Maya though took Franziska’s advice, she had used the confusion to dash off towards the temple for help, which thanks to the sound of her scream and the gunshot, Phoenix, Edgeworth & Pearl were already on their way.

“Mystic Maya!” Pearl cried. “Are you ok??”

“Maya what’s wrong?!?” Phoenix cried. “We heard a gunshot!”

“It’s De Killer!!!” Maya screamed. “Franziska’s in danger hurry!!”

Just as soon as she got that out another gunshot was heard.

Edgeworth’s eyes widened in fear. “FRANZISKA!” he shouted, racing past everyone towards Maya. “Where is she Maya?!” he seemed frantic, scared to death that shot may have been…

“She’s by your car we had just gotten out and…” Maya explained, and he didn’t wait for her to finish, he rushed towards the scene.

When Edgeworth arrived Franziska’s car was gone. He held his breath as he tried to see through the darkness and snow when he spotted several blood spots in the snow. “Franziska!” he called out. “Franziska!!!

M-Miles…” a soft whimper came near his car.

Franziska!” Edgeworth rushed over, and there she was.

Franziska was laying face down in the snow, she pulled herself up a little bit, showing she had the wound on her right side and yet another gunshot wound in her right leg.

“Oh my god Franziska what happened?!” Edgeworth threw off his coat and placed it around her, she was freezing after being covered in all that snow.

“Miles… It… It was Shelly De Killer…” Franziska shivered, and she was… Crying? “He… He tried to kill Maya, I tried to protect her and we struggled… His first shot grazed me and I got the gun away from him… But then he came at me again… I was foolishly over my head…” she rubbed at her leg while still shaking. “During the struggle the gun went off and I was shot in the leg… He couldn’t see where I was shot due to the snow storm so… I pretended to be dead… And… He… He took…” she broke down sobbing uncontrollably then. “… He took my whip… And I must have dropped my car keys in the struggle… Because he stole my car…”

“It’s alright calm down I’m here… Thank god, I was scared that you were…” Edgeworth lifted her up in his arms, she sobbed and buried her head into his ruffles. “The storm’s too dangerous to drive you to a hospital so I’m taking you temple. I’m sure Sister Bikini has a first aid kit.”

“Edgeworth!” Phoenix finally caught up with the others. “Is she ok?”

“She’s freezing and she’s been shot.” Edgeworth explained. “Help me get her back to the temple fast!”


Author’s Notes: I had wanted both to use Shelly De Killer in a story and utilize Franziska’s vulnerability without her whip, so why not use both together since they were both shown in the same case in the game? After all even in AAI: Miles Edgeworth it’s mentioned that the incident where Franziska was shot still traumatized her even thinking about it, not that she’d let anyone other than Edgeworth know. I used the pictures I’ve seen for Gyakuten Kenji 2 for De Killer’s outfit design.
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Chapter Eight: Confronting Dahlia

“Sister Bikini we need help quick!” Phoenix rushed into the Main Hall and found the nun right away. “There’s been an attack and someone has been shot!”

Edgeworth was right behind him, holding Franziska. Maya and Pearl were right next to him.

Oh my word!” Bikini cried. “Bell! Iris! Come help us quick!” she then led them to a room. “Place her on the bed right away.” She rushed out of the room to get medical supplies.

Edgeworth placed Franziska down, who was still shivering and sobbing. Her face looked pale when she saw everyone staring at her, making her look down in shame.

“… Wright, can you ask them to leave the room?” Edgeworth muttered. “I’ll explain later.”

Phoenix nodded. “Pearls, why don’t you go with Maya to the kitchen to calm down?” he suggested. “I mean you must be still in shock, and I think Franziska needs some space.”

“Alright… Thank you Franziska…” Maya bowed. “You saved my life. De Killer would have murdered me had you not been there.”

“Yes thank you so much Ms. Von Karma, let me know if you need anything at all!” Pearl exclaimed, and then led Maya out of the room.

Franziska turned her head away and shivered again in response. She seemed awfully quiet now…

“What is taking those girls so long?” Bikini hissed. “Mystic Bell? Where are you?” she brought over the first aid kit and some towels, along with an acolyte outfit. “I thought she was going to the kitchen but she wasn’t there. Here’s something for her to change into.”

Edgeworth nodded. “Thank you Sister Bikini, I’ll assist Franziska. The first wound looks like the bullet passed through, but I’m going to have to remove the bullet in her leg.” He was helping pull her gloves off to get better access at her right shoulder.

“Oh what’s this?” Bikini picked up a white card that fell out of Franziska’s hand when her glove was removed. The card had a pink shell symbol, much like the one that was on De Killer’s jacket.

“It’s Shelly De Killer’s calling card!” Phoenix cried.

“Of course… After all he thought he murdered her.” Edgeworth glared at the card darkly.

Phoenix then looked at Franziska’s gloves, there was some tearing on the gloves obviously from the struggle, and it looked like there was a large rip on one of the fingers of the gloves.

Miles…” Franziska whimpered softly.

“What is it Franz?” Edgeworth asked.

Please… I…” Franziska just started sobbing again.

Edgeworth had a terribly painful look on his face. “Wright, Sister Bikini… Thank you for your help but can you leave us for a bit?”

“Don’t you need some help with her?” Bikini asked.

Edgeworth stood up and walked them towards the door, a bit out of earshot. “Franziska’s pride took a lot of damage from this… To this day remembering that day she was shot is traumatizing. Having so many people around her showing pity is… Like a knife to her heart, and she feels defenseless without her whip. She hates showing this side to anyone.”

Phoenix nodded. “I figured that was why you chased Maya and Pearls out of the room. I understand, she barely can tolerate you around her right now because you’re her ‘little brother’ after all.”

Yeah…” For some reason that comment seemed to bother Edgeworth more than usual, he sighed and placed a hand on Phoenix’s shoulder. “I just don’t want you to take her rejection like this personally. She’ll be fine after a while… And if we can find her whip.”

“Her injuries at least aren’t too serious.” Phoenix added.

“True… But I still wish to take her to a hospital the moment the storm lets up.” Edgeworth looked quite serious, turning back to look at Franziska, who was laying there with her arms wrapped around her stomach, whimpering softly.

“Let us know if you need anything.” Bikini said as she left the room.

Edgeworth moved back over to Franziska, he sat next to her and pat her head. “It’s alright… I’m sure everything will be fine.” He spoke softly to sooth her.

Phoenix started moving out of the room but waited just outside the door for a moment, as he heard Franziska speak.

“… I can’t believe this…” she choked. “First I lose that, now my whip and possibly…”

“Calm down Franziska, please…” Edgeworth seemed really worried about his sister. That was natural of course, they were far closer than Franziska ever was with her father in the first place.

Phoenix then left the room, though he was wondering about something. ‘What else was it that Franziska lost besides her whip? And why was De Killer hired to kill Maya?’

Franziska did seem awfully upset about being attacked. More so than the first time Shelly De Killer shot her. But why? Phoenix dug his hands into his pockets and was lost in thought. He then saw a shadow, someone was around the corner near one of the other bedrooms.

Bell?” he called out. Maybe she finally was coming? But the shadow moved quickly, like whoever was running off. “Hey wait!” he raced around the corner, but the person was already gone.

“What are you chasing, ghosts?” a snarl came from behind.

Phoenix spun around, it was Iris. Or rather, Dahlia Hawthorne’s spirit really. Iris obviously was not in control of her body at all.

“Thought I saw something that’s all.” Phoenix couldn’t help his tone, nor his glare.

Iris moved her hand to flick her hair around. “Clueless as usual aren’t you? Why don’t you already get lost since you’re not needed here? No woman can count on you for anything after all.”

A fuse snapped in Phoenix’s brain. He grabbed her right arm and pulled her towards the Courtyard which was out back.

“Hey what are you doing?? Let me go!” Iris hissed.

When they arrived there, he pushed her against the statue of Amy Fey and glared right into the woman in front of him. “I’m tired of this game you love to play by using people. I should have guessed from the start when I had that same sickening feeling to my stomach the moment I saw you today.” He hissed.

“F-Feenie whatever do you mean, you’re scaring me.” Iris bat her eyes trying to look innocent.

Phoenix slammed his fist on the nearby wall. “Don’t… You… DARE call me that! Only Iris calls me that and you know it!” as he held his Magatama in that hand, he clearly saw the Psyche-Locks over her.

“But I am Iris!” Iris retorted.

“There’s no point in denying it, I know it’s you… Dahlia Hawthorne!” Phoenix growled. “I don’t know how, but you found a way to possess your sister… But why?”

Iris was sweating just a bit, but then she glared back at him. “That’s impossible! I don’t have any spiritual powers and why would I channel my sister?”

OBJECTION! Phoenix shouted. “I didn’t say channel... I said possessed. Even a person with no spiritual powers can be possessed by a vengeful spirit.”

“This… This is ridiculous!” Iris cried. “You have no proof for this claim!”

Phoenix shook his head. “I do too. I wondered why I found this outside the detention center and I’m pretty sure you used it.” He pulled out the mysterious Magatama.

“Outside? When I was inside for how many years?” Iris chuckled. “That’s no proof.”

“That wasn’t all.” Phoenix then pulled out the two papers from the files he got from Edgeworth. “Read these for yourself. I highlighted the important parts, as it’s all of Iris’s activities while she was in jail.”

“So? What’s so interesting about my activities that you can say I’m not who I say I….” Iris scanned through the documents and her eyes widened.

“Our prison has improved over the years since you were there hasn’t it? They offer classes and the ability to get degrees so when you are released you can maybe get a job easier.” Phoenix smirked, he was sure he had her with this. “Not that you would have looked into it, having the death penalty.”

“… What in the hell was she…?” Iris muttered to herself, and then was growling as she gripped the papers hard, crumpling them into a ball.

“Iris earned herself a law degree, do you know why?” Phoenix placed his hands on his sides, a look on his face that hadn’t been there for a while, the kind he had when he had presented just the right evidence in court. “She was going to take the bar exam the moment she was released… And become a lawyer with me as her assistant, so I could return to court even though I was disbarred… Because I could return under her lead if she had the badge.” He smiled, recalling the memory. “She knew it wasn’t as good as getting my badge back, but it was her effort to help me. Granted, recent events made it so I can get my badge back myself, but only she and I knew about this. Meaning, she wouldn’t distance herself from me because I was disbarred. Meaning, YOU ARE A FAKE!” he the pointed straight at her, the same stance he used to take when making objections in court.

Iris’s Psyche-Locks broke and suddenly her hair looked messed up, and the look on her face was that which could kill. “Just like that cursed Mia Fey… Dammit I can’t believe this! I didn’t know she actually told you that fool!” she stomped the ground. “She was always a gullible idiot, I knew you two morons were perfect for each other! Every night she came back from a date with you she’d be disgustingly glowing and happy, when she should have poisoned you like I told her to do and get that god damn necklace back!”

“You expected that if I did find out the truth I’d hate her for lying to me…” Phoenix narrowed his eyes. “I didn’t Dahlia, I hated you for using her! She’s a kind, sweet, innocent person who’s been used by the wrong people time and time again. It is you, isn’t it?”

Iris, no… Dahlia, nodded. “You figured it, out just like that time in court… But there’s nothing you can do, I’m not leaving my sister’s body until I finish something personal.”

“You’re plotting something aren’t you?” Phoenix growled. “I swear if you don’t get out of Iris’s body right now…”

“There’s nothing you can do to me, Phoenix.” Dahlia smirked. “Anything you can do will only hurt my sister. And don’t even count on that idiot cousin of mine to be able to extract me out, I wanted you to figure out it was me and call her here… So I can finally have my revenge on Mia Fey, by destroying her sister Maya!”

Phoenix blinked for a moment, trying to piece this together… “No… But how… You hired Shelly De Killer?!?”

Dahlia smirked. “While I was in death row I did come across a man named Matt Engarde… He told me all about that assassin and how to contact him.”

Phoenix’s eyes widened. Matt Engarde, De Killer’s client that involved the kidnapping of Maya and Franziska being shot… She could find the information out from him, after all she was executed 9 months after his conviction, plenty of time to have met him and find this information out.

“It was a backup plan just in case my mother’s plot backfired… Which I was right it did.” Dahlia spat, a pure tone of disgust in her voice. “I just needed time to plan my next move, which when my mother died she had informed me Iris was in jail.” She then smirked. “So all I had to do was wait for her sentence to be carried out. That idiot tried to get in on my plan to once again, but this time I knew better.”

“Still… Someone had to have summoned you, channeled you to be able to take possession of Iris…” Phoenix glared. “Who helped you?”

“You’re the oh so smart lawyer, you figure it out.” Dahlia taunted. “Besides by the time you do obviously De Killer will finish his job, need I remind you I wanted you to figure it out? So you’d bring her here and she’d be alone.” she grinned wide. “I didn’t expect that Von Karma woman to be with her, so De Killer didn’t succeed the first time but…”

Her words cut through Phoenix like a knife… Maya was alone with Pearl in the kitchen! “MAYA!” he screamed, rushing back inside.

Dahlia stood there and laughed, playing with her hair. “Everything is playing out nicely and falling into place…”


Author’s Notes: I may have gotten the timeline messed up but I’m pretty sure Matt Engarde’s trail was in 2018 in March and Dahlia’s execution was in 2019 in like January. And now we know what the pages Phoenix took in chapter four were. I thought having Phoenix just ‘present’ the Magatama to someone wouldn’t make much sense in a fanfic, so I thought maybe he just holds it in his hand and he can break the Psyche-Locks? That and since his fist hitting the wall would have been close to Dahlia’s head there’s sorta your ‘presenting’ if you think about it.
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Chapter Nine: Murder at the Temple

Maya! Pearls!” Phoenix rushed into the kitchen and threw the doors open, scared to death he was too late.

“… Nick? What’s wrong?” Maya was sitting in the kitchen with her cousin at the table, eating a few snacks.

“You’re ok…” Phoenix muttered.

“Nick what’s going on?” Pearl tilted her head.

Phoenix’s eyes widened and he punched the wall. “Damnit! She tricked me!” he held his head. She knew he’d fall for that, and that gave her an escape! He quickly searched the room, there were no signs of anyone else. “Sister Bikini and Bell haven’t come down here yet?”

“No.” Maya shook her head. “Nick, what is it?”

“Dahlia… She said she planned for me to figure it out.” Phoenix explained. “She wanted me to bring you here, to get her revenge.”

Maya gasped. “You mean she still has that vendetta against my sister?”

He nodded. “I believe so. She tried to tell me De Killer was here and was going to…”

“Now that you mention it, there was a strange noise not too long before you came…” Pearl rubbed her head. “But I thought maybe it was the storm.”

Phoenix blinked and walked into the hall, then suddenly stopped. There was something on the floor. He bent down and picked it up, and the sight of the object suddenly sent a chill down his spine.

It was De Killer’s Card. He was nearby. But for some reason he dropped the card and didn’t attack Maya… Why?

“Find something?” Maya called out from the kitchen.

Phoenix quickly pocketed the card. He didn’t want to alarm her that she may have been in danger. “No…” he tried to keep his voice even as he looked around.

The wall near where the card had dropped there was a strange impression on there, like perhaps someone was thrown against it? Maybe a struggle, and that’s the noise Pearl heard. But who stopped De Killer? Or did someone see him and he tried to kill the possible witness?

“I’ll be right back. Pearls keep an eye on Maya for me.” Phoenix called out. He walked down towards the bedrooms.

The door to the room Franziska was in was still slightly ajar.

He could hear Edgeworth’s voice in the room still. “… We will soon, I promise Franziska… Just with everything going on our plans got destroyed didn’t they?”

Franziska said something in response, but Phoenix couldn’t hear.

“I’ll buy you a new one Franz, it’s ok…” Edgeworth was obviously trying to console her about the whip Phoenix guessed. “Look I know that had a special meaning but if we can’t find it…… N-no… Franziska… Please… No please don’t cry again…”

‘Wow that black whip must have some sort of special meaning to her, for her to get this upset over it.’ Phoenix thought to himself. ‘Though wait… Didn’t bother Franziska mutter about losing something else besides her whip…?’

Just then Phoenix snapped back to attention, as there was a loud slam. He rushed up the stairs to the second floor, where the rest of the bedrooms were. It looked like somebody was dashing down the hall, but had turned the corner before Phoenix could see who it was.

‘Why are they running?’ Phoenix thought to himself.

He then noticed something, one of the bedroom doors was wide open. It was Iris’s room!

Phoenix dashed into the room only to find quite a shock… There was laying Sister Bikini on the ground… With Franziska’s whip around her throat! Her eyes were dark, and she wasn’t breathing.

Oh… My… God…” Phoenix’s eyes widened, he rushed over to check her pulse just in case… But it was too late, she was dead. It had been a while since he’d stumbled onto a crime scene, but at least he did remember not to touch anything. He pulled out his cell phone, but there was no signal. Might have been because of the mountains.

“I better call the police…” he walked over to the phone in the room only to see it had been knocked over and in fact broken. The receiver and its cord had been ripped out of the devise.

“Why would someone destroy the phone? Maybe there was a struggle and Sister Bikini was going to call the police?” Phoenix rubbed his chin.

But something was strange with the crime scene, why wasn’t De Killer’s Card here? After all he was the one who stole Franziska’s whip…

“Maybe I just don’t see it…” Phoenix muttered. “But usually he places it in plain sight.”

He then decided to look around a bit more before heading downstairs to call the police. There was obviously a struggle, and Iris’s bag had been ripped open. Her clothes scattered all over the floor and bed, along with various other things. Why would Dahlia rip through her sister’s things like that? Was she looking for something? Because it was doubtful Sister Bikini did that…

As it was Phoenix shivered at a thought… Dahlia was out of his sight more than once… Would she seriously kill Iris’s adoptive mother to seek revenge on her sister for betraying her? For Dahlia, it could be possible, and it would destroy Iris knowing her body was used to do so…

Phoenix then stumbled on something on the way out. It was a paintbrush. What was that doing in Iris’s room? He then rushed downstairs and looked around.

“Nick what made you run off like that?” Maya asked, she was waiting in the main hall with Pearl.

“Maya where’s the phone?” Phoenix was still in a bit of shock, but trying to process what was going on. “My cell can’t get a signal unless yours can.”

“What do you need that for?” Pearl asked.

“There’s been a murder…” Phoenix looked down. “Sister Bikini has been…”

Just then there was a pound at the door. “Police, open up.”

Phoenix blinked rapidly. “The heck?” he opened the door.

On the other side stood a familiar face. Detective Ema Skye stood with her bag of Snackoos in her hand, and smiled at her friend. “Phoenix Wright! I didn’t know you came here too.”

“Ummm Ema, why are you here?” Phoenix stood, still confused.

“Somebody called 911 and said there was a murder.” Ema crossed her arms.

“But who? I only just discovered the body myself and was about to call!” Phoenix cried. “I mean not even everyone here knows about it yet!”

“That’s strange they didn’t alert anyone else?” Ema rubbed her head. “That’s odd.” She walked inside.

“What’s all the commotion out here?” Edgeworth had walked into the main hall.

“Mr. Edgeworth!” Ema waved.

“How’s Franziska?” Maya asked, looking worried.

“Better… Still shaken up.” Edgeworth sighed, he replied to Ema’s wave with a short gesture of his hand. “I was just heading to the kitchen to get her some tea when I overheard… There’s been a murder?”

“Sister Bikini…” Phoenix explained. “I just discovered her in Iris’s room… Strangled by Franziska’s whip.”

“The same one De Killer stole?!?” Maya cried.

“Yes I even found one of his cards.” Phoenix held up the card. “But it was in the hall, not the room itself.”

Ema pursed her lips together. “Well I hope you didn’t mess up the crime scene on me, I need to make a full scientific look!”

Phoenix sweatdropped. “No, no… I found the card quite a bit before I discovered there was a dead body, and I didn’t touch anything outside of to check her pulse.”

“Well then stand back and allow the detective onto the scene!” Ema rushed down the hall… Then stopped. “But… Can someone show me which room I’m going to?”

Everyone sweatdropped at that… Ema always was excited when it came to forensic investigation, and any excuse to use it.

“I can show you, I recall where her room is from the last case here.” Edgeworth offered. “I might as well have a look myself.”

“Ema, you’re the only one that came?” Maya asked.

Of course not pal!” a loud voice boomed from the doorway.

Phoenix spun around and there was a familiar face he hadn’t seen in a while.

“Mr. Gumshoe!” Pearl cried.

Lieutenant Dick Gumshoe, at age 41 now, stood with his tan trench coat over his white shirt and brown tie. He still carried a red pencil behind his left ear, though the adhesive bandage strip that normally was always on his face when he was younger no longer was there. “Even though I guess it’s a tad late for me to join the reunion party.” He chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. “Though congrads pal on clearing your name, knew you’d never sink to the level of forging evidence. Hope you get that badge back real soon!”

“Thanks Gumshoe…” Phoenix smiled.

“As touching as this maybe, you do have a murder to look into correct?” Edgeworth interrupted. “Wright, can you do me a favor and bring Franziska some tea while I accompany them?”

“Sure thing Edgeworth.” Phoenix nodded.

“I’ll help! We just made some tea!” Pearl cried, rushing into the kitchen.

Maya looked down. “I think I’m going with them to see the crime scene… And pay my respects to Sister Bikini.”

“Alright Maya.” Phoenix walked into the kitchen, Pearl already had the teapot and a cup on a tray. “Thanks Pearls, I’ll take this to her right away.”

“I’d go with to thank her again but she probably needs her rest.” Pearl sighed. “Maybe Mr. Gumshoe can help take her to the hospital after they’re done looking into the murder?”

Phoenix nodded. “I think so, since the storm has calmed down out there. I’ll be back shortly Pearls.” He walked over to the bedroom Franziska was in. He knocked on the door before entering.

“Miles… You should know very well you don’t need to…” Franziska looked up from under the covers and suddenly her eyes widened at the sight of Phoenix, and she fell silent. “…” She had been changed into the clothes Bikini brought, her own normal clothes on the dresser.

“Edgeworth sent me to bring you the tea, there’s been a murder Franziska.” Phoenix explained, placing the tray down and pouring a cup. “Sister Bikini was just found strangled… By your whip.” He felt he shouldn’t hide this fact from her.

Franziska’s eyes lowered for a moment. “… De Killer?” was all she asked.

“Well he is the one that stole it.” Phoenix shrugged and brought the cup over, placing it on the nightstand. “I found one of his cards in the hall, and Dahlia is obviously the one that hired him. Though there’s a possibility someone else killed her.”

Franziska sat up slowly, she took the cup of tea and drank a little.

Phoenix then noticed something. As she was drinking the tea, he saw there were a few small cuts around her left fingers. She wasn’t using her right due to the injury. Also on the nightstand, there was a prescription pill bottle. But he couldn’t make out what was written on the bottle, but there was a similar one in the garbage bucket near the nightstand.

“Franziska if you don’t mind me asking, what happened to your hand?” Phoenix asked. “I mean there were cuts on the glove too, but I thought Shelly De Killer came at you with a gun not a knife…”

Franziska shivered for a moment, placed her cup of tea down and returned onto the bed, pulling the covers up. She didn’t say a word.

“Franziska?” Phoenix pressed.

“I wish… Not to speak of it, fool…” Franziska spoke slowly.

Phoenix frowned and decided to leave it be. “Well I’m sure your whip will end up in evidence for a while, it’s too bad since that one must be newer, as it’s a different color than the one you normally used…”

Franziska buried her head in the pillow. “… I can’t just replace that…” she sobbed into the pillow.

‘What’s special about the black whip?’ Phoenix pondered. “What about your old brown whip? What happened to it?”

… It was burned.” Franziska muttered.

Phoenix was surprised at that. “Burned? When was this?”

She didn’t respond.

“Was this during that case you and Edgeworth were away?” Phoenix asked.

“Leave me alone…” Franziska finally spoke again after a while, not removing her face from the pillow.

Phoenix decided it was for the best. But he took with him the ripped glove that was laying on the dresser with her outfit, along with the pill bottle that had been thrown away. Reading the label, he saw it was a multivitamin. ‘I need to speak with Edgeworth about all this…’

“Sorry Franziska…” Phoenix spoke as he left the room. He was gathering his thoughts about the crime, how everyone was acting, and his mind was on that mysterious person that was sneaking around. Could that person be the one that called the police? And if so, who was it?

Author’s Notes: Poor Sister Bikini, she got chosen to be the victim. I figured it was about time I showed Gumshoe, Maggey may appear in a later chapter. Just remember things may not always be what they seem in this case.
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