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From my fan fiction website that I make all of the Ace Attorney stories so far and still going on, I would like for all of you fans to help me out. :D Now here's how the contest goes down - whoever can make me as many fan art from my made up characters and the other characters with them too 'or one of them' the best it is and message me the link and stuff, the winner will allow on the fan fiction website shall help me do a Manga series of it of an idea to add from the books for another fan fiction arts with ideas to make it happen, working together that is, that is... whoever makes the best fan art wins. Second and third place winner shall have a fan art of added images by me to send to. :) Now that I can do. Why? It's fun to do. lol Alright? Message me for further details to know the rules and go this site if you're a member at okay? And... Go! Also, good luck to all of you. :athena:
My name is Tayla 'Marie' Drago Hester, the number one Anime lover and supporter of all voice actors. Who also loves Ace Attorney things! :D
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