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Ghost Trick - Currently on HiatusTopic%20Title
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Okay, so here's the deal. I realized that to write a story like Ghost Trick, you really need to be able to go back and rewrite some of your previous works - something that is impossible when you bring out a chapter as soon as it's written. So this story will go on hiatus until I've actually finished it - or at least until I have a better idea where the hell I want to go with it. I'm sorry if you were hoping for more (yeah, right), but that's just how I feel.
And yes, this may mean I will never return with this story. Maybe.
Let's hope not, shall we?

I will leave the previous two bits here in case someone wants to read them anyway.

Original Text:
I'm not going to put in a recap, so the story is really only for those who have at least seen Ghost Trick completely.
If you haven't played/seen Ghost Trick, I'd advise you to play it. Partly to get what's going on, but mostly because Ghost Trick is AWESOME!
If you have played Ghost Trick but haven't finished it yet, stop reading now.
You're not a very good listener, are you?
But seriously, finish GT first, because SPOILERS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!

Spoiler: Prologue
6:20 AM

Must have been unconscious for a while.

When I woke up, there was a woman standing there. A woman I know. At least, I think I know her.
And there was a man with a gun. I know him too. Well, probably.
As for me...
I'm already dead.

Don't panic. Being dead doesn't really carry the same weight for me as it does for other people. I won't go into details, but let's just say I'm still able to move and do things.
My name is Sissel. And I'm a cat.
Also, I wasn't really "unconscious" as much as sleeping. Apparently, the dead can still do that.
As for the other two, I definitely know them...

Image Well, it was fun, Detective Jowd, but I should be going home now.

Image Lynne, I told you before to stop calling me "Detective".

Image It'd be pretty weird if we detectives kept calling each other "Detective" all the time.

Image Sorry. I guess I still need to get used to that.

I listened to all of this from atop a nearby bookshelf. For some reason, I couldn't agree with Lynne.

Image (You were calling him "Detective" the entire time in the other timeline too...)

Meanwhile, Lynne was looking around.

Image Well, I guess I should be going... Have either of you seen Missile?

Jowd's wife – I think here name is "Alma" – stepped forward from behind her husband.

Image He's probably still waiting for Kamila to play with him.

She smiled.

Image The poor thing. She fell asleep while hugging the dog. No wonder, she's been up all night.

Image I'll go get him.

Alma walked away.
Lynne yawned.

Image She's not the only one who's tired.

Image I think I'll sleep for a week after today's nerves.

Image I had every faith in you. You passed that test on your own merit, and I couldn't be prouder of you.

Image Thanks, Detective!

Image Oops!

Image Still, I wonder what took them so long. It's nearly morning already.

Image I'm sure they had their reasons.

Alma came back, with a Pomeranian in her arms, happily waggling his tail.

Image There you go.

She put the dog down.

Image Be a good boy and go with Lynne, now, Missile. You can see Kamila again tomorrow.

Missile barked. He looked happy.

Image Well, good night, Det- Jowd. Good night, Alma.

Image Good night, Lynne. I'll see you tomorrow.

Lynne turned around and opened the door. Missile barked again, then turned around as well and ran outside. Lynne said one more goodbye, and then left too.

Image Such a sweet girl.

Image ...

Image What's the matter? Are you falling for her?

Image ...I was just thinking how fate can take strange twists.

Image That's odd. You're not usually so thoughtful.

Image Hah! You've got me there!

Image Anyway, it is late. We should be getting some sleep as well.

Jowd and Alma walked out of the room, and left me alone.
Finally alone.
Don't get me wrong, I like having people around. It makes the place more lively. But with all of the excitement going on for the last hour, I hadn't had a moment to collect my thoughts.
I stretched and looked around the room. The table where everyone had eaten at earlier was cleaned by Alma just a few moments ago. No sign of the chicken that Jowd and Lynne had been stuffing themselves with. No sign of the mess that was made when Missile ran through Cabanela's spaghetti. The contraption Kamila had made was still in the middle of the room; I guess she'd planned to tidy it up later...
I felt a smile creep onto my face, an odd thing for a cat. Everything was just the way it was supposed to be.


"The way it's supposed to be."
Those words struck a chord.
And a horrible realization began to dawn on me.

I can't recall a thing.

I remember my old life, meeting Yomiel, living as his pet. But this new life... Living with Detective Jowd and his family... I can't remember anything from it. How did this happen?

How would he be doing now? Did he go to prison, like he said?
I looked around, trying to find the phone in this place. Luckily, it was in roughly the same place as before, on the cupboard in the corner. I ran over to it – and paused. Something felt... off.
Finally, I realized what it was. I was still in my body. Funny how I could forget that. But I couldn't very well take it with me over the phone lines. I went into the ghost world and left my body.
It was as if the whole world suddenly changed. Rather than looking through my eyes, the world... flattened, as if I was seeing it from the side. I knew this sensation, of course. It was how I had seen the world for hours, just a single night ago. But I had never actually left my body before... at least, not that I could remember¬ – so I had never actually felt this sensation before. It felt... weird.
I couldn't worry about this for long, though. I had to get to the prison. I had to go and see if Yomiel was alright... and see if he could shed some light on this strange situation I'd suddenly found myself in. As I tried to remember the phone number for the prison, I jumped into the telephone.
As I traveled through the phone line, I couldn't help but wonder what kind of effect changing the last ten years had had on everyone. Now that the manipulator hadn't been created, what else had changed? That wasn't the only thing on my mind, however. When I possessed the phone in Jowd's home, I noticed the number wasn't what I remembered it to be. How did that happen? More importantly, what did it mean for the numbers I'd collected? Which ones still worked?
I would have to figure that mystery out some other time, however. I had a visit to make.

Spoiler: Thoughts
That's it for the prologue! What did you think? I'm already working on chapter 1, so stay tuned for more if you enjoyed it!
If you didn't... well... shoot.

Spoiler: Thanks
Thanks to:
HotAndCold/AF For the rips

Takumi and his team for making what I believe to be the best story in gaming to date.

Serve the Story - that's one of my rules.
That wasn't an objection, honest! I was just pointing someone to the bus stop!

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Re: Ghost Trick - The Return of the NightTopic%20Title
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Spoiler: Chapter 1
Chapter 1

6:35 AM

When I first lost my life, all I could think of was getting my memories back.

Now, I have them back, and I still don't know anything.

It's almost ironic.

The first thing I noticed when I got to the prison was that nothing seemed to have changed. The same guards were there, sitting in the same spots. Bailey seemed to be exhausted for some reason, and the other guard was still making no headway with his house of cards. It seems these two were destined to work together even despite the fact that this place wasn't "special" anymore.
Anyway, that wasn't really important. I had to get to the cells, to see if Yomiel was actually here.

Luckily, the phone number for the internal extension was unchanged, so I went straight through and arrived on the upper walkway of the cells. Once again, things didn't seem to have changed much, other than the fact that there were now different prisoners in the cells. I guess whatever they did caused them to end up here, though I still didn't think those cells looked very comfortable. I looked around trying to find Yomiel...

Image (Damn.)

Yomiel was nowhere to be seen. Now what?
I decided to go back to the office and see if I could find anything out. Unfortunately, Bailey didn't have any memos I could send across the room, and I couldn't read any of the paperwork on his desk. I was just about to give up, when Bailey suddenly turned his chair around and started talking to his colleague.

Image I'm telling you! I have a bad feeling about this!

The other guard stopped trying to decide where to place his next card and turned around.

Image You always have a bad feeling about something, Bailey. That's why nobody comes up here.

Bailey threw himself back into his chair screaming, turned in a circle, and jumped up.

Image What's that supposed to mean!?

Image ... I mean, I know what the words mean. That's now that I'm asking.

Image That was just my way of expressing indignation, putting it in the form of a question.

Image (This is all starting to sound pretty familiar.)

Image Trust me, nothing is going to happen.

Image You're sure?

Image Sure I'm sure. Now stop panicking and sit still.

Bailey sat down uncomfortably, and the other guard turned his chair around and went back to his "work".

Image ... Maybe you're right... We did have that tearful reunion a while ago, after all...

Image You mean with Yomiel?

Image (!)

Image Ten years... I never thought he'd have to spend the full amount of time in jail, with what he did in the end.

Image They probably had good reasons for why they did it.

Image Actually, I heard he requested it himself.

Image Eh?

Image ... Well, it doesn't matter now. He's gone. Into the wide world with that bird of his.

With that, he went back to shuffling his deck of cards. Bailey turned around and went back to work.
Meanwhile, I was in a bit of a pickle.

Image (So, Yomiel has already been released, huh?)

Image (Lucky for him, I guess, but what am I going to do now?)

The answer to that question came almost as soon as I'd thought it. The phone on Bailey's desk started ringing, and when Bailey took it off the hook, I saw that the other end was connected to what looked like the park.

Image Hello, this is-

On the other side of the phone was the detective with the cap – Rindge, I think his name was. He cut Bailey off.

Image Officer Bailey? Get the prisoners out of there!

Image Wait... Detective Rindge? What's going-

Image I don't have time to explain! Just get the prisoners to safety!

Image Wait... Safety?

Rindge hung up, and the connection was gone. Confused, Bailey put the phone down. On the other side of the room, the other guard turned around.

Image What was that?

Image I don't know... He told me to get the prisoners out of here.

Image What? He's not our boss. He can't order us to do that!

Image I don't know, he sounded pretty tense...

Image I think we should take the prisoners somewhere safe anyway. You know, out of precaution.

Image We're in a building specifically designed to hold criminals! How much "safer" are they going to get?

Image ...

After some thinking, Bailey got up from his chair, walked to the door, and left the room.

Image ... Damnit!

The other guard got out of his chair as well and ran after Bailey, his house of cards collapsing behind him.

Image (What was that all about?)
Image (Something big just happened, that's for sure. I should probably go and see what's going on at the park.)

The number from the park I had was different from the one detective Rindge had called from, and when I got there, I saw why; the phone the detective had used was a different one from the one I knew. This seemed to be another section of the park, somewhere away from the Temsik meteorite.
Detective Rindge was standing not too far away, shouting at some policemen. To the left somewhere, I could hear a voice that seemed to be coming from the Blue Detective talking to someone on the radio.

Image -get your men to the bridge! Maybe we can still settle things there!

Rindge looked at the skyline visible over the top of the trees.

Image Maybe we can still stop this...

Something was clearly going on... From the left, the Blue Detective rushed over to Rindge.

Image How are things over at your end?!

Image I called the prison, but I don't know if they'll actually do something...

Image Damnit! What a time for Inspector Cabanela to go missing!

I perked up.

Image ! (Cabanela's missing?)

Image Anyway! What did the Chief say?

Image He and his men just got to the power plant, but-

With that, he stopped. His face went whiter than Cabanela's coat as he stared at something in the distance. Detective Rindge turned around to see what he was looking at.

Then everything went black.

Spoiler: Thoughts
And that's part 2 done. I included that part about Yomiel asking to receive his full sentence as a little nod to another GT Fanfic (can't remember the name right now)where he does exactly that (not that this Fanfic is in any way related to that one, I just thought it was an interesting idea).

Spoiler: Thanks
Thanks to:
HotAndCold/AF For the rips

Takumi and his team for making what I believe to be the best story in gaming to date.

Serve the Story - that's one of my rules.
That wasn't an objection, honest! I was just pointing someone to the bus stop!
Re: Ghost Trick - Currently on HiatusTopic%20Title
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Story currently on hiatus. Check the top post for more info.
Serve the Story - that's one of my rules.
That wasn't an objection, honest! I was just pointing someone to the bus stop!
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