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Ace Attorney X Danganronpa game conceptTopic%20Title

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Ace Attorney X Danganronpa - Apollo Justice VS Monokuma!

Plot: Apollo Justice and Trucy Wright are trapped in an abandoned law school campus along with 16 students from Hope Peak's Academy. Their captor, the sadistic two-toned bear Monokuma, states only the student who gets away with murder will be allowed to leave. It's up to Apollo to make sure no gets falsely convicted.

Ace Attorney characters

Apollo Justice - A young prodigy lawyer with the power to perceive when someone is hiding the truth.

Trucy Wright - Phoenix Wright's adopted daughter. A young magician who recently inherited the secrets of Troupe Gramarye.

Danganronpa characters

Kyoko Kirigiri - A Hope's Peak alumni who survived one of Monokuma's previous "Mutual Killing Games". Her title is Ultimate Detective. She has a feeling the motivation behind this game is a bit different from the previous ones.

Monokuma - A robotic teddy bear operated by an AI with a sick sense of humor. Has an endless supply of backup bodies. Acts as the judge during trials and the executioner afterwards.

Original characters

Paul N. Destrings - The Ultimate Puppeteer. Comes from a different class than the other students. His grandfather created the original Mr. Hat for Troupe Gramarye. The defendant in the first trial.

Paul, like most members of his family, is an accomplished puppeteer. But his REAL Hope's Peak Title is Ultimate Prosecutor. Except for Kyoko and one other, Destrings holds the others students responsible for driving his girlfriend to committing suicide. When the law couldn't touch them, Destrings joined forces with Monokuma and set up the Mutual Killing Game. He lured in Kirigiri to make sure no one could get away with murder, Trucy so there would always be at least one witness who couldn't be corrupted and the 16th student is his unwitting accomplice. Apollo was an unexpected bonus.

Ultimate Attorney - A Hope's Peak freshman who hopes to follow in the footsteps of great attorneys like Mia Fey and Phoenix Wright. The defendant in the second-to-last trial.

Her older sister was Paul's girlfriend. Destrings had her write letters to the other students summoning them to the site of the Mutual Killing Game. She didn't know about the game. She thought Paul found a way to trick a confession out of the others. Before she met up with the rest of the group, Destrings had Monokuma erase her memories of her part in Destrings' plan.

Ultimate Model - A stuck up prissy girl who uses her good looks and skimpy outfits to get her way. The victim in the final chapter.

She and Paul's girlfriend were both in the running for Ultimate Model. To secure victory, she rounded up the other students and began a smear campaign against her rival. The poor girl was driven to suicide by their constant harassment and slander. Since none of them did anything illegal, the law couldn't touch them. Destrings then vowed to bring her and her cohorts to his own twisted brand of justice.

Other students include Ultimate Boxer, Ultimate Painter, Ultimate Stuffed Toy Collector, Ultimate Prankster and Ultimate Spirit Medium. There are 13 in all not including Paul, Kirigiri and the Ultimate Attorney.

The Prosecutor - A shadowy figure wearing a mask, a cloak and a sinister looking gauntlet. He seems to be the only person who can command respect from Monokuma. To keep the trails fair, he orders Monokuma NOT to tell him who the real killer is in each trial.

The Prosecutor is actually Paul N. Destrings in disguise. The "Paul" who appears with the other students during the trials is actually a hologram. During the final trial, after Apollo correctly deduces his secret, Destrings sheds the cloak and mask to reveal a proper prosecutor's uniform. His "gauntlet" is actually a prosthetic hand. Paul wears a normal looking prosthetic arm between trials.

Rules of the Mutual Killing Game(Original)

1. Only the one who kills another student and gets away with it will be allowed to leave.

2. An investigation will begin as soon as three or more students discover a dead classmate.

3. At the end of the trial, all surviving students will vote for the guilty party.

4. If they vote correctly, only the "Blackened" will be punished.

5. If they vote incorrectly, everyone except the "Blackened" will be punished.

The Prosecutor adds the following amendments.

6. Apollo Justice and Trucy Wright are off limits. If either of them die, all students will be immediately executed. They will be free to go at the end of the game regardless of what happens to anyone else.

7. Apollo Justice and Trucy Wright are barred from the main school building until there is a Body Discovery. Then they may freely explore the entire campus along with everyone else.

8. Before the trial begins, there will an initial vote to choose the defendant. If Apollo proves their innocence, they will enjoy the same "off limits" status as him until the end of the next trial.

9. To ensure a student who is off limits can't commit murder, they will join Apollo and Trucy in the gust house and remain there until another takes their place.

Game play would follow the basic Ace Attorney formula with a few differences.

- Like "Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright", Apollo will sometimes have to cross examine multiple witnesses at the same time.

- The Danganronpa minigames "Hangman's Gambit" and "Closing Argument" are used in each trial.

- After Apollo exposes the real killer, Monokuma executes them in a hilariously sadistic fashion.

Also, here's a little scene of what's going on outside the enclosed campus...

Ema Skye: Wright, Mr. Edgeworth? We have good news and bad news...

Phoenix Wright: What do you mean?

Ema Skye: Well, we DID manage to find another survivor of the "Mutual Killing Game" incident at Hope Peak's Academy.

Edgeworth: ...The bad news?

Dick Gumshoe: She's currently being held in an asylum for the criminally insane.
Truth will come to light.

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Re: Ace Attorney X Danganronpa game conceptTopic%20Title
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So you've got the writing all done,it seems. What about the technical aspects,though?
Edit:Oh,never mind. Didn't need see the concept part in the title
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