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Even though I've been writing for a while now, I only started trying my hand in writing fanfiction for this series. Only one fic so far, but I have ideas for more and I'll do those after I make progress on a Pokemon fic I'm currently writing.

I was originally going to wait until I write a couple more Ace Attorney fics to make this thread, but this story I think fits Valentines Day well, so I'm posting the link here lol. It’s focused on an established couple in Spirit of Justice. (hint: Dhurke and his significant other). The summary and warnings gives out some heavy Spirit of Justice spoilers and some suggestive material, so I'm putting that under spoilers.

Spoiler: AA6 spoilers
Title: Dancing With Butterflies and Dragons
Rating: M
Characters: Amara, Dhurke, Nahyuta, Datz, Ga'ran, Inga, Apollo, Rayfa (Pairing Dhurke/Amara)
Wordcount: 13,500 (completed)
Summary: For a while, Amara believed that her husband had attempted to assassinate her. After Dhurke manages to rescue her, they go in hiding with Amara growing to love and trust him again. Their happiness is short lived, but many years later Amara makes sure his legacy shall be remembered.

Amara and Dhurke's relationship interests me, and, well, I came up with this "behind the scenes" piece that then got waaaay out of hand. I should warn that there are AA6 spoilers, one sex scene, pregnancy (and childbirth), and some instances of PTSD. Yes, the story is on the passionate side, hence the high rating, though I try to keep that scene as tasteful as possible (hope this is okay mods since I checked and seems it's fine that suggestive material are linked). Otherwise, happy Valentines Day, lol.

Dancing with Butterflies and Dragons over at AO3.

Tumblr | FFnet | AO3
Dancing With Butterflies and Dragons (aa6 spoilers, some suggestive content and other warnings)
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