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A Sleepover And A Realization - Sebastian/KayTopic%20Title
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Title: A Sleepover And A Realization
Author: JoyTheBoi (me)
Rating: Teen and up audiences (includes implied past abuse and trauma)
Genre: Romance
Status: Completed
Pairing: Kay Faraday/Sebastian Debeste
Summary: Kay, realizing her feelings for Sebastian, invites him over to her house. After Sebastian realizes his own feelings, he gets some advice, and he decides to make this date be as good as can be.

I'm not very experienced with fanfiction yet, and this was done fairly quickly, so excuse me for the amateurish writing. I'm also not a big fan of fancy prose, so don't prepare yourself for the most immersive or highly decorated experience either, since with my writing style I just like to get to the point.


Spoiler: Chapter 1: Kay's Tangent
The date is July 4th, 2019. It's been approximately 3 months since the trial against Blaise Debeste, in which Sebastian Debeste not only prosecuted but as his son provided as much testimony and evidence as he could. Promptly, Blaise landed straight in jail. No longer could he outrun the law. Sebastian has been working alongside his new mentor, Miles Edgeworth, in some cases for a while now, and he's gotten pretty close to him. But there's someone who's gotten even closer to him; The Great Thief Yatagarasu: Kay Faraday.

The young thief has assisted Edgeworth for a few months now, and in that time she's gotten to interact with Sebastian more than she honestly thought she would. And, she loves it.

When she first met him, he was annoying and overly confident, despite not being knowledgeable at all. It turned out that his father bought him all the praise he ever received, and never once bothered to educate him correctly, criticizing him for his stupidity as opposed to helping him learn. However, when Edgeworth took him under his wing, swearing to correct him in the right way, teaching him how to be a better prosecutor, Sebastian would change. And Kay noticed.

Today, we find the young thief in the High Prosecutor's Office. She's sitting on top of the desk where Edgeworth is filing some paperwork, going on one of her tangents.

“He's just so cool now!”, she exclaims. “He's not the dumb jerk he was before, he's changed! He's gotten so much more confident, and bold! He's been making me laugh whenever we go investigate.”

“Mhm. Continue…”, prompts Edgeworth. He's listening, but not quite as attentive as usual. Both because he's busy with paperwork and because he's used to Kay's tangent. “Now comes the part where she compliments his deduction skills”, he thinks to himself, knowing Kay's speeches well enough by now.

“He's also surprisingly good at deduction now, as opposed to his ridiculous theories from before”, she continues, as Edgeworth grins.

“And now I notice he's even physically different”, Kay remarks, which makes Edgeworth take a break from his paperwork. That's one remark he hadn't heard before. “He looks much more mature, and… cuter.”

“Cuter?” Edgeworth asks, raising an eyebrow at her.

“I-It's not like that, Mr. Edgeworth…”

“Really? Because you didn't say cute, you said cuter. As if… Implying you already thought him cute before.”


“You see Kay, I have you cornered. For a good while now you've come to my office or waited until only I could hear you to go on long speeches about how great you think Debeste is. I deduce that… you like him. As perhaps more than friends.”

“GAH!” she screams, hiding her reddening face behind her hands.

“Heh, checkmate.”

“I… I like him?” she mumbles, the sound muffled by her hands.

“It would seem even you were unaware of your own feelings.”

“I… like him.” She took her hands off of her face, jumping away from the desk. She had a look of shock. Quickly, Edgeworth saw as it turned into slight dread, right before she screamed “DANG IT, NOOOO! WHY HIM?!”

Now that was unexpected. “Is everything alright?” he worriedly inquires.

“Why Sebastian of all people?!” Kay sorrows. She began walking around the room, deep in thought and worried.

“Not like you really have a lot of options, really.”

“I-I guess, but…”

“I know it's not my decision to make, but if there's anyone I could choose for you to be with, it'd be Sebastian. He's the best kid I know.”

“Hehehe. Debeste kid”, she giggles to herself.

“No pun intended, of course.” Edgeworth clarifies.

“I wouldn't expect you to intend a pun anyway. You're no fun”, she teases, crossing her arms.

“...I'll have you know I have a great sense of humor.”

“Where did you put it? I'll help you steal it back!”

“Nghooo… Good one- Wait, don't change the conversation!”

“It seems my attempt at stealing back the conversation has been foiled. A loss for the Yatagarasu.”

Edgeworth just sits there, pondering how he ever got into this situation. “A-Anyways. Now that you know you like Sebastian, what do you plan to do?”

“I don't know. I'm… Not prepared”, Kay laments, sitting down. “Whenever I thought about liking someone… I don't know, I thought it'd be like in the movies. That one day I'd find some sort of blue knight coming to my aid, it'd be love at first sight, and that it'd be so obvious and not… complicated. Not… Sebastian. And I like Sebastian, I'm just… confused. And kind of scared. What if he doesn't like me back, and I just mess it up? What do I do then, Mr. Edgeworth…?”

“Kay,” Edgeworth calls out, getting up from his chair to comfort her. “I don't know, pretty much anything about this topic, but all I know it's… it'll never be simple.” As he talks, he walks up to her, until he's standing in front of her, looking down. “How you handle your feelings is up to you. But… If you decide that you want to take action, you should do it before it's too late.”

Kay doesn't say a word, instead reaching out her arm for Edgeworth to help her get up, which he promptly does. However, unexpectedly, she gives him a hug. Edgeworth simply freezes, not used to this. She ends the hug, opening the door and stepping out. “I have to think about some stuff. Thank you, Mr. Edgeworth. And, please do not tell Sebastian, under absolutely NO circumstances.” She closes the door.

Edgeworth feels proud to have seemingly helped her. Although there's one thing he regrets saying. “Before it's too late.” Perhaps he was mongering unnecessary fear. After all, no offense, but… he doubts Sebastian's gonna have anyone else chasing after him in a while. Anyways, where was he? Oh yes, he has paperwork to fill out.

Spoiler: Chapter 2: A Cordial Invitation
It's a sunny morning on June 5th, 2019. A young man is sleeping on his bed. He seems very at peace. Nightmares that had haunted his dreams for a while are happening less often. His peaceful sleep is however interrupted by a knock on his window. He opens up his eyes and, still sleepy, sits up to look at his window. As soon as he does he sees a figure standing there, which makes him stumble back in fear, falling off his bed.

“Wh-Who are you?!” he screams!

“Uh-oh, that did not go how I expected it…” says the figure. The voice was young and feminine, and Sebastian recognized it. Upon looking at the window better, he realized who it was. That ponytail, that flowing scarf, they could only belong to…

“It's Kay!” answers the figure. “May I come in?”

“S-Sure…” he responds while getting up. “I'll just go unlock the-”

Before Sebastian is done with his sentence, Kay's already opened up his window and entered through.


“Doors aren't my style, hehe.”

“But um… Why exactly are you here?”

“Wellllll…” Kay clasps her hands together, bashfully looking away… “I was wondering if you'd like to… come over to my house?” She could feel her cheeks getting redder. It was the very first time she had invited someone over, or even just asked someone out in general. She hadn't felt this way before, ever.

“I-I'd like that! But um… Do you have anything planned?”, asked Sebastian. Kay had just realized she forgot a very important step in inviting someone over: The plan. She had no idea what Sebastian would be interested in. “Uhhhhh…” She looked around his room to find something he might be into. However, instead, she found something… sad. The room was pretty barebones. All the decoration in it was either extremely basic or something only his father would’ve liked. It’s not like they didn’t have money either. Prosecuting pays very highly, and Sebastian’s father used to be the Chief Prosecutor. Not only that, but he could afford to have and maintain a motorcycle. Did Sebastian’s father never agree to buy him anything relating to his interests? Or did Sebastian himself simply feel too frightened to ask?

“It’s pretty boring, isn’t it?” says Sebastian.


“My room, I mean. I noticed you looking around.”, he adds. “I’ve been saving up to get a bunch of decorations at once instead of buying them all individually. That way I can plan exactly where to put each one when I’m done to maximize the awesomeness of my room.”

“That’s… Odd, but clever!” Kay giggles. “It’s just like you.”

“Heh, I suppose.”

“So… How have you been living?”

“...By breathing?” Sebastian answers, very confused.

Kay snickers. “I meant your living conditions. Who’s taking care of you, and cooking, and all that?”

“Oh, that’s all me!” Sebastian responded enthusiastically.

Kay let out a gasp. “WHAT?!”

“Whenever I need the help of a legal adult, Justine and Mr. Edgeworth are more than willing to help, but most of the time I just have to take care of myself. I’m almost 18 anyways, soon I won’t really even need that. I’ve learned to live alone during these months, and I even enveloped a love for cooking!”

“I think you meant to say ‘developed’ there.”, she corrected him.

“Oh, thanks!”

“Of course. So, what do you like to cook?” she inquires. She had a feeling this conversation would go on for a little while longer, so she made herself comfortable; She took off her boots and laid on his bed.

“I've actually learned that vegetables can be very tasty if cooked right! Especially broccoli. Let me tell you about what I've learned.” He began pacing back and forth across the pretty spacious room. "You cut off the stem of the broccoli, but you try and cut it right before where the crown starts. The crown would be the part that looks like leaves on a tree, by the way. So…”

Sebastian continues to ramble on and on about preparing broccoli, which eventually becomes a discussion on cooking vegetables that then connects to just a conversation about all that he likes to cook. And this moment, that would appear so insignificant to anyone besides Kay, made her so happy. Sebastian was rambling about something he loved, something he found out for himself, and that he taught himself how to do, and it felt like the cutest thing. Kay had never been so enthralled in a conversation about vegetables. Whenever it seemed appropriate, she'd ask follow-up questions just to hear him talk more… And well, also because he was the only one who could make her be so genuinely interested in a topic like this.

Eventually, he got tired of walking around, so he laid next to Kay. He turned around to look at her, and that's when he noticed… something. Those green eyes, that innocent slight smile, and the faint blush on her cheeks… It all suddenly seems so… cute. He was viewing Kay in a way he hadn't seen before.

“Sebastian?" she asks. "Are you okay? Your face is a bit red.”

He rapidly sits up, altered. “Y-Yeah! Uhhhh, so what were those plans y-you were talking about? The uhh ones you umm, came in here for?”

“Oh right! I almost forgot. To be entirely honest, I didn't really have any plans. Perhaps we could go for something simple, like watching a movie!” she suggests.

“Right! A movie! Sounds perfect! When will it be?” His voice was still shaky. He's still processing his thoughts.

"Later tonight! That's why I came by so early! Does 7 PM-8 PM sound good for you?"

"YEP! I'll see you thennnnn I guess."

"See ya!" Kay sits up as well, and right before she leaves, she gives Sebastian a hug. He hugs back, and it feels different. Warmer. And then, she leaves. Through his window.


And now, he as well has to deal with his feelings. And, just like Kay, there’s only one person he knows to search for when in need of guidance.

Spoiler: Chapter 3: The Sleepover
Edgeworth’s at the High Prosecutor’s Office, conversing with a defense attorney about a new case. Suddenly, he hears a knock on the door. “Excuse me, Ray.” he apologizes to the attorney. “You may come in.” The door opens, and it’s none other than Sebastian.

“Ay, Sebastian!” says the defense attorney, Ray Shields. “What brings you here?”

“Mr. Edgeworth… I need advice” he explains.

“Is it for a new case?” Edgeworth inquires.

“No… It’s about love.”

Had Edgeworth been drinking anything, he would’ve spat it out. “L-Love?” He grew worried. This could be either amazing news for Kay… Or horrible ones.

“It’s… About Kay. I think I like her??”

Edgeworth sighs in relief. “Well, Sebastian, I have good n--”. He remembered something. He had promised Kay that, no matter what, he wouldn’t tell Sebastian. And, well, Kay wasn’t there to tell him if this should be an exception. So, he decides to play it safe. “Erm, never mind. What do you need help with, exactly?”

“I don’t know!!” he cries out. “She invited me to her house this morning. We agreed I’d go there at around 7 PM-8 PM, but… I don’t know what to do when I get there?!”

“Well…” Ray meddles in. “How do you plan to get there?”

Sebastian looks at Ray with a confused glare. “...By foot?”

“Firstly, that’s the lamest way in which you could ever arrive at a girl’s house. Secondly, do you know where she lives, and if it’s far enough to make it on foot without being exhausted for the entire day?”

“...Ah!” Sebastian realizes. “She never told me where it is she lives!”

Edgeworth crosses his arms. “So she invited you to her house without telling you where it is? ...That’s just like Kay.”

“Oh no, what do I do?!”

Ray shrugs. “Just text her and ask her for the address.”

“Got it, sir!”, he complies, pulling out his phone.

“Wait! I know what could make your little playdate even better. Ask to have a sleepover instead of just a hangout. That way you can spend the entire day together.”

“You mustn’t meddle in this, they have their plans,” Edgeworth commands.

“I’m just helping the kid out, Uncle Ray fashion. Do you have any romantic advice you can give, Miles?”

“…I know love can be hard to deal with. Luckily, Sebastian’s already allowed himself to be more open emotionally instead of just focusing on perfection, unlike I did years ago. Whereas once I would classify any feelings that got in my way as ‘unnecessary’, now I get that it’s all just part of being human.”

Ray stares, shocked at the wisdom Miles just imparted. “That’s… Really good advice. But, how’s it supposed to help the kid?”

“Mr. Shields, it worked!” Sebastian cheers. “I have her address, and she agreed to make it a sleepover!”

“See?” Ray looks at Edgeworth. “I told ya it’d work.”

“She also lives close, so I won’t have to use a car.”

“So you’re just gonna get there on foot?” Ray asks condescendingly.

Sebastian frowns. “Is that so bad? I don’t have anyone to drive me there.”

“It’d be even worse if someone had to drive you there. What would really impress her is if you drove there all on your own.”

“I don’t have a license, though…”

“We could probably get you a learner’s permit by today-”

Edgeworth slams his desk. “No, we could not!”

“Fiiiine. Kay doesn't seem like the girl who'd want to be impressed like that anyways.” he chuckles.

Edgeworth only thinks to himself "Then why did you suggest it?!"

"I just hope everything goes well", Sebastian wishes.

"I'm sure it will, Sebastian. You're a good kid.", Miles calmly reassures him

"Thanks, Mr. Edgeworth."

"Oh and, get her a gift. You don't have to buy anything, something you make yourself or that is special to you is likely to be more appreciated, but if you would like to buy her something, I'm willing to lend you some money."

"You'd do that for me?"

"Of course."

"You truly are the best mentor I could ask for", Sebastian nearly weeps.

And so, not too long later, Sebastian left. Now all that was left was to wait until the time came. And it did.

It's now 7:21 PM. Sebastian holds a pretty costly bouquet of flowers in one hand and a small plastic tray on the other as he stands in front of the door of Kay's house. He takes a deep breath and exhales. He knocks on the door. Before Kay answers, he realizes that this couldn't be just Kay's house. That would imply she's been living alone since she was 10. He'll be sure to ask her later.

Kay opens the door. She's wearing a pink pair of shorts; the ones she usually wears underneath her skirt. Along with that, she's wearing a blue blouse with a few white horizontal stripes. Her hair's tied up in a ponytail, but it's a much more casual ponytail than usual, since this one is just tied up with a bow, as opposed to her usual finger-trap-looking thing and the key she has on her hair. As soon as she opens the door, she gasps, looking at what Sebastian holds on his right hand. "Wh-who's that bouquet for?", she asks, mesmerized.

"I-It's for you", Sebastian says, looking away in embarrassment.

Her face flushed deeply. Where was this coming from? A bouquet? For a sleepover? She barely knew what to say, and she immediately began to overthink things.

"I-It's a thank you gift!" he explained, noticing Kay's confusion. "For inviting me over. Nobody's ever invited me for a sleepover."

"Oh!" Kay exclaimed. Although that cleared things up, she was disappointed that it was just a thank you gift. I mean, it's not just a thank you gift, but she doesn't know that. She takes the bouquet, and before she can say thanks, she notices the tray in his other hand. "Ooh, what's that?"

"Ah, these are Ultimate Sautéed Vegetables! Still hot. I thought they'd be some nice dinner to eat as we watch that movie."

"That's so thoughtful!", she thanks him. Placing the bouquet on a nearby table, she frees her hands up and takes the plastic tray. And that's when she notices his attire. A red sweater vest over a white, long-sleeved, button-up shirt and long dark pants. He's also carrying a small duffel bag where she assumed he's carrying things for the sleepover. He even has those fancy stiff shoes. Wait. WAIT.


Sebastian could feel his face reddening. However, if it's because of the compliment or the embarrassment of being called adorable was something he didn't know. "Thanks!", he chuckled.

Kay finally moved away from the doorway and into the house, letting Sebastian come in. It's a really nice and spacious house. "Oh yeah,-" Sebastian remembered. "-Whose house is this?"

"It's my uncle and aunt's. My mom's family", she explains. "They go out a lot though, so I often have the place for myself. They just went out for about 3 days, starting today. It's why I got to invite you over in the first place!"

"Interesting… How much longer do you plan on living with them?"

"I'll leave the second I turn 18. Nothing against my uncle and aunt, but a thief needs her freedom. No idea where I'll live, though. I planned on being a nomad, but… I actually like being where I am. I'm close to the people I love."

"Yeah, I'd miss you…", Sebastian admits, not even thinking before he said that.

"Aw. Thanks, Seb." She could feel her cheeks getting redder. "So, about this movie, do you know what we're gonna watch?"

"No idea. Do you have anything planned?"

"Absolutely! We're gonna watch 'Pink Princess: The Movie'!"

Sebastian went starry-eyed. "Pink Princess?! The Steel Samurai's wife and Iron Infant's mother?!", Sebastian gushed.

"You seem to know quite a bit about the Pink Princess."

"Erm… I just know because it was relevant to a case!"

"If you say so!", she teases. "Now c'mon, let's watch it."

Kay sits down on the couch, patting the spot next to her for Sebastian to do the same, which he does. She turns the TV on and plays the movie. As the opening logos roll, she pulls out the tray with the Ultimate Sautéed Vegetables in it. After all, Sebastian did say they were meant to be eaten during the movie. She unwraps the previously plastic-wrapped fork that was in the tray and takes a bite of the dish. Sebastian was sweating bullets. He began to overthink. What if she had allergies he didn't know about? What if she hates the dish? What if he cooked so badly it gives her food poisoning? But it's too late now. All that's left is to wait. Kay gasps. "This… is… SO. GOOD!!!!!", she shouts. She rapidly begins to dig in, eating as much of it as she can in as little time as possible.

"Slow down, you're gonna get hiccups", he chuckles.

Knowing Kay enjoyed the food he made not only relieved him, but it made him feel… warm. That dish was special. It was something he had made with so much love, made for her. And knowing she enjoyed something he created made him so proud. Out of all people, Kay enjoying a creation of his was what could boost his confidence the most. And it felt like, if Kay ever needed it, he could always provide for her. But at the end of the day, it's just a dish.

Now the movie's started. It's a movie filled with thrill, action, drama, and fun for the whole family. Some parts of the movie are so cheesy they're fun to poke fun at, which Kay and Seb do. They spend the entire movie laughing at/with it, but most importantly, laughing with each other. Then, a scene with the Steel Samurai and the Pink Princess plays. A romantic one. Kay thinks to herself that she has to make a move. Slowly, she reaches for his hand… and takes it. And Sebastian reciprocates the gesture. And now they're both just… there. But it's a nice kind of 'just there.' Seeing this work, Kay goes a little bit further and rests her head on his shoulder.

Sebastian’s face is a new shade of red. Is Kay doing this on purpose? Does she know these are romantic gestures? He begins to suspect that Kay maybe doesn’t know the meaning of what she’s doing, or that he’s overthinking it and that Kay’s just cuddling platonically. Is that a thing? Probably. He wants to tell her, but she seems so happy, and he’s happy too, so maybe he shouldn’t interrupt this. Let’s see… What do people do in movies when this happens? Oh yeah, they put their arm around the girl? Sebastian lets go of her hand, instead wrapping his arm around her. Kay keeps her cool externally, but internally she’s squealing loud enough to shatter ears. This is going GREAT, she thinks.

The movie went on for another half hour in which Sebastian and Kay never moved an inch. When the movie was over, neither of them wanted to be the one to get up. “…What a good movie!” says Sebastian to break the ice. “Oh yeah,” Kay responds. “The movie. Uhh yeah it was good.” In reality, Kay had not been paying attention to anything other than Sebastian for a good while. After a few more seconds of awkward silence, Kay gets off of the couch. “Anyways, we should probably prepare for the actual sleeping part of the sleepover.”

Sebastian had for a moment forgotten they’d be having a sleepover. “Oh yeah! I’ll go to the bathroom and change.”

“Alright, I’ll be changing in my bedroom, I’ll be waiting for ya when I’m done!”

Sebastian looks puzzled. “Oh, you have a spare mattress?”


“…I didn’t bring one.”

“I wasn’t expecting you to”, she chuckled.

“So, where do I sleep?”

“Sebastian, think about it. If it’s not a spare mattress, and it’s my room, where do you think?”

“Ohhh! You have two beds!”

She sighs. “Just go change, I’ll explain it to you when you get there.”


Sebastian changed into a white shirt and pajama pants with polka dots. He inhales deeply, thinking about how this is going pretty well, and that he might actually not be messing up this date. Then he exhales, preparing to go to Kay's room. He steps out of the bathroom and walks up to a nearby room's door. While she never told him what room it was, a paper stapled to the door that reads "Yatagarasu's Lair: Knock before entering" is quite the clue. Following the sign's instructions, he knocks on the door.

The door opens, but only slightly, still left ajar. "Who dares enter the Yatagarasu's lair?", a voice calls out. It's really just Kay making a growly voice.

Sebastian chuckles. Kay can be so silly in the cutest way possible. He had already thought of how much he liked her silliness, but now that he sees her with new eyes he realizes just how much he enjoys her antics. And so, he plays along. "None but the best prosecutor, Sebastian Debeste! I have been called here by you for a special meeting!"

"A special meeting, hmm?~" she teases. "You may come in!" She opens the door fully, revealing her night attire: A black tank top with the words "Night Time is Crime Time" on it, a pair of grey pajama shorts, and a lack of a ponytail. In fact, this is one of the only times Sebastian had seen Kay with her hair loose. He'd seen her once before, back when she had lost her memories. However, now he got a chance to really look at her, with no bandages or lack of memories. And… Boy is she pretty.

"...Sebastian? Something wrong?", Kay inquires.

"Gah! Was I staring?! I'm so sorry!"

"Calm down, Seb, it's alright! Now, come in."

Sebastian comes in and notices that there is only one bed. "Where am I gonna sleep?"

Kay sits down on the bed and pats the spot next to her. "With me!"

Sebastian takes a second to think about that. "Wh-What-? Wait…"

"It's just sleeping, Seb. I don't bite, you can trust me." There was such a warmth to her voice. Sebastian really felt like he could just be safe with her.

"A-Alright! I'll join you."

"Yay!", Kay cheers.

Sebastian sits next to Kay, and they both begin to lie down and get comfortable in bed until they're both comfortably tucked under the sheets. Sebastian has never been more nervous, but he does his best to try and sleep anyways. 30 minutes later, which is about 20 minutes after Kay, he finally manages to sleep.

This doesn't last long, however.

You see, Sebastian was prone to nightmares. Lately, they had dwindled down. However, he forgot that going to sleep while nervous, scared, sad, or generally just having a strong feeling of negativity in his mind made the chances of getting nightmares way higher. And it happened.

A pitch dark void of nothingness is interrupted by flames sprouting from beneath. From the flames, a shadowy silhouette rises. It can be distinguished by its wavy hair and tall figure. It opens its eyes and gives a big, toothy grin, both of which are the only things fully visible, as the rest of the figure is shrouded in shade. It begins to chuckle, which turns into a mocking cackle.

"Sebastian, you won't be safe from me no matter where you go." The figure's voice was deep and raspy. "You'll disappear, just like the rest. Just like your mother." The figure stretches out its hand allowing fire to sprout from it.

"Leave me alone! I've grown! You can't hurt me anymore!"

"Once an idiot, always an idiot. Here, you CAN'T HIDE FROM ME!"

The creature begins to walk up to Sebastian, who tries to run away. However, before he can, he's surrounded by fire. Sebastian tries to find an exit, and as soon as he tries to even move, he sinks into the ground, on a pool of oil.


He looks up, and there's the figure, fire in hand.


"Sebastian!", a louder pitched voice called out. As soon as he hears that, the entire thing comes to a halt. The fire is put out quickly, and the silhouette of his father is just standing there. "Sebastian! Seb!"

The voice becomes louder, and louder, and louder.


Suddenly, Sebastian's eyes open, and he's immediately greeted by a scared Kay on top of him. The fear in her face soon changes to relief. "Oh my God, Sebastian, you're awake!" Kay had been woken up by Sebastian's kicks and noises that implied discomfort.

Sebastian has never been happier to see Kay. He immediately gives her a hug and breaks down into tears. And it's not just tears, he's sobbing, letting it all out. Kay hugs back. Tight. She's not exactly sure what's happening, but she knows he's hurting.

"K-KAY-KAY!", he cries. The constant crying and sniffling don't let him speak correctly, but he tries his best. "My-My Pops, h-hhhe won't- leave me alone- not even, i-i-in dreams!"

So that's what was happening. "Your dad's in jail now, he can't hurt you."

"I-I know that! But this felt- it felt s-ssso real! Just like before! He was gonna h-h-hURT ME!"

Kay continues to be the best shoulder to cry on she can. "It's just a nightmare, you're awake now. Nobody can hurt you here, it's okay, I promise."

Sebastian seems to be calmed down by Kay's reassuring words. "Th-Thank you."

A few minutes later, Sebastian's finally calmed down enough to speak. "I had a nightmare… About my father. He was trying to kill me. He wanted to hurt me again. But… you woke me up just in time. You saved me."

"Sebastian, I'm so sorry that happened, especially tonight."

"I-It's alright. It all happened because I fell asleep while I was nervous."

"Nervous? About what?"

He breaks the hug to sit down. "About sleeping here. I got all fluttered. Erm, flustered."

"Oh, sorry if you felt like I was forcing this, I didn't mean to-"

"It's not that, I just… It's because you're you. Sure, I'd be nervous in anyone else's house, but you're special."

Kay's cheeks turn red. "I'm special? Wh-What does that mean?"

"I… I like you, Kay! I had not realized until today, but I do! And I don't understand my feelings, or my reasons, or how you'll react, but I do! And it's dumb…"

"Sebastian, I'm SO HAPPY!"

Sebastian looked at her confused. He was expecting heartbreak, but this… baffled him.

"I only realized it yesterday - That I liked you as well."

"R-Really?!", he exclaims, almost crying tears of joy. "Is that why you invited me here?!"

"Yeah!! Although I thought it'd just be a chance to hang out, I never expected it'd go this well!"

"Kay, I'm so happy. I promise you, I'll treat you the best way I can!"

They resume their hug, filled with much more positive energy than before.

"Sebastian…" Kay takes his hand and leans out of the hug.


If there's one thing the Yatagarasu is known for, it's thievery. Kay knows a lot about stealing, and she knows how to apply her knowledge. And with that theft knowledge, she stole a kiss. It was only fair; After all, he'd stolen her heart.

And so, after some cuddling and happy times, they both fell asleep again. Sebastian slept clinging on to Kay, hugging her softly. He didn't fear nightmares anymore. He didn't have to; After all, his nervousness had faded to joy. And even then, he knew that if a nightmare approached, he had someone there to keep him safe.

The next morning…

Edgeworth finds himself driving to Kay's house. Sebastian had told him to go pick him up in the morning when the sleepover was done. He stands in front of the house, and before he knocks on the door, he looks through the window to make sure they're there. And so he sees it. There they are, snuggled up in a blanket, cuddling in a non-platonic manner. Edgeworth wouldn't dare interrupt this. So, he has a plan.

Sebastian and Kay hear a knock on the door and a car driving away. "Oh, that must be Mr. Edgeworth. I'm sorry, Kay, I have to leave now."

"Oh…" Kay whimpered. "Alright. I'll visit you whenever I can, okay?"

"I'll be waiting."

Kay gives him a kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you later."

Sebastian opens the door but only finds a note on the floor. He picks it up and reads it aloud. "On second thought, perhaps you should stay here for another while. If you'd like anything from me, give me a call. Congratulations to you both. Signed: Edgeworth."

"It seems we'll be spending more time together, then!"

"It seems we will!"

An enforcer of the law and a breaker of the law. Who would've thought? And although they weren't quite sure what to call it yet, they were happy together. They were safe together. That's all that matters. That's where this story ends, and a relationship begins.


I hope you guys liked this! I'm open to constructive criticism and any comments regarding this. It was very fun to write!
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