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Cross-Platform Spriting/3D Competition — January '22Topic%20Title
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/ K E E P I N GㅤI TㅤH A U T E /

Welcome back!

This is my first time hosting, so hello hello everyone involved, and happy new year! I hope you’re having a wonderful day, week, etc. Apologies for the delay on this round!

This round I wanted to bring our sprites to the ~runway~ and give some couture to culture, while keeping it reasonably free. It’s open to all skill levels, so don’t be afraid to join in on the fun!
The winner gets the lovely opportunity to host the next round and selects the theme.

The theme is creating an original character with an outfit inspired by the runway, whether it be high fashion or stylish streetwear.

/ E N T R I E S /

Spoiler: SuperAj3

Spoiler: RULES

    You are required to create a new sprite of your own original character, created solely for this competition (or previously unpublished). This can be crafted in any style, be it Trilogy, HD, Investigations or 3D modelled.
    Please do not enter pre-existing characters from video games or other media. These should be your own original characters.
    While not required, a description of your character including name, age and backstory can be submitted in tandem with your sprites.
    At minimum, you must enter at least one static sprite/render but are able to submit a full sprite sheet, animated gifs, or 3D model files. Please upload your entries and link them either here or in the #court-records discord. For 3D modellers, if you plan to submit your 3D model, please also submit a render so viewers can see your character without 3D modelling software.


    For C-R Members: Post your sprite to this thread.
    For Discord Members: Post your sprite to the #court-records channel over on the discord.
    For AAO Members: Post your sprite to the AAO entry thread.


    Entries will be open from the time of this post and close on February 28th 2022.
    Extensions for users can be granted up to 24 hours to combat time zone differences and issues with uploading.
    Voting will then commence from March 1st to March 15th.

Link to the AAO thread: Here
Link to the AA discord: Here

~ Mar '15, May '15, Aug '15, Dec '15, Mar '16, May '16, Jul '16, Nov '16, Feb '17, Jun '17, Aug '17, Nov '17, Feb '18, Apr '18, June '18, Nov '18, Dec '20, Apr '21, Jun '21 ~

    Each month a new topic will be picked (by the previous month's winner).
    To enter, just post your entry here.
    Stick to the theme! (This one's obvious), but make sure you enter something relevant to the theme picked.
    ONE entry per person. You can submit one character/sprite design and it can be as little as a single frame, or as large as a full set! Up to you
    NO USING OTHER FAN SPRITES. Even with permission, we want to see your own creative works. Editing official sprites is OK though.
    Be creative! Simple recolors are not allowed. At least 2 character sprites edited together with a unique color palette counts as an original sprite. Also drawing custom outfits/costumes from scratch for existing sprites is also acceptable.

Image Image
(Custom drawn costume, or a splice of 2 or more official characters, with a unique palette)

Image Image
(Basic recolor of official sprite, or minimal editing of official sprites)

    Please create an entirely new sprite for the competition. If you made a character you think really suits the theme, then you can still edit that sprite into a new one for the competition.
    Both AA and AAI styled sprites are acceptable, except if the task specifies one or the other.
    You get 2 weeks to vote after submissions close. This way people have time to look at the entries and vote.
    Voting will be done after submissions have closed and, as CR has no polling system, all you need to do is post a comment saying your favorite.
    You can vote for 2 of your favorite choices.
    You are NOT allowed to vote for yourself.
    You can use sprites/characters/poses from any RELEASED Ace Attorney game. Try to follow official Court-Records spoiler rules.
    You can edit your sprite and resubmit it as many times before the cut off date (preferably by editing your original entry post). These can only be minor edits to your existing entry though like fixing some messiness, anatomy, or adding new poses. No brand new characters or 'second-chance' attempts that you've made. Have confidence in the first entry you make!

    Make sure you pick a topic that hasn't been done before (Unless it's been over a year since it's been done)
    Make sure you COPY the rules into your posts to notify everyone!
    Name your topic as "CR Spriting Competition! - Insert genre/topic here"
    You have creative freedom with selecting topics, provided the entries are in the AA style of sprites. Ideas like a 2 person team collab, or situations like "Twins" where 2 characters are in the 1 sprite are also allowed as potential topics.
    For clarity's sake, make a quick sprite as an example of what you're expecting from contestants, and post it in the OP)
    YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF COLLECTING VOTES! Unfortunately, CR doesn't have a polling system, and so votes will have to be through individual comments (to prevent people voting multiple times, we will stick to posting alone)
    Once the voting is closed, it is up to you announce the results (1st, 2nd and 3rd place), and the winner.
    You can take as long as you want to start up the next competition thread. If you don't want to be the one running it, you can let 2nd place be in charge.
    You CANNOT enter if you are hosting, but you can vote.
    If 2-4 entries receive equal votes, announce those who tied, and hold a tie breaker voting between those. If 5+ and/or every entrant ties, the host can pick the winner.
    If a tie breaker ends with another tie, all those tied win, and they decide the next host amongst themselves.
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