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Welcome to what is, honestly, probably just going to be a fangame dump thread for the foreseeable future. :oops:
I’m still kinda new at this, I only really started taking pixel-art all that seriously around late-ish summer when I started making sprites for Locks on the Heart. I’ve been putting off making this thread for a while, but by now I've made quite a bit and from the sound of it we’re getting kinda close to finishing LotH’s customs assets (though I’m sure we’ll find more to do once we start pulling everything together), so I figured it would probably be a good idea to start showing off some of the new sprites around now. I’ve also been working on and off on my own project that may or may not see the light of day at some point, so I’ve thrown a few of those sprites in here so it seems a little less empty.

Spoiler: LotH Sprites
Here a few of Nina Phan’s new sprites:
Image Image Image
And Oberon Sessler’s as well: Nicky Boy went through and helped with the anti-aliasing on these ones and I’m nowhere near his level yet in that regard, so that’s why they look so much cleaner overall.
Image Image Image
And here’s a small sample of the assets I put together for LotH’s iteration of the mood matrix:
Image Image
Image Image

Spoiler: Sprites for very mysterious other fan-project that nobody knows about, nope, nobody
I may or may not of put the witness stand there to hide the fact that I got lazy when shading a character who will never appear outside of the courtroom.
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