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WIP Godot/Diego Cosplay/Check-List/GuideTopic%20Title

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I'm planning on making myself a Godot (or Diego) cosplay. I don't have any specific event deadline, but will try to update this post whenever possible, may it be monthly or yearly.

Here, I'll be showcasing (at least 3 photos of each, if you want more just reply asking) each piece of cosplay whenever I get it, ranked by difficulty, and with a bit of my own thoughts on each one. This can be used as a guide/check-list if you're also cosplaying him. Here we go... :javado: :godot:

Low Tier

Earrings: a pair of magnetic ear loops worn on the left ear. Ordered 'em from eBay in the middle of April, came trough my country's sh*tty mail service the 1st of July :sadshoe: (It's only on the "Easy" category because I already got it).

Spoiler: Earrings

White/Black Tie: a plain, medium width, solid colour tie is cheap and easy to get. I don't suppose it'll be much of a problem. It's tied with a Half-Windsor knot.

** 07/07** Just finished ordering the white tie. I'll probably receive it 07/15.
** 07/11** Mail-man just passed by. I discovered it's not a perfectly white and solid tie, it has some sort of texture. Nonetheless, it's a good tie, and I'll be keeping it.


Middle Tier

Green/Red Dress Shirt: a plain coloured dress shirt with a spread collar (contrary to Wright's point collar) and black buttons. Problem here will be those weird, fluffy cuffs, that you'd only acquire on a silk dress shirt. No idea how I'll figure this out. :ron:

Brown Dress Pants: plain old brown dress pants. Dunno if they are held by suspenders or a belt, but it won't change much. Only on the "Normal" difficulty because they're not so cheap, and I'm a cheap f*ck.

No-lace Brown Dress Shoes: in the "Normal" category for the same reasons above. :will:

Plain White Mug: finding a plain white mug is proving itself to be harder than I thought. Personalized ones are much easier to find, because reasons. It seems I'll have to order one on the interwebz... :payne:

High Tier

Ring: Godot has a large/medium-width ring on his left hand. Believe it or not, finding a ring as simple as this for a reasonable price is driving me insane. Interwebz, here we go again... :payne:

Sleeve Garters: simply impossible to find in my country. Interwebz, I'm getting tired of this. :payne:

Hair: I REFUSE to use a wig because I've never seen one that looked actually good. I'm letting my hair grow for now, so length won't be a problem. Making it slicked back, spiky, puffy and good looking at the same time will be the real challenge. If going :godot: , I think I'll just use one of those water-removed quick sprays. Going platinum blonde and still being accepted by society as a male is really hard, ya know :ron:

God Tier

Waistcoat: I have two options here: tailoring a vest out of scratch or buying a brown waistcoat as a "blank", then patterning the hell out of it. Either one will be hard, because they'll either require copious amounts of $$$ (cheap f*ckiness), interwebz or both. Heck, this is gonna be tough. :payne:

Body Build: yes, you read that right. I know Political Correctness prohibits me from saying it, but here it comes: If you really want to publicly shame yourself, just go and cosplay a character that's out of your league. Please, use of common sense when cosplaying, people :ron: . Now, for this category, I'll just have to loose a few kilos, grow 12cm, start going out more so I can get tan, and acquire some muscles. This is really hard for me, because, besides from cheap, I'm also a lazy f*ck and not really out-going. The tan part will be a bit easier, since I'm genetically prone to get an easy tan. Thanks, DNA! :acro: No, not really, I still need to grow 12cm before I can really thank you. :ron:

:godot: - exclusive: Teh Visor of Doom: This is the reason I'm having Diego as a back-up. Those fancy cosplay materials like Wonderflex are hard to come by in my country, and are not really cheap. Besides, I'm not so good with these sorts of crafts and would hate if it came out looking bad and unrealistic. Thank God tutorials won't be a problem with this one.

As said before, you can use this as a guide/check-list for your own cosplay, since everything I could find/deduce about the clothes and accessories are here (if you spot an error, please tell me straight away). I don't know when the next update will be, nor if it will be frequent. That being said, bye!!! :godot: :javado:

(Wish me good luck. I'll need all there is.)
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