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Looking for a Clay Terran jacket.Topic%20Title

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First, a preface. First time posting, having a bit of a tough time figuring out all of the protocol, even with the "read first" posts. Mods, please feel free to move this post if I have chosen the wrong subforum to post in.

Hello everyone! I've recently finished DD and had mixed feelings about it. Beautiful looking game, love the streamlined feel of it when compared to the older titles, but far too simple and not incredibly well-written. Still, a very enjoyable game. However, what I didn't have mixed feelings about was Clay Terran's exceedingly badass jacket. The first time I saw it I knew I had to have one immediately. An online search gave me almost no results, except for the same poorly-made Chinese cosplay "shirt" on every site. I'd like to find one that I could conceivably wear on a regular basis and have it not look out of place, or like I'm trying too hard to pass off a cosplay jacket as a normal piece of clothing. Does anyone know where I can find one, have the skills to make one, or have he know-how to advise me on making my own? I'm sure if I found a blue jacket of similar styling I could find a way to add the various details, I would just need to know the easiest way of going about adding the arm stripes, etc. Please advise, and thank you all in advance! Looking forward to many years on this forum. :hobohodo:
Re: Looking for a Clay Terran jacket.Topic%20Title
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Allo! And welcome to Court Records! Don't worry, you posted just fine~

But yeah, I'm in the same boat as you. Me and my friend wanted to do a Pollo and Clay cosplay duo, with her being Clay, but the ones she finds online are much too expensive, and a lot of the sites don't JUST sell the coat, or, they are not the best of qualities.

But I share your feelings, the Jacket is just so dang gorgeous! They honestly need to be selling it around more. Unfortunately, I offered to sew my friend the jacket for her, so we stopped looking around for it, so i can't help in that regard, but perhaps you can do the same. I find hand made outfits always turn out best in terms of quality, since it will always have your standards. :redd:

But, if you can't sew, don't worry, the designs are simple enough on the jacket that you'll be able to pull it off. You can get a base navy blue jacket from a store, or even a thrift Store (a Cosplayers haven). The basic design for the coat is thankfully rather simple and much like regular clothing. And the other adornments, just visit your local fabrics store and purchase white and red and cut out the shapes and sew them to the jacket.
The only trickier part is that collar it's got going. I'd personally recommend getting a collar from a men's dress shirt, and upholstering it with appropriate coloured fabric and then sewing it on. You could also find a sturdy fabric instead of using a men's collar if you don't want to wreck a shirt, (Or buy a whole new one just to cut up).

Sorry if I rambled on, I hope I helped out in some way, and good luck! :apollo:
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