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Looking for female VA for Angela Light: Ace AttorneyTopic%20Title

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Reposting from Voice Acting Alliance:

Name: Angela Light
Age: 21
- Objection!
- Take that!
- Hold it!
- She should have a young adult’s voice, I don’t want her to sound like a teenager.
- She is a white woman with blonde hair, comes from California and studied for past 2 years in unspecified European country.
- When it comes to an accent, I’m generally open for anything commonly used by native English speakers (for the record, I’m not a one), preferably from US. Just don’t make it too noticeable (like some sort of stereotypical parody).
- You don’t have to shout, the sound effect I will add as a background sound will shout for you. But you have to sound clearly.
- Angela isn’t as loud and passionate as AA protagonists, so actually shouting as loud as you can is discouraged. She is more confident and haughty/swaggering and the emotion should be in the lines.
- For “Objection” and “Take that” you should sound like you were suddenly shouting “Surprise”, knowing that said surprise won’t be much pleasant for your opponent. But it will be for you. You know you have the answer and you are about to shove it in your opponent’s face. Among the two, “Objection” should be less confident/haughty/swaggering, as it is also used during arguments.
- “Hold it” is less confident/haughty/swaggering, and more annoyed or impatient. You don’t know the answer and you have to dig for more information. You can’t show off, you have to sort things out.
- Please keep in mind that while I want emotion, I still don’t want overacting. Don’t force yourself? I dunno :P

You can play my game here: ... 15&t=10014

Don't put the background shouting sound, I'll put it.
Re: Looking for female VA for Angela Light: Ace AttorneyTopic%20Title

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I'd like to try out for this. where should I send my voice files? I have them on my computer and wasn't sure where to upload them aside from via gmail. Can't wait to hear back from you. =3 - objection attempt - Desist (to stop) attempt just thought I'd throw it out there. - hurried hold it - a pointed take that - excuse me - wait - hang on - I'm...Okay. Don't worry Apollo, I'm not going to steal 'I'm Fine'. - Why is everyone on the prosecution a fop? (just for lols) - I object

Want me to try again just let me know!
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