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Cornered 2011 remaster version 2 (and others)Topic%20Title

Both boring and interesting.

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I was, to be frank, sorely disappointed with my remix that I posted on this forum around June after trying the same song out again using FL Studio around some time in July. Instead of finding MIDIs on the internet, I ripped the song straight out of the ROM and made it sound like the usual midi instead of a bunch of misarranged instruments and no percussion, which, for the people that aren't in the know, is the result you get after directly ripping music from a ROM then converting it to MIDI.

I feel that this one is a very well improved version over the past Cornered remaster. Used a mix of Timbres of Heaven (my favorite GM friendly soundfont), Chromium, and some Mixcraft styled soundfont I picked up years ago. The background distorted guitar uses the same patch as the one in-game; I could not find anything like it because the patch uses a chord, and 1. it would take more effort than I was willing to give at the time to make a patch myself, and 2. none of the soundfonts I had had quite as aggressive tones as the original patch did, therefore all I could do if I wished to do it was steal my cousin's guitar and amp, and without a car, and without the intent to commit a crime, that would be quite troublesome. ... -the-truth

As a bonus, I also have a Logic Chess remaster, but there is a looping error at 10:40 or somewhere around that. Don't know how I managed to let that slip by. :bellboy:

PS: I use the demo of FL Studio, because I have relatively little money :sadshoe: (no income/job), and I don't pirate. I.E. I can't save my projects, so for the most part I'm limited to "remasters" or, really, just anything that doesn't take more than 4 hours or so like adding some pizazz here and there or adding your own melodic instruments. I might try my hand at Apollo Justice music later. In fact, I already have AJ's courtroom prelude on my Soundcloud: ... e-attorney

Any comments/advice/criticism is/are accepted graciously. Thanks. :will:
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