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You don't know what to do?
But you are also an Ace Attorney fan?


So it's finally here the new random album made by iKiwed called "The Washing Machine"!
It's just some Ace Attorney music remixed with something else! With memes.
You'll find 25 awesome music composed and remixed with the best program ever used: Audacity!
Each music has it's own epic picture, which shows what will contain.
"Ryuunosuke" and "Spider-man"?"
"Athena" and "Master Chief"?
"Maya" and "Daft Punk"?
You'll find these and more in "The Washing Machine"!
So don't wait. Let it go, and move on! You will enjoy this low-quality Ace Attorney Remixed music.
And remember: I just make them for fun.

Click Below to watch the album.

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