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Steel Samurai - A VGM band from BaltimoreTopic%20Title
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Hi everyone! I play guitar in a band called Steel Samurai that took some inspiration from the Ace Attorney series. We put out a record online that has a medley of two tracks from the first game: Courtroom Lounge ~ Beginning Prelude, and Trial (along with a fitting track from an American law procedural :redd:) ... ice-system

We plan to have a new collection of songs out this summer, and, yes, it will include The Steel Samurai theme! We don't just play Ace Attorney songs, but I'm sure anyone who is into video game music in any way will enjoy some of our choices!

Thanks for checking it out! :maya:
Re: Steel Samurai - A VGM band from BaltimoreTopic%20Title

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This is good stuff man, really love the choice of song too - the lounge themes often get overlooked but they've got some of the best rhythm work and space in the soundtracks in my opinion. If you wanted any feedback, I'd suggest trying to get a bit more brightness in there either via mixing or maybe some of the keyboard tone choices, you've got a lot of bass tones so everything feels pretty heavy - which is maybe what you're going for anyway! If helpful, I thought the overall balance of high vs low freq stuff sounded best around the 2:12 mark. Anyway nice job!
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