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Hello. :edgeworth:

I made some "orchestra style" remixes from one of the best Ace Attorneys, that strangely didn't got an official translation.

It includes remixes of...

Investigation ~ Opening 2011
Investigation ~ Middlegame 2011
Investigation ~ Core 2011
Trick Analyze
Trick Break
Reproducing the Scene ~ The Gentleman Thief's Secret Weapon 2011
Confrontation ~ Moderato 2011
Controntation ~ Allegro 2011
Confrontation ~ Presto 2011
Logic Chess ~ Opening
Objection! 2011
Announce the Truth 2011
Pursuit ~ Wanting to Find the Truth
Raymond Shields ~ Joking Motive
Gregory Edgeworth ~ Defense Attorney’s Knowledge
Dane Gustavia ~ Brandished Flavor
Sebastian Debeste ~ First-Class Farewell
The Great Monster Moozilla
The Man Who Masterminds The Game
Reminiscince ~ IS-7 Incident
Reminiscince ~ The Girl's Lost Memories
Reminiscince ~ The Fall of the House of Lang
Reminiscince ~ SS-5 Incident
Solution! ~ Calm Moment
Great Revival 2011

Enjoy, you shy monkees!
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