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!!!*** EVERY SONG REMIX ***!!!Topic%20Title

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It has been such a long time, and well...I'm proud to present every last one of my song remixes, ace attorney related or not, it has kept me going that the fun that this brings to me, and even some of the people that admire the work I put into these (Though little has been said, I thank you from the deepest part of my heart) and it is with a heartfelt "Take That!" That I "Present" this "Evidence" To the Court! So without further ado... TAKE THAT! ... sp=sharing

(Note that there is a folder with some songs and midis from the jojo's bizarre adventure anime, I did not have time to remove them, and I will continue to make songs and add them)

TALLY HO! - Zetto Kuzuuya. :jake: :javado:
Re: !!!*** EVERY SONG REMIX ***!!!Topic%20Title
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Holy crap these are amazing.
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