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MidSouthCon 2007Topic%20Title

Huh. I didn't know brothels had coupons.

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Anybody going? I'm on the con committee and programming committee this year. We're a fairly big con based out of Memphis, and this year is our 25th anniversary. can give you more information, as well as sign up sheets. (My best friend and I are head of the volunteers, so if you sign up, I get to crack the bullwhip at you. Mwahahaha. Franziska )

If you do decide to go, you can find me at the registration tables, either signing up people or being a bouncer, on Friday. After staying up all that night, I get to do a panel where we explain anime to parents who "just don't get it". (I made the mistake at that point of saying something along the lines of "tentacle hentai is not your friend" and Michelle looked at me, saying, "You know, you'd be perfect to head this panel". Of course, they have to schedule it for 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. That panel is going to be DEAD.) After that, it's more than likely I'll be hanging out and participating in Magic the Gathering tournaments and running about after volunteers and getting them to document their hours.

So if you're going, or if you've never heard of it, but by some miracle you're now planning on going, look me up! I'm pretty easy to spot, since I'm 6'2" in my steel toed boots and have the lung capacity of a bellows. If you don't see me, you're more than likely going to hear me. Come and check it out, simply for the 25th anniversary festivities. We'll be holding a demo with the group the Society for Creative Anachronisms (a group I also belong to, yay for medieval fun!), and I have a feeling this is going to be a blast.

Hope to see you guys there. Godot
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spr fckn srs peepz

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I'd go. There's this whole thing about distance and stuff, but hey, I'll be there in spirit. - Because the only fantasy worlds I like are those I write myself.
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