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The Vent ValveTopic%20Title
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I'm opening up a new vent thread because I think a place to vent is needed, even if I and some other people have gone a bit too heated in the last one. Yes, I got a bit too into my intended short vent about TopHat. But whatever, whatever, doesn't matter anymore.

Yesterday, we had the Jahresablesung, you know where a guy comes into the apartment and checks how much the room was heated during this year. I did the usual, I moved things around and made sure he had a clear, straight path to the heater in each room.

Same guy as last year, although I don't remember him, and just as he was checking in the bathroom, my mom came home. And he complained about the litter boxes not being clean and nice and empty. And he also said he complained about that last year, but I don't remember... Fine, whatever. I'll make sure to change and clean the litter boxes the day before he comes next year.

Then he complains in the kitchen that there is crap on the floor... there is not crap on the kitchen floor. If our cats were to crap on the kitchen floor, we would know. What he saw was simply dirt on the kitchen floor that had gotten dust on it, making it look worse than it actually was.
And he complains that, if it's like this next year, he will refuse to check our heating. He's okay and all to complain about that and ask us to change that, but he did it in a way that was just plain rude and mean. My mom and I ain't taking that crap, so we asked if next year we could get a different guy to check the heating.

Look, that guy has every right to expect a decent place to walk into when he's checking the heating. Totally fine, but he talked like our place was filthy to all hell and gone. He even said that he would call animal control or so if this continued.
Okay first off: No child is living there, so no child's health or life is in danger. Neither of our cats' live or health is in danger because they crap in the litter box. We have had no complaints from any neighbor. So he has no basis for calling them on us. Especially since there is no motherfucking crap on the kitchen floor!

Look, Pal. Cats crap. They shit. Into litter boxes. It's what they do. It's what we humans do, only we call our litter boxes "toilets". Now I could understand him being disgusted if the litter box had not been cleaned for a week or two, with crap on every edge and the litter stained. But it wasn't. That was two day old litter, with barely any crap in it.
And he said he could tolerate a lot.
What you are complaining about, pal, is not "a lot". That is "barely anything" you are complaining about. Also, we have four cats right now, due to housing two of a friend who is in America until the end of the week. Four cats crap. Two cats crap, too. And excuse us for not having a meticulously cleaned apartment for your dainty shoes to walk in.
We spent the last week renovating, moving things around and my mother having asthma attacks due to all the dust. Okay, we didn't have time to clear everything up. My mom even forgot that the guy was coming yesterday.

Of course, I think the main problem is because that guy is German. And thinks we are German, the type of Germans who clean every little detail and behind the heater or what not. Well, we aren't and we don't. We're American/German and I grew up in an American household, I clean American. I clean up, but not that it looks like a brand new room just got put into this place.

If he refuses to come in next year, I will gladly shut the door in front of him and call someone else to check.

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Locking this. The vent station was just closed down; immediately re-making the thread sort of defeats the point of that, y'know?

Anyway, we're not saying "NO MORE VENTING FOREVERRRRRRRR." We'll reopen the vent station soon; we're just going to give everyone a week or two to cool down first.

And with that...

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