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Ok, this is the deal:

Around 4 years ago my family and me (father, mother, brother and myself) went to America for a week to visit an acquaintance who got her second child while living in Philadelphia. During this trip we also visited New York and visited various places, it was a blast.

After this vacation we all started saving each week, so in 5 years we could go again, but this time we really want to visit Disney in Florida. My mom loves these kinds of parks and so does the rest of the family. Also Disney in Paris is overpriced as hell and nearly not as fun as all the others Disney's, or so we are told.
* not to mention my mom works for 25 year in an amusement park, my dad and my brother worked there for 10 years and I for 7 years, so it runs pretty deep

So in a year we'll be done saving and then we're going to Florida! The problem is: we don't know for shit about what we can do once we are in Florida. We decided to go for 10 - 12 days since, well, this kind of vacation only happens every 5 years for us, so we want to do it right.
So my question is: What kind of things should we do once we are in Florida?

All suggestions are welcome. On another note I'd like to mention that I'm currently 22 years old, so in the Netherlands this means I'm legally allowed to drink for 6 years. In America this would mean that this would be my first year, so my brother and I decided to have a guys night out while we are there, so suggestions for going out/ clubbing are also very welcome.
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