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I just went to my first convention!Topic%20Title
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This is awsome, I just went to my first convention (Constillation) it's a sci-fi convention in the midwest. I met a lot of nice people there, I even made some new friends! I was dressed up as the 4th doctor but I didn't enter the costume contest due to my anxiety around people.

Some of my favorite costumes were,

1. Doctor Mcninja (It's a Doctor, who's also a ninja! read the comic if you havn't)

2. The Powerpuff Girls (3 people dressed up as the powerpuff girls plus Prof.Utonium!)

3. Stormtrooper (looked exactly like one in the old movies)

I went to several panels including, Gallifreying Art Auction (You would have to be there it's pretty funny), Marvel and DC movies vs Comics (My dad talked a lot in this panel), and a SAO panel (Also about Virtual Reality)

But yeah, for my first convention is very good I'm totally going again next year! :godot:

What was your guys first convention?
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Re: I just went to my first convention!Topic%20Title
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My first and only convention experience was Auchinawa 2014 (I think) an anime convention in Glasgow with an unhealthy attachment to George Michael's "Careless Whisper".

I went dressed as Bobby Fulbright and had a blast, they had an arcade room set up and all the machines were free to play so me and a mate enjoyed plenty of "Waifu Fighter" with Arcana Hearts then.
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Re: I just went to my first convention!Topic%20Title
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I think it was about 2008. I went to Oni-Con in Houston (which is now in Galveston). It's a pretty small convention (only having up to 3,000 attendees in recent years), but shockingly though, gets some pretty big names in the anime VA industry to show up at times. Heck, the year prior to when I went, they had Yoshitaka Amano there.

But I remember really enjoying myself. I remember getting to meet Matt Mercer. At the time, I didn't know who he was, but he was a pretty funny and talented guy. Really enjoyed the panels he was in. I wanna say he's gotten a lot more popular since then though, considering I see his name going around more.

I remember them having a fantastic selection at their stalls too. While the room wasn't that big, the quality of what was being sold was awesome. It's where I bought my big Kirby plush. He'll always serve as a reminder of my very first convention. =) Since then though, I've tried to go to conventions every year when I can, though I haven't gotten to go to any in the past few years. Still though, it's always a treat when I can go. I still enjoy going to Oni-Con when I can, basically because it's like a big convention, but since the attendance is small, I get to go see everything I want. Heck, Nobuo Uematsu was there for a few years, so of course I'll be biased and say it's my favorite.
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Re: I just went to my first convention!Topic%20Title
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I've gone to some game, comic, anime, and art conventions. I think my first one was Fanime in San Jose, CA. I was working in the area and somehow managed to get myself a free pass. I don't think I've ever dressed up, but if you have a small group of friends who are all up for it, that seems to be the way to go. The giant conventions can be hard to manage, but generally I think you get a range between more professional/commercial and more fan-based conventions. The ones that have been most fun for me are usually the latter because everyone's just hyped over their mutual love for the subject and not too focused on trying to further their careers - not that there's anything wrong with that. Pretty much every convention worth its salt will have cool panels and guests, so it's really cool getting an inside peek at various portions of the biz :)

It's sorta a blast seeing tons of people dressed as their favorite characters, taking photos, and geeking out with strangers dressed from the same series or people who helped make that series haha. The funniest is probably seeing a throng of cosplayers heading to the convention hall; it's like watching a bizarre sidewalk procession of nerd-dom :will:
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