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RIP Youtube thanks to COPPATopic%20Title
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In case you haven't heard:

Youtube is done for and so are most content creators, thanks to them being dumbasses, and the government being an overbearing piece of shit.
As you could imagine ALL Ace Attorney videos will definitely fall under "for kids" according to the law, so if you have some, it looks like your only option will be to mark them as for kids, or make them private/delete them.
There is a petition: ... GwDrHOe43E , and the FTC is still accepting comments on the ruling until Dec. 9 (though I have yet to see ma comment or any new ones appear there yet): ... -0054-0001

If the FTC doesn't change COPPA by the 31st of December, I'll be setting all of my videos to private and saying Fuck Youcrap, and fuck the government. Dailymotion and Bitchute here I come.
Re: RIP Youtube thanks to COPPATopic%20Title
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I don't know if AA would count as for kids, most of them have at least a T rating after all.

The wording is weird and vague on this one, but from what I gather, people are worried that it means that if you tick the wrong option on this, and the algorithm feels otherwise, then you get sued.

Getting the big part out of the way first, there is no way you're getting sued for $41,000 per video. There are way too many YouTube videos out there, the FTC can't possibly sue every single one of those creators. Then there's the issue of uploaders who reside outside of the US, how can they possibly get sued for a law that doesn't apply to them?

Going to the smaller parts, YouTube says it's going to be placing bots to mark your videos for you. Marking something for kids when it's not and vice versa appears to be the concern here (even if it's really not realistic for smaller creators to get sued). In which case the safer thing to do would be to leave them unmarked and let the bot decide for you. That way there's no way for YouTube to accuse you of putting the wrong label, they would be the ones who placed it.

The regulation needs to be properly worded, make sure everyone understands what it means, and also keep the small creator in mind. If the FTC gets enough comments, I hope they'll sort things out through and through.
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