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The Horror!!!Topic%20Title
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In the days up to Halloween, I've been thinking about what I personally find frightening in the genre. There are plenty of horror films, games, anime, creepypasta, legends, books, and so on. But it takes a certain something to scare me, and I'm sure what I find spooky wouldn't bother somebody else, and visa versa. And what I find scary in a movie, I sometimes don't feel the same about in a game.

The concept I find scariest, especially in games, is when the threat feels realistic, and has a conscience. For example, horror games where the threats are monsters or zombies , like in Resident Evil, I don't find too scary. I suppose because they don't exist, nor do they realise what they are doing, even. In video games, I find active, aware threats, especially human ones, the scariest. Ghosts are scary, too, especially as their grudges tend to extend further than is truly necessary.

Movies, I like psychological horror. I like to feel like I don't know what is real or not. I like this element in games like Silent Hill, too.

Another thing I liked about SH was that often the other human characters had no idea what was going on either, and often didn't seem quite right. When I was playing, that made me feel perhaps even more alone than had there been no other human characters at all.

Anime and creepypasta tend to be rather cliche and gory, which doesn't appeal to me. I enjoyed the eerieness in series such as Paranoia Agent and Monster, though.

One thing I feel spoils horror is overuse of gore. I think a good horror movie or game shouldn't need excessive violence to make the viewer scared. I think it actually makes it less scary.

Anyway, what kind of horror fan are you? Do you prefer movies or games; are you a supernatural or slasher horror fan; and are you a big fan, or do you just find horror boring?
Re: The Horror!!!Topic%20Title
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Personally,I prefer horror games/Visual novels rather than movies.In the games,I fell more like I am in control of the characters,and that makes it scarier for me.I think jump-scares are fine (When done right.of course),but I still like psychological horror more.And I agree that too much gore can make a game/movie/anime seem ore action-oriented than horror-oriented.
In the case of movies,I prefer surreal horror,the kind where I don't know what the hell is even going on.
Btw,I am currently playing the Higurashi visual novels,and damn,I have had trouble seeping for the last few days.The transition between being light-hearted stories and the killings make this really creepy.

So,basically,I prefer psychological-surreal horror,and stories that make you actually fell nervous.
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Re: The Horror!!!Topic%20Title
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I don't prefer anything that is horror-related or is actually horrorstuff, but since I'm a huge anime fan, I've been watching at least 3 animes, which are pretty gore and horror in my optinion (Highschool Of The Dead, Attack On Titan, Another), but I really don't like this genre at all.

It really scares me though. Whenever I see something that has to do with horror a lot or is related in any way to the genre, I can't sleep for hours but sleep is important for me as I'm going to attend my final exams next week and for that, I have to study a lot and in order to study, I need lots of sleep, so there is really no time for horror at all.

I like every other genre, but gore, creepypasta, horror, all this stuff won't fit in my life. Never ever.

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