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The 2016 Animator Dorm ProjectTopic%20Title
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Making anime is a hard life for many people, Especially the animators. Whether they be key animators or in-between animators they get paid peanuts for their incredibly hard work. Unless they work at Kyoto Animation they can barley make a living off of the career they've chosen. They can't even take on a part time job, as they almost never have the time to fit it into their schedule.

However, a couple years back the Animator Dormitory Project became a reality, and through crowdfunding they have been able to make this successful in the past. However, they often find themselves barely getting what they need.

This year they have opened the project to Western anime fans, with a goal of $10,000 USD, and I highly recommend to support the project if you are in any way interested, or even if you can't donate, spread the word about the project.

For a more detailed look into the crowdfunding campaign, watch this great video on the subject:-

And if you have been encouraged to give to the project by this post or the video here is the campaign:-
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