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Borat: CLOAFMBGNOKTopic%20Title

First an earthquake, now this!

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What did you think of it?

IMHO, it was disgusting, and hilarious.


Borat: Please, have some cheese.

The other guy who's name slips my mind: (starts eating the cheese)

Borat: My mother made this cheese.

TOGWNSMM: (nods) (chews)

Borat: Yes, made from milk from... her tit.

TOGWNSMM: (slows down chewing)


Kazakhstan is the greatest country in ze world...

All other countries are run by little girls.

Kazakhstan's #1 exporter of potassium...

All other countries have inferior potassium...
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Re: Borat: CLOAFMBGNOKTopic%20Title


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I thought the same. Disgusting at times (Naked fight -_-;)

and hilarious at others.

"We completely support your war of terror!"
Re: Borat: CLOAFMBGNOKTopic%20Title

Paddy O'Reily O'Shwartzenburg

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Personally, the naked fight was probably my favorite scene in the whole movie just because of the sheer absurdity.

Other times just made me uncomfortable--not because of Sacha Baron Cohen, but the Americans, like the guy who said "You should shave that moustache cause you look like one of them Arabs." Yeesh.
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