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Turnabout Forfeit (Case PG-13)

Serial killers have at one point ran rampant in Japanifornia, but after a recent slew of countless supposed serial killer suicides, conspiracy theories have come to take their place. They call to attention the unrealistic means of suicide, questioning why these men who would once ruthlessly kill fellow humans would all start succumbing to guilt and go out of their way to kill themselves in a manner that perfectly parallels their modus operandi. In their doubt, they name an anonymous mystery-solving vigilante christened "Mimic", telling of a man who will always and without fail locate the serial killer before the police can even so much as shake a cane at the case, locate their place of residence and slay them, leaving behind a forged suicide note before fleeing the scene of the crime and leaving an anonymous tip for the police to report finding another of the serial killer's crime scenes.

After the most recent victim of "The Butler", a serial killer who's modus operandi involves leaving two cups of tea at the scene of the crime, one supposedly for him and the other, his victim, whom would be stabbed in the throat, conspiracy theorists were baffled at the fact that the crime scene showed no signs of forced entry and no culprit could be named, but there was an absolute lack of a suicide note, which broke the Mimic's MO. Their hopes of finally proving to the authorities that an anonymous vigilante was on the loose were shattered when the victims' college roommate, who had brought attention to the crime by activating his medical alert system, finally came forth and admitted to being "The Butler", bringing with him decisive evidence of his own guilt.

Crime: Serial murder

Victim Data: Various. The most recent victim is a 20 y/o male student of Japanifornia University named "Owen Timlin", found murdered in his shared dorm with a stab wound in his neck. The victim was slumped over in a chair in the common area over a silver tray, on which stood a teapot and two china cups. Though empty, tea residue was found in both.

Suspect Data: Andy Feldevert, a 21 y/o male student of Japanifornia University and dormmate of the victim, Owen Timlin. Admits to being "The Butler" and provides conclusive evidence and testimony against himself. Brought attention to the crime by activating his medical alert system.

Time of Death: Approx. 5:30 to 6:00 PM on August 24th

Cause of Death: Fatal stab wound to the throat with a long bladed weapon yet to be identified. Weapon went all the way through the victim's neck. Entry and exit wounds are indistinguishable.

Reason for Arrest: Defendant's admission.

Autopsy Report -- Reports the approximated time, cause and location of death. Reports that nothing unusual was found in the victim's stomach among other notes on the body.

Victims' Contact Information -- Defendant presents a file containing contact information on all of the victims as evidence of having known each of them personally, thus explaining how he could reasonably get into close enough proximity with the victims in order to make tea prior to killing them.

Text Messages -- Report of text messages sent from the defendant's phone. Shows that about an hour prior to each victims' death, the defendant and victim had been in contact and planned the visit during which the defendant claims to have murdered them.

Platter -- The silver tray of tea found at the crime scene. On it sat a teapot and two empty cups. Testing shows that although both cups are empty, a strange, unidentifiable substance was found in both alongside tea residue.

Note: To prevent potentially spoilery details, all witness information will be withheld. Also note that more evidence will be provided over the course of the trial.

Judge -- Open
Defense Attorney* -- Open
Defense's Aide -- Open / Optional
Prosecutor* -- Open
Prosecutor's Aide -- Open
Detective* -- Open

* - If you're ever at a loss as to what argument, don't be afraid to refer to me privately.
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