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Turnabout by StormTopic%20Title
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This is a trial where you just hop in and play.


At the end of every post, please post a smiley of the character you are RPing and it's "emotion".

No more than two characters. However, you may only be one character if you are the judge, defense attorney, prosecution, or defendant to make it fair.

So this victim of this case is (too lazy to go on the View more smilies page) Yours truly Mrs. :lana:

So I will list the usernames and characters of the RP :D

(Oh and Judge plz don't be a troll)

Defense Attorney: :neil: Played by randomphoenix03

Prosecution Attorney:


Witness 1:

Witness 2:

Witness 3 (Murderer, but nobody knows yet):

Victim: Like I said, it's :lana:

Tell me on the forum if there's anyone else we need

(You get to pick who you RP by the way :D)
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Re: Turnabout by StormTopic%20Title
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Please read the rules. We have a system for trial RPs, too.
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