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Turnabout LarcenyTopic%20Title
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Case H-46

Crime: Grand Larceny

Victim: Morgan Moore (age 19) she's a prodigy in the world of art, having paintings featured in a few prominent museums. Recently her most valuable painting, tipped off at over 400 dollars was recently stolen.

Defendant: Sage Canyon (age 21) Morgan's friend from art school, accused of stealing Morgan's valuable painting due to the painting being found in his house.

Witness: Alison Jet (age 23) Sage's girlfriend, she claimed she saw him enter the house with the painting, but didn't think anything of it due to his school, however it was only through the fact that she would be arrested for aiding and abetting and by Sage's begging did she actually agree.

The Painting, supposedly the thing stolen from the victim, priced at around 400 dollars and up, has the defendant's fingerprints on it.

Gloves found at the defendant's house. They have mild paint smudges on them

Odd smudges on the painting were found on it. It's unsure how they got their or what made them

The Judge: (Judge or Judge's Brother or OC)
The Detective: (Gumshoe or Ema or OC)
Defendant: (Sage)
The Defense: (OC, Phoenix, or Apollo)
Defense's Aid: (OC or Trucy)
Prosecution: (Edgeworth, Franziska von Karma, OC, or Klavier)
Witness: (Alison)
Re: Turnabout LarcenyTopic%20Title
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It appears this case has not been approved. I'll give you some time to copy down anything on your post that you want to save, but until you've submitted your case for approval in the Rules and Case Proposal Thread and said case has been approved, this thread is locked.
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