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--Turnabout Tournament-- [OCs ONLY]Topic%20Title
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Turnabout Tournament

A football game is held at 8:30pm, August 30th when the Flaming Eagles player was shot in the head with a .20 caliber pistol in the locker room. The victim was #1 football player Dan Cummins.

Shot in the head with a .20 caliber pistol. There were signs of him being shot at least an inch away from his head. There were no fingerprints on the gun. The time of death was 8:45pm. The body was found during the game's halftime at 9:30pm.

Judge : Open (Has to decide the verdict.) (Favors the prosecution)
Defense : {Taken by a friend]
Defense's Co-Counsel : Open
Prosecution : Open (Somewhat rude and abusive.) (Word games) (Isn't rude to their co-counsel)
Prosecution's Co-Counsel : Open (Michevious)
Defendant : Open (Loud.)
Murderer: Open (The Interpreter for Witness #3.) (Pulls a Facade.) (You decide the Facade.)
Witness #1 : Open (Lies that condridict evidence sometimes. I'll send you some.)
Witness #2 : Open (Temp accused of murder) (Lies ALOT but just because they're confused.[Alot can't be all over the place, still has to be somewhat believable])
Witness #3 : The-Stepladder
Narrator : The-Stepladder

All the necessary information will be PM'd to you.
PM me to enter your OC for approval.

Autopsy Report
Blackmail Letter (Reads: I'm counting on you to do whats told, if you do not, then something of value shall be taken from you.)
.20 caliber bullet
Bloody Mascot Costume
Picture of the Body (Depicts a slumped over man that has one bullet shot in his head with gunpowder burn.)
A record of the Flaming Eagles wins and fails. (They've been failing for about a month now.)
A Bartender's testimony (The murderer has been betting on the opposite team as the flaming eagles.)
Signs of a struggle

The Roleplay will be taking place on a chatroom that currently has other people in it. Please be nice to each other and try to tolerate them the best you can. Ignore them if you have to. The chatroom system is Chatzy and each session will be held for one day. Please parcipitate :redd: .
Re: --Turnabout Tournament-- [OCs ONLY]Topic%20Title
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We have a system. Please adhere to it.
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