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Re: A Night in the Gatewater (Begun - Only 4 Slots Left!)Topic%20Title
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My name is Judge.

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((Sorry completely forgot about my own RP, I'm back to pick it back up!))

"Non! 'Ze kitchen is running fine! Jus' not to zey're standards! 'Ze food I make 'ees of 'ze utmost koo-ahl-it-eh, 'eet 'ees close to perfect, non?" Chef Salle says exasperatedly, "NON!?"

The others hurriedly agree with him.

"Und yet 'ere am I, being boolied by 'ze manager to send oot orders faster! Always calling Chef Salle to 'ze pass, always badgering, "Faster, Faster" and I cannot because I am low on ingredients because we were not prepared adequately! I 'ave warned them 'zis wood 'appen, but do they 'zey listen? Noooooooo!
Re: A Night in the Gatewater (Begun - Only 4 Slots Left!)Topic%20Title
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Just another day.

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(( heh...yea i was woundering what happened to this :P ))

James laughed and thought to himself
"looks like I did better then expected...I was sure wed splitting the tab tonight...too bad he himself didnt know this game was stacked in my favor the second I added to the bet...
2 outta 3 were in my benefit. the free drinks would drive customers to come back another time in hopes of free drinks...possibly even tip...more then likely making the money back in no time. though I also got another thing from this besides some money...a interesting night at this hotel...I wounder If he feels the same"

James yelled to the crowed
"your two next Drinks are on the house!"
Re: A Night in the Gatewater (Begun - Only 4 Slots Left!)Topic%20Title
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((Can i just start from anywhere? Ah whatever, if I mess up, oh well, I'll edit this post.))

Tiffany was working down near the lobby mopping up the floor of the guests that came in because they were wet from the storm. She was so tired but she needs money. This is so tedious, but I have to do it! A clean hotel is a happy hotel! I'm delusional. What to do.

Tiffany was pondering about when the storm was going to let up. It's pretty bad out there. What a terrible weekend for a vacation. Jeez. Tiffany watched the guests come in and check-in. She was asked to switch jobs and help make clean-up the rooms. She loved to clean and tidy up rooms. Not mopping. So she walked to the elevator and heard shouting from the kitchen. "I hope everything is alright. But our good chef is capable!"
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Re: A Night in the Gatewater (Begun - Only 4 Slots Left!)Topic%20Title
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Call me Ishmael.

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((Alright, this thread deserves a bump.))

After finishing a much-needed drink with good company, Jonathan went out of the bar and up to his room. (I wonder what I should do now?) he thought to himself as he put on the radio.
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Challenger Approaching! ~ Zachary VerdinsTopic%20Title
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Zachary Verdins ~ Ace Attorney

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I haven't read much of this RP, but I decided to hurry up and claim a spot before they're all gone.
Which apparently isn't much of a problem considering this thread hasn't been used in a while...

Spoiler: Zachary Verdins
Name : Zachary Verdins
Gender : M
Age : 20
Occupation : Defense Attorney
Appearance : Blue tie and green suit with a black stripe across the waist. Average height, and Longish, shaggy, brown hair that gets darker towards the bottom. A shiny DA's badge is pinned on his suit.
Personality : Friendly albeit competitive. Doesn't much like to lose at anything. Also adventurous and intelligent. Likes to wear his suit often as a means of making a good first impression.
Bio : Zachary was born with the ability to remember all sounds and sights. This has helped him in his investigations (although he hasn't taken many cases). Zachary isn't very close to his parents, and struggles to live in his large van (Not too appealing to clients).

I suppose I should get reading!
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Re: A Night in the Gatewater (Begun - Only 4 Slots Left!)Topic%20Title
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Ace Attorney-As Evil As Kristoph Gavin.

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Claiming a spot before their gone! if anyone wants to be Klavier just tell me in a pm! :kristoph:

Anastasia Valancia
Name:Anastasia Valancia
Job: Defense Attorney
Personality:Cunning and abit sneaky, she always is there to help anyone in need. She will be your best friend, or worst enemy in the blink of an eye.
Biography:The Girlfriend of Klavier Gavin, She always seems to know what's up. The affair with kristoph shook her to the core, so she decided to spend some time at gatewater hotel.She hopes that Klavier will be there, but also prays that he won't bring up the trial, as she is still having nightmares.

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