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Phoenix Wright: The New TrialsTopic%20Title
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Welcome to Phoenix Wright: Trials and Weirdness. I'll start this RP off with the intro to the first case.
This RP comes in no place in the timeline and doesn't tie into anything. So all characters are useable, But remember that the case info will not change when a new character is introduced. With that out of the way, here we go!
Turnabout Finder
Victim: Finn Crow (character i made up)
Defendant: Athena Cykes
Attorney: Phoenix Wright
Prosecutor: Fransiska von Karma
Murder Weapon: Custom 10 shot Revolver with Athena's Fingerprints on it.
Cause of Death: Shot 3 times.
"Who are you? Why am I here?"
"You'll find out sooner or later, when I come to hell with you when I die."
"Goodbye, Mr. Crow..."
Wright and Co. Law Offices
Phoenix- Well then, Maya, you're up early...
Maya- Well, I was kinda up all night...
Phoenix- What? Why?
Maya- I couldn't sleep well.
Phoenix- Why didn't you wake me up then?
Maya- I can take care of myself!
Phoenix- Ok then... Jeez.
TV- A murder happened at South Lake this evening, in the woods. From what it looks like, the victim was gaged and shot 3 times.
Maya- Who did it?
TV- The suspect for this murder is Athena Cykes, the trial will be happening tomorrow.
Phoenix- Athena! I need to be the Defense in this trial... Maya, I'll be right back!
Re: Phoenix Wright: The New TrialsTopic%20Title
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Please read the rules. If you have any questions that aren't already answered in that thread, please ask them there.
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