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Fire Emblem: The Heroes' Legacy
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Author:  General Luigi [ Sat Jun 01, 2013 7:39 pm ]
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Fire Emblem: The Heroes' Legacy

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The streets of Radom were teeming with people, pilgrims from all over Duat who had come to participate in the Heroes’ Journey, priests and monastics bearing holy icons and relics, merchants hoping to take advantage of the abundance of potential customers, guards trying to maintain order, mercenaries hired to escort the pilgrims, and onlookers who had simply come to see the annual spectacle. The ringing of church bells could always be heard over the clamor of the crowded streets as processions made their way to monasteries and churches that had agreed to host them while they rested and waited for the Journey to begin.

For some, the joyous atmosphere bore with it a sense of foreboding. King Laomedon of Hicaz was expected to attack Sandomir, Belzen’s ally to the south, and some people, particularly the rulers of the seven kingdoms on the Sabaean Peninsula, were worried that the impending war might cause problems for the pilgrims, to say nothing of the regular citizens who were threatened. In the hope of discouraging a war, the rulers of what had come to be called the Sabaean Coalition had arranged a meeting at Radom Castle and had asked Emperor Marduk of Plocs, the de facto leader of the Central Alliance, to join them. Unfortunately, short of protecting the procession once it entered Dulkadir, the Central Alliance was unwilling to aid the Sabaean Coalition against Hicaz.

“Your Majesty, please reconsider,” Queen Suzianna of Sandomir begged. “Our coalition is but a diversion. A war between Hicaz and the Central Alliance is not a question of if, but one of when. Our coalition is the only force in this region that stands a chance against Hicaz, and even then, things do not look good. We are significantly outnumbered. Should Hicaz defeat us, their next target will inevitably be Dulkadir, and through them, the Central Alliance as a whole.”

“We are sorry, but we cannot afford to aid you at the moment,” Emperor Marduk replied. “Have you forgotten that there is another empire that threatens the Central Alliance? Said empire is far closer to regional supremacy. Once Nauplia falls—and let us face it, unlike your coalition, the once-mighty Achaean Empire truly stands no chance against Arwad. Once Nauplia falls, it is very likely that Arwad will attack us. Splitting our forces at such a time would be disastrous. Should Hicaz attack Dulkadir or any other member of the Central Alliance, then—and only then—will we involve ourselves. Arwad is a much more pressing concern for us at the moment. We know you only invited us here in order to ask us to help you, so unless there are other matters to discuss, we will take our leave.” Not waiting for a response, the Emperor turned and left the reception hall.

“That’s it, then,” King Amphion of Gonder commented. “The Sabaean Coalition stands alone. But Gonder is prepared to fight to the end. Hicaz will have to place their banner atop every mountain, atop every castle in our realm, before we will even consider surrender. Should Hicaz force their way into Gonder, they will find that the land itself opposes them.”

“Yes,” King Ezekiel of Belzen replied. “Even with Nauplia on the verge of falling, Achaea fights on. Should it come to that, so shall we. If nothing else, our effort will be so costly for Laomedon that he would have to be a fool to start any more wars.” He looked at the other rulers one by one, then walked to the windows and gazed out at the processions. “You all have my thanks for your devotion to our cause. Though I had never sought to make a secret of it, I do not believe I have mentioned that I originally planned on joining the Journey this year. With war likely, it appears I will only be able to go as far as Sandomir. I doubt Laomedon would allow me into his territory, even for a pilgrimage. Nevertheless, I and my retinue will be going with the procession until we reach the border with Hicaz. Laomedon will not be able to attack me without risking incurring the ire of the entire Church of Ashunera, and through them, the Goddess herself.”

Author:  Pierre [ Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:52 am ]
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Ardan signed as he gathered his belongings around him waving goodbye to the guards from his village, good folks he'd known many of them since they were children, as they prepared for the journey back to South Duat. Some of the men spared him a little gold to aid his pilgrimage in farewell, the journey to the city of Radom had been relatively uneventful but Ardan had been healing their wounds for years so far. It wasn't long before his friends disappeared into the depths of the bustling city. Ardan silently said a prayer for their safe return before adjusting his gear.

On his own the priest looked horribly cluttered, a suitcase bearing gifts at side from Media, a heavy backpack with travel gear and clothes on his back and behind that attached a heavy banner bearing the crest of his town and church. Groaning Ardan turned and staggered towards the church square when other excited people were gathering to make the Heroes Journey. In truth Ardan was just as eager as them, it was a great honour for him to be allowed this opportunity for Bishop Briggans was poorly at the time and so could not set out on the Journey in time and as such he had nominated Ardan in his place.

Settling down on the steps of the church the aging priest sighed relieved to lighten the load on his back as the weight lifted from him slightly, unfortunately the Media patrol wasn't willing to accompany him the entire way understandably since they had their own duties back in town. As such Ardan was expected to either hire his own mercenaries to guard him or, preferably, be provided with assistance from the Church of Radom. Glancing around the edges of the square Ardan grimaced slightly, sure enough a mixed cloud of unruly, grim and battle-prepared people were waiting eyes eagerly flickering between the various holy banners and priests, mercenaries waiting for an opportunity to make a little coin. Ardan gave a quick glance down at his money purse and jingled it slightly knowing it soon might be a great deal lighter soon should the churches protection be inadequate.

Author:  Cold52 [ Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:57 pm ]
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It had been a week since Dorran had arrived in Radom, unfortunately having run out of funds, he had to find any job he could to make some income. it had been helpful to have Durandal around at some jobs, others he had cause problems at causing him to lose jobs. Having no place to keep him while he worked he'd lost many job opportunities and had nothing for two days. The day before he'd overheard a conversation about the pilgrimage and had decided that this might be his best bet thus he prepared for the day.

Arriving at the town square he began questioning if he'd have any luck, for one thing he didn't look so good (he hadn't ate anything in the past two days), worse there was many who had come out also looking work which had been made worse that he hadn't put his skills to use much since his days as a wyvern rider which might have been his only saving grace as he was probably one of few around with his own wyvern (or at least with them at the time).

Author:  Blak The Great [ Mon Jun 03, 2013 12:46 am ]
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Lucius entered the city of Radom atop a horse he had secured when a group of bandits attempted to ambush him. Mercilessly, Lucius killed them with ease and left their bodies on the blood soaked earth. Upon reaching the gates of Radom, he gave his newfound horse to an elderly man and his daughter. The man had trouble walking, so the horse would make the journey on him much easier. The daughter expressed her delight and offered to pay Lucius for the horse, but she was met with an intense glare and backed off. Lucius coldly walked past the two while the old man assured her that Lucius was really a good man, and entered Radom.

Equipped with his custom armor and a bronze lance he found shortly after leaving the Royal Guard of Paphlagonia (he wasn't able to keep his silver lance), Lucius whistled as he looked onward at the city square.

The lone traveler was met with a bustling marketplace filled with mercenaries and pilgrims.

"So this is Radom? Duat's pretty quaint compared to home, but I guess that's expected." Lucius thought to himself while he stroked his beard.
"First thing's first. Where's the bar? It's hot, and I need a drink...badly. And some information wouldn't help either."

Determined to get alcohol into his stomach to escape the heat, Lucius took further steps into the city. As he pushed with frustration past the the crowd of people in the marketplace, Lucius found himself standing in front of the church. He noticed a rather discouraged priest sitting on the steps.

"Tch. All that work, and I end up in front of a church with a vagabond of a priest sitting out in front."
"Oi! Father! I need some directions to the nearest bar, so could you help me out? I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I'm not wholly interested in hearing your sermon for today."
Lucius said as he walked up to the lone priest. He notices that the priest is a traveler such as himself.
"Oh sorry Father, I didn't realize you weren't from around here. That explains why you also look a little dejected. How's about we help each other out. You accompany me to the bar, I buy you a few rounds, and I'll help you with what you need. Sounds good?"

Author:  DoMaya [ Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:04 am ]
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A growl from the woods, bouncing off the trees and stretching for miles.

"Man you need to get some food in you, your stomach is almost as empty as your head." The swordsman walked with his armor halfway off, the chestplate was pushed forward and the rest of the top half was leaning backwards. the arms were attached to the back part of the armor and they shook as the Swordsman walked.

"No, I'm serious. Nobody's gonna want a suit of armor with a dead guy in it.

At that, the back part of the armor leaned forward, and the arms tapped the shoulder of the swordsman wearing it.
"Don't you hear me buddy? It's me! Baalphonse!"
The swordsman continued to ignore the voice as he walked on.

"All right, I know when I ain't wanted. Just dont expect me to drag your dumba-"
The swordsman took his knife and flung it towards a tree, pinning a snake mid pounce to it.
It's mouth still held the bird it had successfully grabbed, a beautiful red and white bird with small black eyes oblivious to the 30 pound snake bleeding death.


"I'm telling you man, if it wasn't for me you'd be dead. I was all: "Crelarus! look out it's a big a*cough* snake!" And you just sit there and eat it like it was just a gift or something."

Crelarus continued to eat, watching the people flocking towards Radom.

"And why did you let the bird go? It would have tasted better than the snake."

"I like birds."

Author:  Pierre [ Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:24 am ]
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Ardan looked up from his thoughts snapped out of them by the strange young spearman in front of him. Giving the man a once over lingering slightly on the man's hair and custom armour crest, he forged a slight weary smile as possibilities crossed his mind.

A noble from back home, wonder why he's come to find fame out here? Still I wonder if he truly knows the weight of what he asks he thought as he hefted his bag and suitcase in an attempt to stand up. With a little struggle he forced himself to his feet "Fear not friend, I am not as dejected as I seem" he said dusting himself down and straightening the banner attached to his backpack. "However I certainly can aid you in your task for such a generous offer" he said with a smile as he began to move gesturing for the spearman to follow. When his previous guard had went their own way some of them headed straight for the nearby tavern. Ardan glanced up at the sun making a rough estimation of how long he had. "Time enough," he muttered aloud glancing back at the spearman as he walked "My name is Ardan Nivean, a priest from the far-off town of Duat, what might your name be ser?" he asked while he struggled to frantically place where the man's crest came from. He was disrupted from his thoughts by a slight commotion on the edge of the town square however as a rarity among men, a wyvern rider emerged trailing his beautiful beast behind him. Other mercenaries shifted aside, some in fright from the man and his mount as they found their own place in the ring of mercenaries. "Well that is certainly a rare sight" Ardan said pausing to examine the beast before adjusting his path so he wouldn't have to pass close to it.

Author:  Cold52 [ Mon Jun 03, 2013 12:02 pm ]
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As he slowly made his way through he had spotted a priest who like many others had been taking notice of his wyvern Durandal. Full of hope, he was about to go up to the man and introduce himself in hopes for work when he noticed he was adjusting his path moving past him perhaps to avoid him and his wyvern. giving a dejected sigh he was about to move on but before advancing he had seen the looks in durandal's eyes, he could tell he was smelling something which he thought was likely food.

he noticed he began moving in the priests direction. Quickly reacting to his friends desire, he got in front of durandal and began to push him back "I know your hungry just calm down" Durandal had quickly noticed what it was doing and had snapped out of it...of course not before it had pushed him in front of the priest.

"ah sorry if he startled you good priest he wouldn't hurt a fly...well maybe a pig or fish but not a person...unless i ordered him to" he gave a chuckle. "Not that im begging or anything but...would you happen to have any food on you or something? Perhaps recently eaten somthing strong smelling...I only ask as those are the only reasons that i can think of why he would start to act as he did?"

Author:  Blak The Great [ Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:40 pm ]
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Lucius crossed his arms and chuckled as he walked alongside Ardan.

"That's the spirit Father! Ain't nothing like a good drink to get a man back on his feet! Forgive my manners as I've forgotten to introduce myself. I am Lucius Drake from Paphlagonia. I'm an ex-soldier of the Royal Guard sworn to protect the King. I'm sure after a few drinks I'll be confessing my life story to you."

Lucius followed Ardan's and marveled at the passing wyvern. Having read about them only in books, Lucius was fascinated by this rare spectacle. Much like a child, Lucius walked up to the wyvern ignoring the owner's voice, and placed his hand firmly on the winged beast's leathery snout. Lucius gazed into the black eyes of the creature. The hungry wyvern started to growl, but Lucius stood firm. He continued to stare down the wyvern until it backed down. The wyvern known as Durandal looked away from Lucius' cold gaze and sat down. Lucius smiled happily at what he accomplished.

"Ah ha! Just as I was taught as a kid! I can't believe it worked!" Lucius exclaimed as he enthusiastically patted Durandal's snout.
"Ahh! I believe I didn't catch your name good sir or the name of this gallant beast. I'm Lucius Drake. It's a pleasure to meet a man who's tamed a wyvern. The Father and I were just on our way to the local tavern for some drinks and possibly food. Would you care to join us?" Lucius politely says as he extends his hand out toward the wyvern rider.

Author:  Pierre [ Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:56 pm ]
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Ardan froze for a moment in surprise and a slight panic when the wyvern lunged in his direction. By now a few onlookers were gazing at the spectacle curiously "My my...heh...such a strong sense of smell" Ardan said nervously as he reached into his pocket "He must be smelling some of the dried bacon I had left over from this morning" he said pulling out a small bundle of salted bacon rashers and waving it somewhat frantically at the Wyvern's owner. It was at this point he noticed his companion, now introduced as Lucius, petting the Wyvern's nose and Ardan relaxed somewhat "Well it seems the creature is friendly enough I suppose" he said with a sigh of relief as he regained his composure "Still yes like my friend said we are currently going to procure some food before the great Journey later on, Lucius has kindly pledged his service in exchange for a few beverages" he said deciding it was probably best not to lead Lucius on.

Author:  Cold52 [ Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:40 pm ]
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durran gave a light chuckle as he saw the priest wave the bacon "well i suppose its true when they say hunger is the greatest spice" giving one last laugh. unfortunately as you could probably guess by my friend here im short on funds and unless i find work i might not even have a place to sleep tonight though I suppose if I or my large friend here wont be a bother I would be grateful for your kindness".

"Ahh...before I forget I should introduce myself my name is Dorran Baine of calis a traveler and ex-wyvern rider and this guy here is my good friend durandal a wyvern who i've helped raise and grew up with since I was just a young lad" he said with a smile.

Author:  Blak The Great [ Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:12 pm ]
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Lucius gave Dorran a healthy slap on the back.
"It's settled then! Time to hit the bar! Drinks and food are on me! Oh and I think I've got some food on me somewhere..." Lucius digs in his brown leather rucksack and finds a small piece of preserved raw meat.
"Here ya go Durrandal." Lucius tosses the meat in the hungry wyvern's direction. Durandal snaps it out of the air and quickly gobbles it down. Spurred on by hunger, Durandal starts nudging Lucius repeatedly in search of more food.

"Sorry boy, but that was all I had left. I pilfered that off some poor bandits who thought they could get away with robbing me. Don't worry, we can buy some more food once we get to the bar." Lucius places a reassuring hand on Durandal's lowered head.

Twiddling with the strand of hair in front of him, Lucius addresses Ardan who was still overcoming the shock of meeting Durandal.
"Father Ardan, you seemed to have been here longer than I have. Did you happen to see any establishments where we could rest and drink?"

Author:  Pierre [ Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:50 pm ]
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Ardan sighed and nodded to himself "Well then I suppose you two shall make excellent guards, and it pleases me to hear you are more than a match for a couple of bandits wanderer" he said to Lucius hefting his staff again as some of the mercenaries parted to allow the small retinue past once again beckoning for the men to follow noticing an even wider clearing for the wyvern followed by a few 'ooohs' and 'ahhs' in awe from the crowd "Yes Dorran, unlike our friend Lucius here I trust you know the purpose for us holy men gathering here and are probably looking for some employment," he said pausing to let Dorran catch up and walk abreast of him.

It was slightly awkward moving through the crowds, most of whom were gathering to see the pilgrimage's start. While there was no need for them all to leave at once often many of the priests would leave at once with their banners and retinue in order to ensure greater safety, however it seemed Ardan's guard-to-be were hungry and so he would miss such an opportunity but the trade off seemed worth it to Ardan as he glanced back at the Wyvern.

"That's an impressive steed, no doubt any troublemakers will steer clear of us just on sighting such a majestic creature" he said choosing his words carefully when speaking to Dorran. The thought of such a creature actually still put Ardan on edge a little but he hoped it would serve as a greater deterrent to any opposition and indeed the sight of Durandal seemed to be making passage through town easier as people cleared a path for them. "Well here we are, the Laughing Cat" he said looking up at the small bar his men had recommended upon approach to the town. A rather dilapidated looking sign swung with a caricature of a seemingly drunk cat with a huge grin rolling on it's back. "If you'll come inside gentlemen we can discuss the Journey ahead and your payment" he said giving Durandal an uncertain glance "Though uh....I'm not sure your friend will be welcome inside" he said aware the door was clearly not designed for creatures of his size.

Author:  Blak The Great [ Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:26 pm ]
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Lucius' demeanor changes. He now wears a stern expression with his smile twisted into a violent grimace. His hand is unconsciously placed on his
"Do not mistake my eagerness to drink for ignorance. I know full well about the Journey and its significance. I'm chasing after the woman who took everything from me, and a long pilgrimage is bound to yield at least SOME information regarding my target." Lucius explains assertively as he quickly walks to the entrance of the Laughing Cat.

Lucius places his hand firmly on the wooden door and pushes. The door creaks open and a flood of noise escapes the bar. Laughing and the clinking of glasses fill the party's ears. Before entering Lucius turns his head to the left, his good eye giving off a tragic air around him, and states, "I'm not interested in your payment. All I want is information. I will accompany you on your pilgrimage only to benefit myself. However, I will remain true to my word and help you with whatever you need after drinks. When the last drop of spirits leaves your mug, my lance is yours."

In an attempt to clear the uncomfortable atmosphere the others may be feeling, Lucius breaks into a smile and shouts while entering the bar, "Barkeep! A round of your finest ale for my compatriots and I and the best dish your cook can make! I'd also like a slab of meat for our hungry wyvern sitting outside!"

Author:  General Luigi [ Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:45 pm ]
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"I'll need a moment, sir!" one of the people tending the bar hollered to Lucius over the patrons' chatter. A skinny man, looking to be in his forties, passed some mugs and a single plate of some sort of red meat to a group of mercenaries sitting at a table. He glanced over at a young woman who was near the kegs. "Anissa, could you bring these fellows at the door some Blacktooth?" Anissa nodded and turned to one of the kegs as the man looked back at Lucius and his comrades. "We'll need some time to get your food, but you'll have your ale in a bit. Why don't you find a seat while you wait?"

Author:  Cold52 [ Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:46 pm ]
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though he had been greatful of the generous offer, he probably could have lived without the slap on the back from lucius...though he wouldn't admit really stung.

durring there walk to the bar dorran had begun to notice the priests worry written on his face and decided to try and help put his mind at ease. "I can tell your still worried about my friend here...but trust me when I say there are probably few better trained then father was pretty well known back home for his talent in raising them...though I suppose id be wary of him two if I had seen something like him approaching towards me for the first time with the look of hunger in his eyes" he chuckled. As they approached the laughing cat the priest had asked him about durandal unsure where he could be. "ahh hell be fine outside, most keep away and anyone foolish to try and do anything to him soon meet his teeth and claws best part is barkeepers tend to be happy to have um around...most drunks don't tend to stick nearby or at least cause problems for long with him around."

Before they entered lucius had begun talking seriously about a woman one who as he sounded had caused serious problems for him. He begun to think to himself "well looks like we both have issues...he decided to question Lucius about what he said...who knows perhaps he could finally catch a lead on the group of bandits his mother once led...after all she might have been his mother who he still was greatful for...but she still got what came to her in the end and someday the rest of those bandits will as well.

"lucius if i may ask who is the woman your talking about...if i may say so myself ive been traveling for quite some time so theres a possibility i may have heard somthing."

Author:  Blak The Great [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:11 am ]
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Lucius adheres to the barkeep's words and beckons the party to an empty table in the corner further in the back of the bar.

"Now that we have a seat, I think now's a good time as any to talk a bit more about myself. I grew up in the city of Zantiac in Paphlagonia in which my family held a lot of power. I grew up with my twin sister Estelle, and my two older brothers were enlisted in the Royal Army, My eldest brother's position in the Royal Army forged a close tie between our household and the Royal Family. We had a maid named Cecilia. One night she betrayed us, and allowed a small group of female bandits to infiltrate the city. They opened the gates late at night in order for a much larger force to overwhelm Zantiac.
Nobles were killed while the poor and middle class were left relatively unharmed. The boys from noble families were to be sold as slaves, and the girls were forced to join their ranks against their will. Cecilia led the leader of the bandits to our secure bunker underneath the house. That's where we met Reine the self-proclaimed leader of the all female group of bandits. She killed my parents in front of me, and took my sister. She was about to kill me as well, but Cecilia interfered and spared my life..."

Lucius pauses and rests his chin on his raised folded hands. Then he traced the X-shaped scar on his right eye.

"Her loyalty was questioned and Reine turned her sword on Cecilia. To prove that she would not betray Reine, Cecilia took my right eye and left me on ground. Reine laughed as she held my severed eye while I was helpless on the ground. The bandits left with my sister and Cecilia turned her back on me without even a single glance my way. They burned the house to the ground and I escaped my death by using the escape exit that even Cecilia was aware of."

"I later followed my brothers and became a member of the Royal Army. I then trained as a Guard to protect the King. One day, I stopped an assassin who revealed to me that Reine was last seen somewhere on this continent. I left Paphlagonia and here I am getting ready to drink with you two."

Lucius's facial expression softens, and turns remorseful.
"My goal is not revenge, but rather reuniting with Estelle. If Reine has indeed turned my dear sister into a heartless bandit, then not even the Gods could inflict wrath equal in power to what I will do to that fiend."

Author:  General Luigi [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:33 am ]
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"Here you are, gentlemen," Anissa said as she passed out mugs of a very dark ale. "Blacktooth ale. According to the brewer, the hops were fabulous this year. As for our finest dish, I'm not entirely sure what you had in mind, but since the cook's preparing boar pies for some of the other patrons, shall I ask him to make one for you? We also have plenty of pheasants in the storehouse, if you would prefer one of those." She paused, appearing to look at Lucius's eye. She stopped once she realized she was being rude. "Ah. Sorry, sir. I'll also have someone give your wyvern something in a moment. As you can see, we're very busy."

Author:  Blak The Great [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:44 am ]
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Lucius's resentment towards women gets the better of him. His armored fists tremble with rage and he snaps at her aggressively when he catches Anissa gazing at his eye.
"You've delivered our ale what more do you want? Did you want me to show you what's behind this eyepatch?! Perhaps you're looking for some extra gold from me! Women are all the same. Constantly expecting something from a man just because they bat their eyes in their direction. Bring us our food and leave us. Your presence is bothersome to me, and I don't want it spoiling this occasion."

Lucius closes his eye as a means to meditate and calm down.

Author:  General Luigi [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:53 am ]
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"M-my apologies, sir!" Anissa yelped, stumbling back, but quickly regaining her balance. "I-I... I..." She seemed about to explain why she looked at Lucius's eye, but stopped herself, probably thinking it was better not to risk making him angrier. "I'll see what the cook can do about preparing a boar pie for all of you." She turned around and scampered toward the kitchen. Several of the other patrons had overheard Lucius's outburst and were staring for a bit. One by one, however, they returned to their meals. A moment later, a young man came out of the kitchen, carrying a very large slab of meat, and took it out the front door.

Author:  Cold52 [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:54 am ]
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He was shocked to see his behavior towards the lady though after his story he could surmise why he might take such actions and decided to just look towards the waitress "sorry you'll have to excuse my friend here...hes just really tense right now and thank you for your service". he gave the waitress a sincere smile. afterwards he sad down and he began to show a more serious look on his face. "it would seem you and I both have similar trait in our background...since you've told me yours...allow me to say mine. Before I was born my mother had been the leader of a group of bandits herself having destroyed and plundered much in her time. In the end though she was later betrayed by her own group and though injured managed to flee and go into hiding...but the thing was she was betrayed on a night she and her group had attacked a least what my sources have told me. "

"anyways it was far later in life that she was assassinated along with my father and as i later found out was due to her raid on said village on that night a survivor had by chance found her and decided to hire an assassin to kill her, me and my dad...and likely would have succeeded if not for my good friend out there...bit the guys arm clean off and got me out of my then burning house...still got the burns to show it" he held up his burn-scar written hand.

"although I hated the assassin its also only thanks to him I was able to find out the reasons for that night...and have been traveling since in order to destroy that particular group of bandits."

Author:  Blak The Great [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:23 am ]
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Lucius massages his temples in frustration with one hand. He takes a big gulp from his mug and speaks.
"I see where you're going with this story, but I will say this. I know for a fact that your mother and Reine are not the same person. The attempt on my King's life was but a few months ago, and the assassin was sent by Reine herself. The assassin was supposed to have met up with Reine and the group by taking this pilgrimage. The assassin herself didn't even know the exact location of where she was to meet..."

Lucius strokes his beard and continues.

"Another detail about your story proves that Reine cannot have been your mother. Her attack on Zantiac was eight years ago when I was eleven. If she had quit being a bandit that very year, got married, and had you then you'd have to be at least eight years younger than I am..."

He pauses and says with a wry chuckle, "And something tells me that you aren't a child anymore my friend."
Satisfied, the tragic noble finishes his glass and calls for another. He attempts to apologize to the woman he yelled at earlier.
"Lady Anissa I believe your name was. I'd like to have a moment of your time if you would."

Author:  General Luigi [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:34 am ]
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Anissa nervously approached Lucius. Worried about setting him off again, she avoided direct eye contact. "I-I'm sorry about before, sir. I... please forgive my bluntness, but the gem on your eyepatch caught my attention. I meant no disrespect. ...Ah... Anyway, is there something I can help you with? The boar pie will not be ready for a while, but my brother should have tended to your wyvern recently. I hope you don't mind that the venison wasn't given the same... attention... we give to our usual customers' meals."

Author:  Cold52 [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:41 am ]
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"ow I had already known my mother wouldn't have anything to do with this...and you'd be correct about my age...i am 52 after all" he gave a good laugh. "its it wasn't my mothers involvement I was after it was the group itself i was curious see though my mom has long since been gone the groups activity has risen especially in recent years...what I was hoping for was knowledge of the group you were referring wouldn't be out of the question for groups of bandits to split from one another forming new such it wouldn't be impossible for members of the group i seek to have formed or became apart of the group you spoke of."

as he was saying such the young waitress from earlier approached and spoke of the food he decided to speak up. "don't worry about it, durandal my wyvern's never been particular with how his food was prepared "he smiled at the waitress and speaking of venison i would love to get some myself if i may.

Author:  Blak The Great [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:51 am ]
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Lucius mustered mental stability and coughed into his shoulder.
"I must apologize for my savagely behavior. I'm extremely uncomfortable around women, and my eye is a testament to that. My behavior towards women isn't normally as beastly as I displayed to you, but today you just caught me in the middle of me retelling my past to my guests which isn't a particularly happy one at that. And.... I do suppose my eyewear is a little garish and does tend to warrant attention every now and then."

Lucius is clearly sweating now, but he plays it off calm and collected as he continues talking to Anissa.
"I would just like to emphasize that you are not at all at fault for setting me off. This is a weakness that I hope to overcome, and as a gesture of goodwill I will give you a generous tip. Considering the clientele you deal with here, I don't think you are paid well enough here. But keep this between you and I."

Lucius whispers that last statement, and puts a medium sized bag of gold into her apron pocket.

"Now then, if you would be so kind I would like another glass of your Blacktooth ale."
Lucius humbly bows his head to bewildered girl.

Lucius addresses Dorran next with a warm smile, "Ahhh so you are looking into the group itself that your mother led. Our interests may possibly be linked, so I see that we'll be relying on each in the future."

Author:  General Luigi [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:04 am ]
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Anissa was speechless for a moment, though it wasn't clear whether it was out of gratitude or confusion. She managed to snap out of it, though. "I'll be back in a moment with the ale." She glanced at Dorran. "The venison will need time. Right now, our cook's working on the boar pies I mentioned earlier." An elderly man tapped Anissa on the shoulder. She whipped her head over to see who it was.

"Is your father here?" the man asked.

"I think he's in the storehouse." Anissa smiled. "I'm glad to see you're okay, Gennady. When you didn't arrive last month, we assumed the worst."

"Well, we came pretty close to it. I'd probably be dead if it wasn't for the Budinites showing up. Anyway, it's a bit less than I promised, but I've got the wine if your father's got the gold."

"I'll see if he can come out. As you can see, we're very busy."

"I'll be waiting out front, then."

Anissa glanced back at Dorran as Gennady left. "Sorry about that. Anyway, if you're willing to wait, I'm sure the cook would be able to prepare some venison for you."

Author:  Cold52 [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:39 am ]
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he looked at the waitress once again "its no trouble take as long as you need, Ive waited for quite some time for a awile longer wont kill me".

he then looked back to lucius "sounds good then...but for now lets put that to rest after all were here to enjoy the night" raising up his mug "to the journey ahead and the fortune it brings." he then began to drink not waiting for a toast. "it looks like it'll be quite a nice and uneventful night after all...I was begging to think id be sleeping hungry in the streets tonight...and let me tell that isn't easy with a starving wyvern by your side" he chuckled.

Author:  DoMaya [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 4:36 am ]
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With snake blood still on his hands the swordsman walked into town.
As he walked the armor started to re-assemble around his chest, but he paid it no mind.

"I bet we can get us something strong to drink in there."
His limp arm allowed the armor to move itself and point towards a bar sign with a picture of a cat that obviously found the aspect of it's own intoxication absolutely hilarious.
He walked towards it, passing by the tame wyvern as it smelled the snake blood on him.

He opened the door to be welcomed by a particularly flustered waitress who didn't get a good look at him.

He nodded to her and he walked to an empty table near a group consisting of an obnoxious spearman, a scatterbrained priest, and a guy who looked out of place without his wyvern.

When the waitress eventually got to him, you could tell she wasn't used to people walking in with blood all over their face.

Author:  General Luigi [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 4:49 am ]
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"Ah!" Anissa yelped when she noticed Crelarus staring at her. She shut her eyes tightly and shuddered as she tried to regain her composure. She breathed in deeply through her nose and let out an audible sigh, seeming to grow a bit calmer. "Would you like something, sir?" she asked. Though she had managed to prevent her voice from shaking, the expression in her eyes betrayed her nervousness. What kind of crime she suspected the young man had recently committed was something she chose to keep to herself.

Author:  DoMaya [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 5:21 am ]
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"Milk, please"

He felt the blood sticking to his face and the inside of his gauntlets.

"and some warm water with a rag."

"and some Sun Slammer if you have any!"
Either ignoring the second voice or unable to hear it, the Waitress walked off.

I bet she was wondering how an ugly chimp like you got armor this fine"
Crelarus looked around, letting the people nearby get a good look at his face.

Author:  Pierre [ Wed Jun 05, 2013 7:03 pm ]
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Ardan sighed snapping back to reality after his brief daydream finding himself with some rather melancholy-looking companions, he glanced down at the mug in front of him. A deep dark ale, hardly a fitting drink for a man of the cloth but it would be rude to turn down something that had been ordered for him already so he took a slight swig of the ale. It smelt rank and burned his throat on the way down but he managed to avoid from making a face having seen how easy it was for Lucius' mood to swing to turn down his hospitality might not be the best of plans at the moment.

Indeed Ardan's doubts about Lucius increased more as time progressed watching with indifference at his furious outburst at the poor waitress who had approached before watching him fumble over to the waitress later on to make a half-hearted apology. Perhaps I would be better off without someone so volatile on the road, man's just as likely to stab me for some minor infraction against him as an enemy he thought to himself watching the alcohol swill in his mug while his two companions twaddled on about some tragic backstory or some such tales. Taking another sip in silence, They'd do best to let go of such vengeful intentions, tales with heroes of that motivation often end up somewhat sad he thought to himself and had he not witnessed Lucius' barely-constrained rage he would have offered counsel but at that point in time he did not think such advice would have been well received.

Eventually a gasp from the door drew his attention as a bloody and tattered man staggered in uttering some words to the waitress in passing before half-collapsing into a chair not far from them. Being somewhat tired of Lucius' company Ardan stood up stretching his legs seeing an opportunity.

"Excuse me gentlemen but I do have my duties after all," he said apologetically to them as he reached for his staff before going to approach the bleeding swordsman.

"Pardon me for interrupting your meal ser but I can't help notice you seem to be wounded, would you like some treatment for your injuries?" he offered standing opposite the bleeding man. Normally for healing he preferred to sit beside the patient, to put them at ease and comfort them somewhat more but this was far from the clergy he was used to with patrons far more inclined to violence than his usual congregation so he felt the distance was suitable.

Author:  DoMaya [ Fri Jun 07, 2013 6:41 am ]
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"This blood isn't mine"
He continued to wait for the waitress to boring him his milk.

"I bet he could fix your head though, some crazy stuff going on in here"

Author:  Pierre [ Fri Jun 07, 2013 11:23 pm ]
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Ardan tilted his head frowning slightly not expecting a rebuttal "I see...well I hope they died justly" he said quietly making a small sign in respect for the fallen before glancing the man over once more. That's a great deal of blood, it must've been an intense battle I'm surprised if he would've made it out entirely without a scratch Ardan mused to himself before bowing slightly "Well please excuse me ser for I must prepare for the pilgrimage if you should need any healing you can find me at the St. Lahar Monastery now I shall take my leave" he said feeling somewhat easy standing in the bloodied man's presence before returning to his own table. "I hope that man is ok, I understand some denizens of the city are certainly rather rough looking but walking around like that is certainly going to attract the attention of the authorities before long" he muttered to his companions.

Author:  General Luigi [ Sat Jun 08, 2013 1:30 am ]
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At that moment, Anissa came out of the kitchen, carrying a large platter with several smaller plates on it, each plate adorned with a steaming pie. The same young man who delivered the venison to Durandal came out a moment later, carrying another platter. As Anissa stopped in front of Lucius, placed the platter on the table, and passed one of the pies to him, a man looking to be in his fifties came out of the kitchen with a cup of milk, stopping to hand it to Crelarus before walking out the door.

"The venison will be ready in about half an hour," Anissa said to Dorran as she picked up the platter. "The cook is carving it right now." She walked off and began passing pies to other patrons, the young man who left the kitchen with her already doing the same.

Author:  Blak The Great [ Sat Jun 08, 2013 6:23 am ]
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Lucius gruffly thanked Anissa for the pies just before she left. Just before digging into the succulent pastry, Lucius studied the bloodied man with fascination. Crelarus seemed to be the type of man who reveled in the thrill of battle, but his face and behavior seemed to give off a feeling of childlike innocence.

Ardan had taken his seat once again at the table. Lucius acknowledged his comment and replied, "Father Ardan I can tell that man finds the idea of fighting pleasurable. He's giving me this impression of a child that plays with his toys a little too roughly. While a bit disturbing, and I hope I'm wrong, I can sympathize with him. He must have seen some traumatizing things to make him what he is today."

Lucius took another swill of his frosty mug. This was already his 6th round, and he was still quite sober. As he finished the last drop of his ale, he looked longingly at the empty mug and sighed.

"Ahhh... Such a pity. This ale's so weak compared to the stuff they served us in the Guard. One swig of that would turn your head upside down in an instant. Oh well you can't win every battle."
Lucius finally took a bite out of the steaming meat pie.

"By the Gods! This pie's amazing! The boar just melts when I bite into it, and the crust's flaky but firm texture compliments the juices of the meat."
The dignified man scarfs down the pie, with proper etiquette of course, while also savoring the taste of the delicious meal.

"Food was great, and ignoring my past experience, the ale was good." Lucius says as he dabs the corners of his mouth with a napkin.
"Now then. Now's a good time as any to try to get an idea of bandit activity around here."
He stands up, pushes in his chair, and walks straight to the bartender.

He asks him kindly, "Excuse me sir, have you possibly heard any news of activity of an all female bandit group around these parts? Or anything about a woman named Reine?"

Author:  General Luigi [ Sat Jun 08, 2013 5:30 pm ]
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"Got a daughter-in-law named Reine," the bartender replied, "but something tells me that's not the woman you're looking for. As for bandits... can't say I remember hearing anything about an all-female group." He glanced at the six mugs at Lucius's table. "You know, if you're here to get drunk, we've got stronger stuff. Blacktooth is some of the best ale I've ever tasted, but it's not exactly going to... I believe you said 'turn your head upside down?'"

Author:  Blak The Great [ Sat Jun 08, 2013 5:55 pm ]
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Disappointed, Lucius twiddled his strand of hair.
"That is most unfortunate to hear... I certainly hope your daughter-in-law ISN'T a murderous bandit leader. Still, not all hope is lost I suppose." He met the bartender's gaze and said with a smirk, "I'll take you up on your offer! I would like to try the strongest ale you've got! And are there any fine class inns around here where we could rest after such a long journey?"

Author:  General Luigi [ Sat Jun 08, 2013 6:26 pm ]
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"I'll just need a moment." The bartender turned around, went to one of the kegs, and filled a mug with a dark ale. "Dressler," he said as he handed Lucius the mug. "Not exactly tasty, but it's the strongest ale we've got. 'Course, when I said 'stronger stuff,' I meant liquor, not ale. I wouldn't be surprised if that Guard you mentioned did something funny with their drinks. I've never heard of any ale strong enough to get someone drunk on one cup of the stuff, 'specially someone like you. Most of the people I've seen start getting at least a little tipsy after three or so cups of Blacktooth. As for inns, we're one, but I wouldn't call us 'fine class.' I think that fellow in brown you were with said something about St. Lahar Monastery. If you're his escort, you should be going with him."

Author:  Pierre [ Sat Jun 08, 2013 10:12 pm ]
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Ardan smiled wearily "Yes indeed our bartender here is correct, we need to be up early tomorrow if you want to accompany me on the pilgrimage and it wouldn't do to shame the church with drunken behaviour come the morrow" he said hoping to dissuade his companion from overdrinking "Still why do you think this pilgrimage will give you answers to your questions about Reine?" he asked curious sitting down beside him leaving Dorran to eat.

Author:  Cold52 [ Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:22 am ]
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During his time drinking he saw one after another his two companions had got up and started to do there own thing dorran had decided to keep out of it as anything important could come later, besides that he though since he still had a few minutes before the venison was done, he would go outside to check on Durandal.

when he popped outside it had appeared someone had done something to him as Durandal was now sitting on to of someone...he had soon realized it was one of the town's guard. "Durandal move off him for now." moving his head to show he understood he moved off of the guard. giving a serious look at the guard "so...what did you do to make cause you harm, he might be a little playful but he certainly is smart enough to tell when hes hurting something."

Author:  General Luigi [ Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:32 am ]
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The guard climbed to his feet and dusted himself off. He pointed at a merchant's stand further down the street. "A small scuffle broke out when someone tried to extort money from the owner of that stand. When the would-be thieves bolted, I tried to hit one of them with my javelin. Unfortunately, I missed, and the javelin sailed right by your wyvern. I couldn't tell from where I was, but it might have nicked him. When I got near him, he jumped on me and pinned me to the ground. He probably thought I planned on attacking him." He walked over to where his javelin was lying and picked it up. There didn't appear to be any blood on it. "Don't worry about the thieves, though. Some mercenaries saw what happened and were kind enough to catch them. Other than my uniform now smelling like a wyvern's behind, no harm done."

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