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The world has been plunged into DARKNESS. Bats are flying across the street, villains plot their crimes. Only 5 good people remain. What can they do to survive?

Roles: I will cross out parts when they are taken. You can make the character the way you want (personality, how they look, what their problems are, etc.), except the name.
Bob Fieldson
Ellie Dequarter
Sid Xavier
Kelly Whisper
Freddy Ferrule
Oliver Villey

I'm the villain, Oliver Villey.
Anybody can apply for parts, just get to them and I will strike them off.
When I have all the roles, I will begin the story. Keep in mind that I want each story to be told by your character's point of view.

The setting is, each person lives in a house in Awaitsville, which has been conquered by Oliver Villey and his villains. Awaitsville is far from pleasant, but the characters live in 5 adjacent houses and help each other get through their lives.
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