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OOC Thread

It was late at night and Tom and Jude had just finished up work for the night. They had worked overtime to clear up a large backlog of work that had been piling up in the office. Tom was in the middle of
tidying up the last of the files.

"I think that's everything...we can organize everything better in the morning."

Tom was a local Prosecutor. He was a former Detective a few years ago and due to his excellent detective work, colleagues suggested he become a Prosecutor due to the shortage of them.

"Uh, Tom? You sure it's safe to leave case files in the office like that? I mean I'm sure this place is pretty secure but...what if someone broke in and stole them? Even if these cases are now solved and dealt with, you never know what someone could do with information like this..."

Jude was a 2 year Detective, having worked with Tom for 1.5 years. Although young and inexperienced, he still took his job seriously and knows just as much as any Detective.

"I say we should take them with us, just to be on the safe side."

Tom thought for a moment. "Hmm...I suppose you're right. Let's split them up into two piles and carry them to the car then."

The two picked up a pile each and put them into the boot of the car, making sure to tie the folders together to prevent them from becoming a mess while driving.

"Tom, go lock up and make sure we haven't left anything behind. We should probably head home soon, it's getting pretty late."

As the two packed up and headed home, Jude noticed something on a patch of grass. "Hey...Tom? I think I just saw something in that large grass patch over there..." He slowed the car down before getting out and running over.

"Jude, get back here! You don't wanna go to work tired like a dog again, do you?"

"No, wait! Come over here and look. It's a body. And judging by the temperature of's been dead for at least a couple of hours."

Tom walked over and observed carefully. "Hmm...cause of death seems to just be a stab wound to the chest. The victim died immediately."

Jude got up and started looking around for clues. "They have no ID on them, their wallet is gone. But could no one have discovered this?! Surely there was plenty of traffic around a few hours ago!"

As Jude started searching the area for any evidence, Tom called the police.

"This is Tom Baker calling, me and Detective Schaeffer have discovered a body, not too far from my office."
"The police have been notified, they might a little busy at the moment but they'll get to you as soon as they can. Thank you for calling!"

Tom hung up and Jude rushed over to him. "I found this while searching. Not quite sure what it is, looks like a piece of torn cloth or something? It has dried blood on it."

"Good eye. Better bag it just in case it's important."

Jude nodded. "Alright. You wait here, I'm going to bring the car around while we wait for the police to arrive. Guess we won't be getting any sleep tonight, will we...." He sighed. He couldn't remember the last time he had a full nights rest.
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