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So we've finally decided to reopen this place. I think I got rid of all the dust, but please forgive me if you run into a cobweb or something. So, down to business.

The Berry Big Circus is the new residence for the "Random conversations/chatroom" thread. We only need one such thread here, so please don't make a new one. This thread, the "Random conversations/chatroom" thread, and the global announcements are the only threads here that aren't for forum games. Other than that and one other thing, the Berry Big Circus is the same as before: a place for forum games.

The policy for submitting forum games is currently quite simple:

  1. Make sure the game follows the forum rules.
  2. Make sure there isn't already a game here that's just like the one you have in mind.

The policy will probably be updated when and if Court Records becomes more active.

Finally, that "one other thing" is just a little thing involving your post count. It won't be increased by any of your posts here. From now on, you can't get the Ace Attorney rank just by being a chatterbox.
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