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2-2 inconsistencies?Topic%20Title

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This has probably been brought up before but I didn't want to bump an old thread. I'm aware that people often complain that this case seems/is contradictory in places, yet the site has only three, none of which are all that consequential. I'm really beginning to forget details about this case, which is why I've come for clarification on e.g. whether the blood on Maya's clothes can be explained, and/or what else do people tend to see as holes in the plot.
Re: 2-2 inconsistencies?Topic%20Title
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Why is there an inconsistency?
The blood on her clothes came there, because of the fight, "Ini" caused while killing Dr. Turner Grey, then they (Morgan and Ini I guess) put them on Maya, so that they can frame her for being the killer of Grey.
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