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case 3-5 issueTopic%20Title
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did you notice in case 2 Atmey talks about Godot and says that Edgeworth said Godot is even better than him.

Yet in case 3-5 when you play as Edgeworth and ask Gumshoe about Godot Edgeworth claims he never heard of him :O
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Re: case 3-5 issueTopic%20Title
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That's....not really an issue. Atmey was lying through his teeth throughout that whole conversation to begin with. It's not hard to imagine he completely fabricated that claim just so that...

Spoiler: 3-2
...Phoenix would work even harder to prove him guilty of the theft and provide him with the alibi he needs.

Not to mention that that particular statement by Atmey is already debunked later in the same case, when Godot flat out admits he had never had a trial case before, so he could not have possibly made a reputation for himself as a prosecutor.

If there's any issue here, it is that, when Edgeworth went to the prosecutor's office in 3-5 to reexamine his old case files, he made no effort to do a background check on Godot while he was there. I mean, one could argue that he didn't really care, especially since it wasn't his case. But I somehow doubt he wasn't at least somewhat curious as to who this mysterious prosecutor with a grudge against Wright is.
Re: case 3-5 issueTopic%20Title
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I think he did, after he stopped playing defense attorney. Surely he didn't just go to a bar somewhere and chill with Franziska. One does not simply "chill" when Franziska is around anyhow.
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