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Broken links in links sectionTopic%20Title
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So, I was scrolling through the links section, when I found out that several links are dead/broken. Does anyone know if the content is hosted elsewhere?

Broken links: - Exhibit A ... wright.htm - Hardcore Gaming 101 article, - Narumitsu and Miles fanlisting, gives 404. I assume firey-heaven is down in general. - Parody database - Is apparently left and domain up for buying, - Same, also expired - leads to a sketchy 'AliExpress' ... i=HomePage - WikiNi - Doujin archive - Supposed to be Gyakusheets. Instead has a very sketchy link and luckily no followup - Golden Omelette - Shipping generator ... hp?act=idx, ... hp?act=idx, ... hp?act=idx - Other fora, went down with invisionfree - Mystic Wish - Another forum but not bound to invisionfree,, - First link is supposed to be Gyakkou Saiban, leads to this infoseek thing. Other links also hosted by this infoseek thing, but gives a 404 instead - Another art site - K-15 - Halcion - Presumably went down with Geocities - Mariaclub - ica - Unfortunately down, seemed to feature Matt and Shoe :( - Had Gramarye art, gives 404 - GS4 art,,, - Give a 404, former two hosted by plala - Domain for sale as well - Description said it had Engarde as well :( - Both Calmorecord and Ninetails had a Geocities (see above) link. Now leads to a thank you message from Yahoo - Was a Miles/Gumshoe thing - Used to be Supersonic Generation - TOKIYA_L - Yoshinon+, gives a 404 similar to the infoseek one - KKO (Apollo ships) - Love Sweet Dream - Love Memo, GS4 ships - Ohige, Klavier ships - Also Klavier ships - Yachiko, gives 404 - Seems to have had a lot of Engarde art :( This one was the reason I sought out if the other links were also down - Gives 404 - Citrus Waltz, gives 403 - Chocolate a la Mode - Catharsis - Equaled3 - Charon, had gifs

Not checked: - See below note as to why I did not check. Presumably still up? - Presumably still up - Gives an access denied with me. Have to check this one when back home (am on a school computer) - Takes too long to load for my patience. Assumed down? - Gives 403 no access

Still up: ... an/profile - Livejournal community - French fansite ... leNo=18572 - Webcomic, surprisingly still up,,,, - No idea if AA art still listed here, - I don't know what is in here, but at least it doesn't link to a 404 or give a different error - Uzumaki ... index.html - Aster*sk
Re: Broken links in links sectionTopic%20Title
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You could try using the WayBack machine.

I don't have time to check all those links, but it seems to work.
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