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Phoenix Wright Figma Now Available For Pre-order OnlineTopic%20Title
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Release Date: May 2017
Price: Varies by Retailer but Averaging Around $65 to $80 before shipping
Official Good Smile PW Figma Page:

Spoiler: Official Product Pictures

Included with the Phoenix Wright Figma:

Several Different Hands for Various Poses
3 Face Plates: Standard, Shouting and Shocked Expressions
Evidence papers, Coffee mug, and a Courtroom Podium.
Japanese Speech Bubbles for "Objection!", "Hold it!" and "Take that!"
Special articulated figma stand for posing and holding up speech bubbles

If pre-ordered from GoodSmile Online Shop or the e-Capcom Store, you get the Embarrassed Face Plate as a bonus:

Spoiler: Embarrassed Face Plate

It's also available from several other Japan Import sites like HobbyLinkJapan and AmiAmi BUT pre-orders from such sites WILL NOT come with the Embarrassed Face Plate.
Re: Phoenix Wright Figma Now Available For Pre-order OnlineTopic%20Title
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This figurine looks to be of a really good quality. I had just got a Link Between Worlds Link Figma (sounds redundant, yes. XD) and I wasn't disappointed at all. I really like how detailed the figure was and how much you could customize it and just judging from the pictures alone, Phoenix looks no different. In all honesty, if I didn't already have money down on some games coming up as well as having to deal with some financial mess as well, I'd definitely pick this one up. I'll just pray and hope the financial stuff goes well so I can save up for this. Goodsmile, from what I gather, seems to make some good quality figurines over all and it's great to see a Phoenix. I'm hoping in the future that perhaps we'll get an Edgeworth as well and pipe-dreaming on a Maya and Apollo.

Also, off topic here, but good to see ya, Butz. :)
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CatMuto wrote:
Pierre wrote:
Man...that looks dull...this actually makes me worried for KH3 (since that team worked on the battle system)

I feel the same
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