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Search for the Truth Game Jam Entries!Topic%20Title
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As you may know, Court Records, in collaboration with the Ace Attorney Discord and AAO, recently hosted an Ace Attorney themed Game Jam! That Jam recently ended, but you can see some of the entries here. Please note that given the short length of time, a lot of these games are in an unfinished or proof of concept stage.

You can check out the jam page, as well as comments from the organiser lazyplague at

Circle of the Turnabout by DannyPlaysSomeGames!
Basic Premise: A trilogy style case investigating another murder on Eagle Mountain.

Global Warming Real by The Gamer Cat!
Basic Premise: It's just a picture of a polar bear in roblox.

Project Big Hat by Team Big Hat!
Basic Premise: A reporter named Sydney Raine drives out to an apartment building to search for leads on a missing persons case. She meets the landlord, W.W. Washburne, and has a small chat with him.

Spooky Investigator by Arodude & co.!
Basic Premise: Two students, Pichu and Froyo, are taking a remedial exam for their “Magic and Investigation” class at this magical college, The exam consists of three investigations, all fairly short and not painful to solve. Pichu, our protagonist, clashes with Froyo in trying to solve these mysteries.

Turnabout Manor by discord user Mannequin!
Basic Premise: Phoenix and Maya are invited to a manor for some closed-circle mansion shenanigans by a prominent lawyer. Upon arrival, they realize that their group of contacts, including Gumshoe, Edgeworth, and even Larry were invited as well.

Turnabout Underworld by Bigwins!
Basic Premise: Set after the events of DD, Apollo takes on a locked room mystery, where Plum Kitaki is suspected of murdering the head of the Cadaverini family. However, there’s a lot more to this case that meets the eye, and it goes places that no one could possibly expect.

I hope you enjoy playing some of these games, and make sure to give your thoughts in the comments, on the Discord or the page!
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Re: Search for the Truth Game Jam Entries!Topic%20Title
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It's just a picture of a polar bear in roblox.

I'm sold

But ahh I'll be checking these out when I get the chance!
Re: Search for the Truth Game Jam Entries!Topic%20Title
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Nicely done!

Even if the games are mostly unfinished, I think it's a create excercise in creativity. I will have to try and join in next time!
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