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Court Records was Searching for a New Reporter!Topic%20Title
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Well everyone, although it’s been an absolute pleasure reporting occasionally on news for the Court Records website and twitter account, as some of you may have noticed, life just gets in the way. Basically, I feel like I’m too busy to do justice writing for this fantastic fansite. So, I’m looking around to find a replacement.

The job involves finding and posting Ace Attorney news both here on our website and on twitter. Ability to read Japanese is preferred, but probably not as essential in the age of good translation software (although, of course, it may get more essential once a new game is announced and the hype cycle begins anew, whenever that may be.)

I always wanted to quit this job only after I’d reported on a brand new Ace Attorney game’s release, but I think I shouldn’t let that desire cloud the fact that I’ve just often been too busy to report properly on things like new merchandise or collaborations. If you want to help keep the Ace Attorney fan world abreast of all the news to come out of Japan (and occasionally America), now's your chance to join a really great team.

If you’re interested in the role, reply below or email us at

Edit: Honey Pie is our new reporter. People who speak Japanese are still welcome to assist him should he need to sort through Japanese articles in the future, though.
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Re: Court Records was Searching for a New Reporter!Topic%20Title
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Reporting for Court Records has been nothing but an honor!
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