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Apollo Justice Storyline Coming to TEPPƎNTopic%20Title
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TEPPƎN, the free digital collectible card game developed as a crossover project between GungHo Online Entertainment and Capcom has included numerous opportunities for Ace Attorney it be included. It's almost like seeing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 take a more modern form!

Back in May 2021, Capcom added a Phoenix Wright-themed card set as one of their numerous free expansions to this game, featuring an episode called Ace vs. The People.

Now they have announced a second Ace Attorney-themed deck, featuring the story and characters from Apollo Justice. It's being released with an episode called Turnabout Festival. The storyline of this expansion is going to feature courtroom battles between Apollo Justice characters and Resident Evil characters.

Here is the trailer!

An English Trailer and informative video has also been released.
The detailed artwork in this game bares a resemblance to the works of George Kamitani's art design in games like Odin Sphere and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, although he doesn't happen to take part of the art team of this game.

More information on this new Apollo Justice expansion, Turnabout Festival, can be found on their website.
Re: Apollo Justice Storyline Coming to TEPPƎNTopic%20Title
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With so many Capcom IPs, it's actually odd they haven't released a franchise crossover game themselves on consoles (Smash Bros/Mario Kart etc.). I liked the two Project X Zones for example, so kinda a shame Capcom never made a similar themselves. Even with only Capcom IPs you'd have a decent roster for a RPG like that (especially if they'd add more characters from their respective series)
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