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Another Code Recollection
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Author:  Adrot [ Sat Apr 27, 2024 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Another Code Recollection

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Unravel the truth behind the lost memories of your family
Sleuth your way to the truth across two fully enhanced mystery adventures—including one previously unreleased in North America—in the Another Code: Recollection game.
Help Ashley Mizuki Robins solve riddles, gather clues, and investigate the traces of the past to uncover the true fates of her parents.

This collection includes fully enhanced versions of the Another Code games originally released on Nintendo DS and Wii, featuring overhauled visuals, 3D environments to explore, voice acting, new puzzles, cutscenes, music, and more! Both games also include optional hints and navigation systems to help players who are new to adventure games.


What’s new?
This collection includes fully enhanced versions of the original Nintendo DS and Wii games, featuring overhauled visuals, fully 3D explorable environments, newly-added voice acting, puzzles, music, and more.
Feeling stumped? You can also make use of optional hint and navigation systems to help keep your investigations on track!
Please note: Another Code: Recollection is only available with English or Japanese voiceover.

Another Code: Two Memories
After receiving a letter from her father who she thought had passed away, 13-year-old Ashley sets off for the solitary Blood Edward Island in search of him. Not long after arriving, she encounters a mysterious ghost named D, and discovers a mansion filled with mind-bending puzzles and mysteries to solve.

Another Code: Journey into Lost Memories
In this sequel set two years after the events of Another Code: Two Memories, take a trip to Lake Juliet and help Ashley uncover the hidden truth behind her mother’s past.

Author:  Adrot [ Sat Apr 27, 2024 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Another Code Recollection

Some interesting things to note about this game is how OUT OF THE BLUE the Nintendo Direct trailer was amidst everything, no preface no nothing. I initially got announced via a buddy that it might appear. I thought, nah, too ridiculous.
Cue me the day I got to go to the cardiologist be the same day the Direct drops in, I check my Discord DMs, and bam, people are telling me that ANOTHER CODE GOT ANNOUNCED ON THE SWITCH. You can guess how comically bad the timing was for my heartrate as I tried to calm myself down, and hooo boy, did that trailer NOT help at all as I had no idea what to do. Information was dropping insanely fast, the subreddit was filling with excitement and I even got named a moderator, the Twitter feed was in a bit of a frenzy, and I was so annoyed on trying to do anything while on the phone, standing on the subway.
In retrospect, maybe things like these makes this stuff even more memorable.

My initial reactions, especially when seeing side by side comparisons, were as follows:
It's impressive how the puzzles and environment has changed, albeit I think the bridge puzzle in Recollection should had been compared to the sign puzzle in AC too due to similar mechanics.

Ashley's eyes and personality got quite the dramatic shift. While in DS she looked more mysterious, calm, determined, which was peaceful, but also unnerving for some when combined with the music, Ashley in Recollection has not only different eyes, clothing, and the like, as well as a different DAS gifted to her by her Dad, she also seems more sad and unnerved, with more slow and fluid movements that contrast the original's clash of speed in speech and air hitting her hair, while the music and boat movements were slow and tranquil (Except when walking on the ship).
D looks almost the same, impressive. The Captain however looks less rough, but that was initially due to how the original makes use of hard shadows that give the characters a rough, somewhat mature-oriented, feel.

The puzzle changes make me excited as it gives the Cing community a chance to experience the game once again as newcomers, thus giving old fans the reason and excitement to play the Recollection, despite the character design shift that make them wish they would've played the original. Hopefully this will also attract folks who never heard of the series as well.

There is yet little that we know of Another Code: R, and how that game will be improved upon. Walking around was completely different, as it was 2.5D, unlike the DS. Some folks disliked that, as they felt that walking around back and forth was a chore, especially with the lack of faster speeds or at least a fast travel mechanic. Regardless, that game's map was never too big and your goals were not too far away from one another.

The voice acting so far has been ok, except at times for when you interact with things, that's when Ashley's voice can get repetitive.
Man, I love the Log function sooo much, it's like something from VNs. Puzzles are a kind of a mixed bag, as their gimmicks are stripped from the full potential that was unleashed on the DS and Wii through full use of gimmicks. This can be easily explained by due to adhering to Switch's strength, the multiple choices of play style, ultimately creating a weakness for the variety of the puzzles. I do like the Layton-esque hint style, and guiding system for newcomers and folks who tend to get easily lost or would rather get to the point.

People wondered who was behind it all. Digging through the 6GB demo revealed that it was made in Unity, and there was a name that popped up: ARC SYSTEM WORKS, but not much else. While initially we knew that Taisuke Kanasaki, director of the Kyle Hyde Saga, was working on it as Art Director, we didn't know 100% sure if it was just him and nobody from Cing, such as former staffers of the company that are currently under Arc System Works. Revelations came during launch, however, that ArcSys was indeed the developing company, while ownership of the work still falling under Nintendo. Even the former Lead Writer, Rika Suzuki, worked on it too! That one was quite unexpected as we know she is currently working on a game called Dark Auction, which I don't think I would discuss about it further with the community as it has a certain WW2 leader involved in the plot, for some reason...

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