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Ace Engine - The First HTML Case MakerTopic%20Title
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Ace Engine

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Introducing Ace Engine! Your newest case maker that anyone can use from almost any device.

No need to install extra packages!

:eh?: How does it work?

Ace Engine is powered by Scratch. Since Scratch is already available online it's not hard to build off of it with the tools they give us. It also makes editing code extremely easy since Scratch uses Blocks instead of confusing lines of code!

:udgey: How do I get started?
There are two ways to make your own case.

1) Use Scratch & SheepTester's HTMLifier


2) Use Turbowarp & Turbowarp Packager

:phoenix: Use Scratch & SheepTester's HTMLifier
1) Go to the project on Scratch and select See Inside.
Spoiler: Alternative Method
You could Remix the project but that is basically pointless unless you want to keep your project in scratch.


2) Select File>Save To Your Computer then wait a little. It should download an Ace Engine.sb3 on to your computer.

3) Create A New Project in Scratch
For This Step go ahead and make an account if you haven't already. Then go to MyStuff and Select New Project.

4) Select File>Load From Your Computer then navigate to the Ace Engine.sb3 file.

:doodle: Packaging - Use SheepTester's HMTLifier

:edgeworth: Use Turbowarp & Turbowarp Packager
1) Go to the project on Scratch and copy the Project ID (Those numbers inside the link)

2) Go to Turbowarp and paste those numbers in the link box under the project viewer. Press Enter and it'll load the project.

3) Press See Inside at the top of the page.

:doodle: Packaging - Use
Please I beg of you to use ScratchAddons if you're using scratch. It makes your life soo much better. For starters it can put all of the project files in folders! Alternatively if you're using Turbowarp use their build of ScratchAddons by selecting the Addons button in the top menu. They're basically the same. Check the out here:

:javado: Tip: Read the Comments in the Readme Sprite. Its actually helpful.
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