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PWAA - The Return of Ryunosuke Naruhodo [previews]Topic%20Title
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A download link will appear here soon, hopefully.

For now, here's a preview video showing the first 15 minutes of Case 1. It ends right at the start of the 'Testimony 2' chapter, so if it's still fresh in your mind when part 1 releases, you can just skip to that using the Chapter Select function.

Phoenix Wright has just returned to England after an exhausting adventure in the town of Labyrinthia and is ready to relax for the rest of his stay. However, he soon gets involved in a string of mysteries that lead to him reviving a great ace attorney who disappeared a hundred years ago.
Follow defence attorneys Phoenix Wright and Ryunosuke Naruhodo as they fight for their clients' lives in the Crown Court of London while seeking the truth behind the rampage of the Doctor from a hundred year's past!
This is a fan-made game, and has no affiliation with Capcom or Level-5.

This game has spoilers for both Great Ace Attorney games. At the bare minimum you should have played both of them and at least one game from the original trilogy. The game is set after Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright, but it doesn't have any spoilers for that and the little amount you need to know about its story is told to you right at the beginning.

The game has eight cases planned. These cases generally lean on the shorter side, with cases 5 and 8 being the only particularly lengthy ones, so the completed game is expected to be roughly 24 hours long. Each release will be done in four parts - two cases per part. You can read a synopsis of each case below.

1. Turnabout Discoveries
2. Turnabout Spotlight
3. Turnabout Memoirs
4. The Medical Turnabout
5. Turnabout Resurrection
6. Turnabout Express
7. The Fractured Turnabout
8. The Miraculous Turnabout

Progress on Part 1:
Episode 1:
Fully complete

Episode 2:
Art: 100%
Script: 100% (still need to do full proof-reads, editing and particularly major revisions for investigation 2 however)
Playtesting: Starting [Current focus: Investigation 1]

Episode 3 (preview part only):
Art: 90%
Script: 25%

The finale of that other thing literally everyone in the world's waiting for:
Art: 100%
Script: ??% (might just cut it down to just one testimony at this point...)

Cases 3, 4, 5 and 6 are all planned out in full detail.
Cases 7 and 8 are still in the 'coming up with all the smaller ideas' phase, but I'm getting those ideas and I know generally how they're supposed to go down by now.

Episode Synopsis:
Episode 1: Turnabout Discoveries
Shortly after returning home from Labyrinthia, Professor Layton arranges a meeting with a past student of his. When said student dies before his eyes and the blame falls on himself, his good friend Phoenix Wright takes up his defence.

Episode 2: Turnabout Spotlight
Phoenix finally catches a break, and he spends it by watching a musical at the Queen's Theater. The show falls apart as soon as it begins when an actress is shot on stage in front of the entire audience. Phoenix and Maya suspect there's more to this case than meets the eye and decide to the defend the man held responsible, Director Kyle Cutter.

Episode 3: Turnabout Memoirs
Having solved the case at the theater, Phoenix spends the following night at his grandmother's house. During his stay, he reads through the files for a case that happened a very, very long time ago. Four men gathered together on an isolated island for a game of cards, only for the owner of the house to pull out a gun and shoot one of his guests in the head!
This is the story of the final case ever taken by Ryunosuke Naruhodo.

Episode 4: The Medical Turnabout
Phoenix's grandmother suddenly falls very ill and is rushed to hospital. Help doesn't come immediately as her doctor has been arrested, accused of murdering one of her patients. It isn't long until a far more likely suspect emerges, but the prosecutor is hellbent on convicting Dr. Lockhart by means fair or foul.

Episode 5: Turnabout Resurrection
When Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba somehow awaken in the 21st century, Phoenix decides to befriend them both and offer his support. His visit is cut short when he learns there's been a murder back at his hotel, and a member of the staff's been accused! The baton passes from Phoenix to Ryunosuke as they're tasked with solving this case, or else they'll be forced to kneel before the King of the Crown Court.

Episode 6: Turnabout Express
Maya gets wrapped up in a murder case on board the Molentary Express while she's on the way back from the countryside. She avoids the accusation this time, but the kid standing trial needs a lawyer. Phoenix has been worked to the bone though, so he leaves this case for someone -- anyone else to take up instead.

Episode 7: The Fractured Turnabout
Ryunosuke searches his memories of his final days in the 20th century in an effort to figure out what exactly lead to him waking up in the current era.

Episode 8: The Miraculous Turnabout
The Miraculous Turnabout.

Preview images
Spoiler: In-game screenshots of cases 1 and 2

Image Image Image Image

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Re: PWAA - The Return of Ryunosuke Naruhodo [previews]Topic%20Title
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This looks really cool! Excited for the release, good luck!
Re: PWAA - The Return of Ryunosuke Naruhodo [previews]Topic%20Title
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Thank u, Southern Corn, I'll be sure to please You Specifically!

Right now I'm finishing up all the graphical stuff for case 2, now that all the actual art is done. After that I've one last round of assignment hell to get through and after that I should be clear to do the first round of playtesting and editing for this case.

til then here's a peek at some of the case 2 cast
Spoiler: Character Sprites

On another note, planning for case 3 just finished up properly. I like the second day of this case very much.
Image Image Image Image
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