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We've been waiting for 4+ years for Ace Attorney 7(whatever its gonna be) so I decided to help eveyone out and give you all an actual Ace Attorney game. So I present to you:


Timeline - Its 3 years in the future(because I want to seperate from the last 3 games). Most of the games stories takes place in the States but there will be some cases in Khura'in and Europe(maybe).

:phoenix: - I wanted to make Pheonix an actually likeable character(which means no beanix sorry) while still making him the defense attorney hes supposed to be. He's had his badge back for 5 years now and hasn't lost a case since. He's slowly recovered from the seven years of being deemed as a two faced liar and now has returned to his spotlight. He and Maya have been taking care of both trucy and pearl(although at this point they don't need it) thus Trucy has given my the glorious title of "Mommy". Maya doens't mind but Pheonix does(kinda). He has yet to tell Trucy about her brother and plans to do it as soon as Apollo returns to the states. His assistants in this game are either going to be Maya, Pearls or Trucy.

:apollo: - Tbh I never liked the whole "lets get rid of characters by sending them somewhere else" idea so I decided to make Apollo return to the states. It starts as just a visit until he decides to expand his agency to the states. As for the people at his agency they don't really matter just know they are all good Attorneys. As for his Chaotic backstory I decided to take the practical route and just combine them by filing in some holes. Trucy will still be his sister and Clay will still be his best friend. I was considering trashing the Nayhuta part of his backstory but since thats the origin point I decided not to. His assistants in this game will be either Rayfa(because I feel like that would make sense), Trucy and Athena.

:athena: - Athena won't be getting her own game(atleast not by me) but I still wanted to give her some of the attention. She still lives in the states, has her badge and works at the Wright Anything Agency. She's learned from Simon how to drown out people's voices and thus has decided to go back to school and study more lawyer stuff(I don't know what level of a degree she has so I'm not even going to try). She has a small group of friends at her new school but still talks to her old friends from Themis Academy. She talks to Apollo quite often and thus told him about Juniper's crush on him(which suprise suprise he didn't know about). As one would expect by me randomly mentioning Juniper, she one of Athena assintants along with Trucy and later Apollo.

One of the problems with series is that it has too many characters so instead of making a whole set of new ones I decide to bring some back. Leave some suggestions down in the comments

As for sprite work I have so many people to credit because I can't draw. Anyways Credits are included in the game since I don't want to spoiler who the characters are.

Development Update - Case One now at about 60% complete - Release expected some time next month.

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